Car Show Pictures

Special thanks to McDonalds, De Rito Development, and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Police!

17 Responses to Car Show Pictures

  1. sam says:

    How many signatures do you have so far?

  2. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well …. from the pictures …. my guess is one!!! but common sense tells me that there was probably 2…

    so was this a sign waving?
    cause it appears that this gathering was worse than the last “group disaster” !!!

  3. sam says:

    It says “Car Show,” so I’m assuming they have a booth at (or outside of) a car show.

  4. Uncle Slam says:

    Though I couldn’t make the Pavillions gig, I’ve personally recorded 70+ signatures on my own. Not a lot, granted, but we’ll get there. Everyone without exception that I ask to sign the petition is very willing to do so. If you’re circulating one, a good suggestion I’ve had proposed to me is to ask the folks at the traffic school classes. 90% of them are there from being unfairly targeted by a scamera.

  5. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    90%??? yet another example of “joe camerafraud” folk taking a number the local moron throws out and presenting it as fact…. tell us sam.. of the people that refused to sign.. what was the reason given? well for those that actually did not turn and run when you stopped them…. the tin foil hat YOU WEAR was most likely the cause of that behavior !!!!

    F R E E D O M from yet A N O T H E R L I E

  6. James Howard says:

    The instructor went around the room and asked us all why we were there. The proportion at my traffic school class was about 90%. They were all people who were a fraction of a second late on the yellow to red transition, and they all felt like they had been taken advantage of. The definition of red light running in this state is difficult to understand, and the red light cameras are taking advantage of this. The other 10% were the people who really needed to be there – the ones with drunk driving convictions or lots of points on their license because they can’t drive.

    It is a good time to be in the traffic school business. The school made $3000 for a day’s work.

  7. Stacey says:

    We had a really good response at this event. People were so happy just to sign the petition. They can’t wait to vote on it. Thank God we live in a country where we control the government.

  8. Doc says:

    The meet was GREAT!!! We drove down from Prescott, met with everybody, looked @ some Great Hot Rods & Bikes. I’m a Big “Mopar” fan, & there was a Duster there that was Fantastic! We garnered signatures, & I signed up as a petentioner, so I could bring our message up north. Th’ SCAMERAS are comin’ DOWN!!!
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  9. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    next time….. set up in the parking garage at us airways arena…. but you will have a great response there… got to say though its a good idea… go to where people will gather ( about something that has nothing to do with it) and where you have a pretty slim chance of not being asked to leave ( parking lot of a retail strip mall) then… when people come out of curiosity .. you can say “we had a great turnout” when in TRUTH ( of course that little word seems to elude your group) you did not have a great turnout!! you saddlebacked on someone else’s great turnout!!

    thats cool though… i have met very few liars that got away with it for very long!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!!

  10. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizem says:

    You know what, I just realized that I don’t want my kids raising their kids in a society where there are shady cameras on every corner monitoring their every move. I really appreciate what the people at are doing and would like to help. I’ll stop trolling this site as I realize how wrong I’ve been. I may even quit my job at Redflex and crawl back under that rock from which I came. Thanks again for standing up and trying to protect our constitutional rights! It’s people like you that threw that big tea party back in Boston.

  12. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    james – have you not heard yet? nobody in prison is really guilty!!

  13. sam says:

    Some people in prison are innocent.

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    especially glphs camera damage crew!!! he and the substitute teacher did it to save us from big brother!!!

  15. Dan G says:

    I agree with PhotoRadarScam. Let’s not feed any more trolls…

  16. dgpjr777 says:

    Stacey, glad to see you have a hand in controlling our Government. Hate to tell you this is the worst it has been in years. Great job

  17. milita state says:

    tempe az land pirates attack 34,000 people last year.
    average ticket cost 385 dollars each.
    how many millions does the town need more.
    just give the land pirates all your money.
    pray john q public stays out of jail.
    chief of sherifs charge and arrested by FBI.
    sherif officer is arrested by FBI.
    how may leo, officers shot this year.
    my guess four leos in san francisco
    my guess three leos in pittsburgs
    my guess two leos more, now
    my gest one leos averag weekly.
    WOW looks like a count down, 4 , 3 , 2 ,1.

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