CameraFRAUD Events: Feb 14 & 20

meetupSaturday, February 14th – Pavilions Car Show

It’s going to be Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means: Time to show that there’s STILL NO LOVE for the automated ticketing machines! The world’s largest weekly car show meets every Saturday at the Scottsdale Pavilions. Join us to sign the ballot initiative (if you haven’t already), pick up free CameraFRAUD fliers, and more!

Details & RSVP here

"She's like a rainbow..."

Friday, February 20th – Massive Sign Wave / Signature Collection Event

CameraFRAUD will be holding its largest East Valley event yet. Tell your friends! Post it on Myspace! Twitter it up! West Side Members: This will be worth the drive, come on out. Bring a sign or use ours… it’s time to send another strong message that Automated Ticketing Machines are unwelcome in Chandler and in the State of Arizona.

Details & RSVP here


44 Responses to CameraFRAUD Events: Feb 14 & 20

  1. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    lets see … 6 last time and it was called “quite a success”…. the 8 this time will be what? tremendous!!!!? 10 ? you may need crowd control!!!

  2. Joe says:


    The photos from the previous 67th and 101 signwave might have suggested 6-10 people, but in fact there were about a hundred holding signs. Hundreds more lined-up to sign the petitions. The pproblem was not in getting enough people to sign, but rather in having enough petition forms to accomodate everyone.

  3. Scott A. says:

    I’m signing the petition. My grandmother wants to sign it to, does anyone know if I can take her anything to sign? Then bring it back?

  4. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Do not feed the troll. He obviously did not attend the sign wave events.

  5. Doc says:

    The Valentine’s Day event looks to be Vrey Successful! @ a car show, no less! My Wife & 6yr old Son are “Pumped”! We’re driving down from up here in th’ “great white north”-ern Arizona! Petetion signin’, sign wavin’, car show lookin’…Man, we can’t wait!!!

    Everybody, Please be safe & we’ll see yous all there!!!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  6. kandaris says:

    Scott A.

    If you get trained by camerafraud on how to correctly collect signatures, not only can you take a petition to your grandmother, you can be a regular signature collector. I recommend you come to the event this Saturday at the Scottsdale Pavilions and I, or someone else, can get you trained.

    hope this helps.

  7. Doc says:

    kandaris-Are you going to review/train on signature collections? I’d really like to get this going up here in Yavapai County, as D.P.S. talivans, & City of Prescott Valley are scammin’ HARD! Thanks &
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    P.S. Prescott City has put scameras off untill next years budget. That means no scameras in Prescott untill 2010 @ earliest! Phone calls to Prescott City Counsel, Mayor, & Positive phone conversations with officer @ Prescott P.D. in charge of R&D for them has paid off!!!

  8. I'm Back says:

    Sorry our dirty scamera wind blew northward to Prescott!

  9. kandaris says:


    I or someone else qualified will be available on Saturday to train/review on proper signature collection.

    I look forward to a nice turnout, and to seeing all of you there. 😉

  10. Hanna says:

    OMG, I want to sign it and I’m sure my husband will want to sign it as well. The cameras are fraud!! Just last night my husband was driving only 5 miles over the speed limit and he was flashed like 4 times!

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    yes!!! omg buffy!!! how do you know he was the one being flashed? wait i will answer it… you dont!! and it was probably not him!!!

    but please do sign it anyway… we want this to go to the polls

  12. camerafraud says:


    Who’s “we”?

  13. Helldigger says:

    LA is correct in that everyone on both sides of the issue should sign the petition.

    If you are twits and trolls like LA, this is exactly the petition you need to sign.

    Then you can exercise your right to vote for fraudulent taxation without representation originated by the Homeland Security Chief herself.

    If you like blinding flashes while you are driving down the freeway and really enjoy writing off your rights to correct citatioin service by an actual human being and paying 181 dollars to the state for the privilege of being videotaped then go ahead and vote against the measure to ban the cameras.

    If you like Kangaroo Court where you have no constitutional rights to a fair trail, by all means let your voice be heard at the polls.

    But first you need to get the measure on the ballot by signing the petition.

    Otherwise, the legislature might take down the cameras for a while or cities might come to their senses and stop intimidating the public into paying for their fiscal ineptness without your input to keep them up.

    Only YOU can vote no, and allow this boondoggle to continue.

    So, find out where you can sign and get over there at once.

    We all read the sophomoric ranting of LA, but in this case even dimwits know voting is one right we all should incorporate into the list of things to do.

  14. No One says:

    That’s a very good point… I don’t see how anyone–regardless of their position on the issue– can not be outraged that we were not able to vote on this. It wasn’t by some strange accident it worked out this way, we as a populace were specifically, purposefully disregarded and treated as an obstacle, something to be overcome. To hell with a partnership between the population and the government, we have been relegated to the status of a speed bump, something to be somewhat cautious of, but still able to be run over with relative impunity. If they do it here and can get away with it, what’s next?

    Anyone who cares at all about the issue, about government and its role in our lives, or about the future ought to get out and sign that petition.

  15. Doc says:

    Well, I remain convinced, in my opinion, that Mizz Napalitano used her constituants (us) as guinea pigs in some sort on national security experiment. Like she didn’t know that these private corporations were violating the U.S. Constitution…but I digress.

    I don’t know about so much, “an obstacle”, as maybe her circumvention of our input, to wit; a vote; & instead her constituants being part of the experiment. (whatever that entails) I know this sounds “tin-hat”, but if you think about it, when referring to our new Secretary of Homeland Security, which if you read the information on, is by it’s very description, Un-Constitutional. She, & those in the Az House & Senate that knew,(& there were a few…) were testing the waters, in my opinion. ie; lets see if we can ram this through, & what they…us…will do about it. It’s still being treated with “kid gloves”. Look at what this DPS Cmdr Woodward TOLD the Transportation Committee, “We ‘ARE’ recording you, 24/7, & we are keeping the information for 90 days.”(whether you like it or not, & there’s nuthin’ YOU can do about it!!!) The guy, if you follow the letter of the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights, which are in fact, laws, should’ve been arrested on the spot, & the entire program brought to a screechin’ halt right then & there, untill such time as the matter was given it’s due process of law.

    As I stated in another thread, there are those that would talk a big talk. But a surprising few who would walk the walk. So, the end run is that No One & Helldigger are abso-freakin’-lutely co-rekt-a-mundo! We gotta’ sign th’ petetions, get nay sayers to sign th’ petetions, & then get everybody to VOTE! Unless the legislature recognizes that this entire thing not only makes THEM look very bad to the entire nation, but COULD get their bad selves un-employed if there is a continued lack of action on their part. Big Kudos to the legislators who are standin’ up, & shame on th’ ones who…ain’t.

    Remember…F R E E D O M! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    doc – uuuhhh you forgot me!!! i was right also!!!

    thanks… i know it was just an oversight on your part

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!!!!

  17. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    someone named helldigger blinded by the flashes!!! now thats pretty funny!!!

    how bout wearing some sunglasses at night…

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!!

  18. geez says:

    and who says the state had to put it to vote?

  19. Mike says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Biding, I’m sure you’ll still have your Redflex job after you guys get booted out of Arizona.

  20. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    mike please follow along…. that myth was put to rest a week ago….

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  21. I'm Back says:

    With the overwhelming traffic on this website by people involved in the photo radar industry, it’s pathetic that this character is the best you folks can come up with.

    Jason/James should probably be promoted to the head of Public Relations and Internet Marketing Guru. I’m not sure which company it is, but we know it’s one of the two. Maybe Shoba should be watching her back.

    Is your scam really that shameful that there are only 4(by my count) lonely folks willing to stand up for your cause on the #1 blog about photo speed enforcement?

  22. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well you see… its like this…. since the cameras are already installed its not like our group has much to complain about…. and since more are going up its not like camera fraud has done anything to stop the momentum… there may be a few things that get the fires started though…

    first.. if some idiot ploticians decide to go after small issues such as this instead of spending valuable time on pressing issues ….that could do it…

    2nd …as soon as it is scheduled for a vote ..that is when we will mobilize .. and the war chest will be deposited and the heavy fire power will be unveiled. thats when it starts… until then… why should we waste our energy on something that.. to be honest the anti camp ..seems to be losing ground.. except for here..

    and our 4 is just 2 less than you folks had at your last sign orgy!!!

    the truth hurts!!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!!

  23. I'm Back says:

    I think you just uncovered your affiliation.

  24. I'm Back says:

    I did some research and found some pro photo enforcement websites and have posted them below:

  25. I'm Back says:

    Also, here are some comments of people in favor of photo enforcement from the twitter page:

  26. I'm Back says:

    Lastly, here are some comments by people on twitter who give the thumbs up:

    oDogg34 @CameraFraudAz I like what you guys are doing. We need to get these ridiculous unconstitutional things off our roads!

    S1968 @CameraFraudAz They are a hazard in Phoenix/Maricopa County! Yavapai would actually benefit from speed-cams, though the whole thing is mess

    zusone @camerafraudaz Yeah not a good tourism slogan. Come to Arizona for endless landscapes and illegal cameras capturing your every move.

    ctusTri @CameraFraudAz I don’t generally speed, but I don’t like it ’cause I don’t trust ’em to only use the cameras to catch speeders.

    rysimpson @CameraFraudAz I like photo radar. Brings revenue in. As long as I can IGNORE mine, let the masses pay for improvements.

    Dogg34 @CameraFraudAz Photo Radar is about as popular as Terry Porter (and just as effective)

    **I have removed letters off the users’ handles to protect their anonymity.**

  27. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    “i think you have just uncovered your affiliation”

    i am scratching my head trying to figure that one out!!!???

    i think i have been clear that
    1. i dont work for redflex or the other company
    2. i dont get paid to post here
    3. i am not apart of some pro camera group
    4. i dont like people that speed or run red lights
    5. i will at every opportunity do my best to slow them down…and if that means an off the side of the road confrontation to enlighten them on the errors of their ways.. then so be it!!!

    what affiliation are you referring to?

  28. get a life says:

    If you guys are doing this on V-Day then you really do not have a life, and shows how lonley and lame you people are!

  29. timmah says:

    “get a life”:

    If you are posting a response to this on V-Day then you really do not have a life, and shows how lonely and lame camera supporters are.

  30. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sorry get a life … after 22 years of marriage i have this all figured out … i sent her a pajama grams, it arrived today … she loved it… and we went out to the melting pot for dinner early in the week!!! my wife and i both hate waiting in a line to eat…. so to go out for dinner tonight is not an option!!!

    and way to go timmah… i am not a big wrestling fan but if i was … i think that was a body slam followed by a head crunch… dont think he will be getting up for awhile…. and,,, is it even possible to type with your foot in your mouth?

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S !!!

  31. Sick of Government says:

    LAB, still waiting for you to change your hypocritical name…

  32. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i sure hope you have lots of patience!!!

  33. James Howard says:

    “5. i will at every opportunity do my best to slow them down…and if that means an off the side of the road confrontation to enlighten them on the errors of their ways.. then so be it!!!”

    I used to do that. Then one day, the guy I was trying to slow down pointed a gun at me as he was passing me on the left shoulder, and I decided it was just NOT worth it.

    Besides, it is illegal.

  34. Doc says:

    kandaris-Thank You So Much for allowing me to be a petetioner for I look forward to helping bring th’ scameras down, & sending a Loud, Clear message to our elected officials that states that the Constitution isn’t made of toilet paper, & shouldn’t be used as such!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  35. Law A. Bidingcitizem says:

    You know what, I just realized that I don’t want my kids raising their kids in a society where there are shady cameras on every corner monitoring their every move. I really appreciate what the people at are doing and would like to help. I’ll stop trolling this site as I realize how wrong I’ve been. I may even quit my job at Redflex and crawl back under that rock from which I came. Thanks again for standing up and trying to protect our constitutional rights! It’s people like you that threw that big tea party back in Boston.

  36. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    im sorry james…. sorry that you discovered the yellow streak running up your spine…. were you embarrassed in front of the family when you got home and had to change your pants?

  37. James Howard says:

    Well, LAB. I am not sure which one of us is yellow. One of us is not afraid to use their real name on here.

  38. duece says:

    I wonder how many accidents you clowns will cause. Obviously you are not concerned about traffic safety.

  39. No One says:

    duece– who are you talking about, causing traffic accidents? If you’re speaking of those who systematically and purposely fail to yield, I agree wholeheartedly. Otherwise I’m not clear who you might be talking about.

  40. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    you have two first names…. like i would know its your real name!!!!

    you see duece ,,, no one is a clown!!!!

  41. duece says:

    I would be talking about the demonstrators standing along the roadway holding signs and distracting motorists.

  42. No One says:

    Of course.

    So, are you against all people holding signs near a road, or just the ones holding signs on this specific issue?

  43. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    duece…. they dont care about safety…. they make that very clear all the time … they hold protests over freeway overpasses…. when you call them on it they will say ” well so and so does it” !!!” what about them”

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