West Side Sign Wave

Today’s Sign Wave at 91st Ave & Bell was quite the success. Blue skies, puffy white clouds, and no rain!!

¡Muerte a las Cameras!

The Cameras are coming Down!

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107 Responses to West Side Sign Wave

  1. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i am sorry .. the lack of participation was my fault… you see i got on here at 9:30 and all that were going to go… well they coudnt help themselves but to stay and argue with me!!!

    i counted about 6 people!!! and i think i may have honked at the girl in black also!!

  2. Scott says:

    LA…Why do you think the anti camera organizers would start this site?

  3. Glyph says:

    Law… you have to hit the flickr link! Do you think I post all of my pics here on CameraFRAUD?

    As for counting only 6 people at 9:30, if you attended the signwave when it started at 10:00 (as posted on the Meetup page), you would’ve seen everyone else who showed up.

  4. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i would imagine there are a few that really believe that the cameras were erected for the wrong intentions… and they want to correct the wrong!! and i think there are many here who feel that the cameras are invading their privacy … you know the big brother conspiracy theorists.. i equate those types as the same who dislike taxes… then there are those that just flat out dont like being told what to do and like the odds better for getting stopped by a cop than caught by a camera… those are the “i just cant drive 65” crowd.. i have very little patience for the big brother crowd… if they want to see real freedoms repressed then they need to look at other countrys…. and relish the freedoms that we do have…. i have yet to hear of or have first hand someone in black come to my door and whisk me away.. nor have i had friends mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again…
    hey i dont agree with the camera companies not telling the state that they are running 24/7.. that was wrong… and the state leaders should address it.. but i believe that someone from dps or adot knew.. but it is no reason to yank them down..
    other crap you will hear from this site..

    that the flash of the camera is distracting and causing more accidents than speeding causes

    that people speeding or not see the camera or van and instantly slam on the brakes and therefore causing accidents… i dont doubt that probably has occurred … but i assume it is a small number and that many accidents and deaths are being reduced because of the cameras and people getting the hint that they need to slow down…

    finally scott i want this to come to the ballot.. cause i believe that many people do want the leadfoots brought under control… it seems to be an epidemic out there… there are a lot of people in this world that are out for themselves and screw everyone else…. if thats the way they want to be that is their problem… but when that person puts my life, my wife or the lives of my 3 daughters at risk… well that i can not stand for ..

    as for the ballot… i think they will get crushed… think of the voting public.. those that actually go to the polls… then tell me who you think they will have in their corner?
    as soon as i see a petition of theirs to sign i will.. anything to get it to the polls…

  5. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    glyph.. sorry after the second set of pics i really got bored of seeing the backside of people… and the silly captions…

    so really how many turned out? i didnt say that 6 was all .. just thats all i could see in the pic!! and i may have counted someone twice!!!

    for your real job are you a photographer…

  6. Glyph says:

    for your real job are you a photographer…

    I don’t know if that’s a question or a statement… I’m gonna guess and say it’s a question.

    In answer to your presumed question, No I’m not a professional photographer. If I did it for a living, then I couldn’t enjoy it as a hobby. But I’m a pretty decent photographer. In fact, one of my pictures was just published in a college textbook. I’m sure you’ll somehow find fault in that, but I consider it an accomplishment.

  7. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    it was indeed a ? you seem to be pretty good at it… so i just thought that maybe you did it professionally. nice picture of the guys in stripes..
    just curious… are you pro sheriff joe or anti?

  8. camerafraud says:


    It’s a shame you couldn’t make it today. Those offers about helping you make a pro-Camera sign are still on the table.

    Also, never heard back from you regarding if you were serious about being our “Alan Colmes” – If you wanted to post a weekly pro-Camera column.

  9. Glyph says:

    Those were girls in stripes.

    I am pro professional, responsible law enforcement. I am anti grandstanding, media attention seeking megalomaniacs.

    Sheriff Joe has undergone a tremendous change over the last 16 years. I’ve some times condemned his actions, other times I’ve defended his actions. Let’s just say that I miss the ‘Old Sheriff Joe.’

  10. RPr says:

    the Phoenix police officers who signed the petition today were great.

    Cops not cameras!

  11. Rudolph says:

    Law A Bidding-

    Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. I guess I should be able to laugh you off, but people that think like you are the reason the rest of us have to fight so hard for our freedoms.

    By the way, can I come search your house? No? Why not if you don’t have anything to hide? Mind if I put a tracker on your bicycle? Why not if you’re not going someplace you should not go? May I see your papers please?

    Funny, I blogged about someone like this- even used his words in a mocking kind of way to demonstrate how silly they sound. Now, here is some kid actually saying it. They can not understand the difference between a real erosion of rights and black helicopters. It’s our fault really, we do not encourage critical thinking anymore. Predictable with a capital P.

    This generation of young people; yes Mr. LA, it is so obvious that you are. I can tell by the way you write. By the way, when referring to yourself it is I not i.

    You are so eager to bend over and please the government. What ever happened to question authority? I’ll tell you what; outcome based education in the public schools.

    All razed up because they got to vote for change. Totally clueless. Listen to your elders sonny, you might learn a thing or two.

    Oh, sorry I forgot, you’ve been really been around…

  12. Jimmy says:

    Law A Bidingcitizen:

    I just heard that the law makers are looking at sending trolls (to there I.P. address) a ticket for being a troll. Just like the photo radar and license plate frame tickets, it will cost you around $175.

  13. RPr says:

    Is that per violation? LOL

  14. Scott says:

    Law, all the reasons you gave are probably true, but you also listed the most important…just get it on the ballot so we can all vote! The organizers are Strict Constitutionalits. We should all sign the petition just to get the right to vote and let the people decide.

  15. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i ( sorry rudolph) wouldnt consider them constitutionalists.. in fact i dont know what the word would be.. but not that. they are something..thats for sure..

    rudolph… i am 44 years old…. 7-14-1964…. i appreciate that you think i am young, i sure try to not act my age… you dont know me… please save the diagnosis.. its laughable to try and figure someone out from posts on an internet site… no i dont mind.. please check the house… you can put a tracking machine on my car… I REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.. there are many people out there just like me…raising a family… i pay my taxes.. have a job and dont commit crimes… i have my neighbors over for dinner from time to time…and i am not too concerned about things i can not control.. for instance.. my wife smokes.. i was against the smoking ban for purely selfish reasons.. when we go out to a bar ( about once a month) it sucks that she has to leave the building to smoke.. so i voted against the ban… i understood all the good reasons for the ban….what now? should i stand up and scream that my wifes right to smoke is being taken away by big brother? no, the majority won.. end of story..

    please try and ignore me rudolph..go ahead… and can you explain the last sentence … did you not finish the thought!!??

    you want to look at someone that will trample your rights…. with no remorse… take a look at joe!!! he uses that badge like a battering ram.. and empowers his deputies to do the same…

  16. Sick of Government says:

    Ok, but the cameras were NEVER put to a vote. BIG, BIG difference!! That’s one of the things the site admins are trying to accomplish.

    And you’ve already admitted you fail to yield, so you DO commit crimes. 🙂

  17. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    no.. i do not condone those that are breaking the law…. this has been covered … lets put them to a vote… i am all for that… your post is nothing but old news… move on!!!

  18. get a life says:

    HAHA it looks like a lame protest…

  19. Sick of Government says:

    Apparently you do condone because you DO break the law. You’ve admitted it. Not a very law abiding citizen now are you?

  20. geez says:

    Not a big show up huh? There were probably more hippies on the other corner holding “FREE TIBET” signs.

  21. Glyph says:

    It was a great show up! But our last show up had over 160 people in 2 locations, and that’s a tough act to follow. And while I don’t know the exact number, I’m guessing we got somewhere between 200 and 300 signatures… not bad for 4 hours work =)

  22. camerafraud says:


    That’s the problem with you pro-Camera people, it’s all about groupthink and numbers.

    What you don’t realize is one person standing out there holding a sign is a success.

    The offer still stands, too: Any pro-camera people who want us to help them make a sign for the next event are welcome to contact us!

    ATS and Redflex employees are welcome to counter-protest, but for some reason I don’t think they will have the fortitude to do it.

    They can’t think outside of the… camera box.

  23. Rudolph says:

    “its laughable to try and figure someone out by a post on an internet site”

    LA- please read this sentence as many time as it takes to let it sink in. Please let me know what the alternative is.

    As far as Sheriff Joe- He lost my vote long ago. Incidentally, after I left the military I went to work for the MCSO. I spent many years patrolling east Mesa, worked the Lakes for a while, then in warrants. I went through Sheriff’s Hill, Godbehere and Angos.

    At first I liked his “in your face” style. That wore off quickly. I expect he will be a spokesman against this initiative if we get it on the ballot. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

  24. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    the alternative is this… there is none… why try to label me as this or that? i mean the first thing that comes to mind when you read anothers posts is.. friend or foe? next probably is… moron, idiot or knowledgable… then there are tendancies that one may notice.. but beyond that .. nobody really knows.. so who really cares?

  25. PhotoRadarScam says:

    LAB, perhaps it would help our perception of you if you learned how to use capitalization and punctuation, although it’s still hard to get over your hypocrisy and spin.

  26. It’s my fault. I broke into Law A. Bidingcitizen’s house and stole the caps lock and shift keys off of his computer. Now he is law a. bidingcitizen.

  27. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    huuummm let me think about it… nope!!! i have not been in school in quite some time .. i had to do it then… i dont have to do it now… and do you really think i give a rats ass about my perception… FROM YOU GUYS!!!

  28. Scott says:

    Who in history do you admire LAC? Would you care to make a list?

  29. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    gerald ford
    roger staubach
    tom landry
    john h. a_m_r ( my grandfather, sorry cant give the name)
    abraham linclon
    all the founding fathers … they each had a set we cant compare to…
    huey lewis

  30. Scott says:

    Why Gerald Ford?

  31. Scott says:

    I would agree with the founding fathers and Lincoln, and right off hand I would add:

    Harry Truman
    George Patton
    Douglas MacArthur
    Elvis Presley

  32. No One says:

    The forefathers “had a set,” other people here “don’t have a set”— sure is lots of genitalia references going on here from mr you-know-who!

    This coupled with the gay references, surely make me wonder if there isn’t some unstated issues at work behind the scenes. Not that I care, but it sure is interesting that these things keep being brought up by one particular individual!

    To the organizers… sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday… family stuff. But good job, keep it up! I was there in spirit.

  33. Dan G says:

    Haha, this is quite funny that you guys have listed lawabiding as an ATS/Redflex employee/troll. I am, however, much more advanced and figured this out several articles ago. Lawabiding, you say you don’t break laws and therefore have nothing to hide? I take it that when you drive you ALWAYS signal to move over another lane. You ALWAYS make right turns into the right lane and left turns into the left lane. You NEVER get too close to another car (tailgate). You ALWAYS wait 15 seconds at a stop light. The point is, NOBODY is perfect in their habits and we ALL have broken a law somewhere. Can we watch you 24/7 and bill you for EVERY infraction? Do you think they’ll stop at simply catching speeders because that’s what they promised us (even though they’ve already broken several promises)? While you believe your trolling lies, the rest of us don’t. And billing us for making mistakes that EVERYONE makes is equal to TAXING us ALL. And that is a mistake.

  34. Joe says:

    Learn more about Molly Edwards, the lobbyist who represnts Redflex. Looks like she has a pretty nice political consulting gig going:


  35. Glyph says:

    Think maybe she has her car registered to the Edwards Family Trust so she doesn’t get any photo enforcement tickets in the mail?

  36. Glyph says:

    Google their other lobbyist, Mike Williams. It’ll take a little digging, but you’ll be equally disappointed.

  37. Joe says:

    Makes me want to start lobbying.

  38. Joe says:

    The funny thing is that her company is “Molly Edwards & Associates”. You’d think that with a basic LLC, she could just be the sole proprietor. Nope. She has this business tucked-under “MANDALA COMMUNICATIONS, LLC”, and even that’s not good enough for her. She tucks that ownership underneath a family trust. Three steps removed from personal ownership of the business that actually bears her name.

    Often times, wealthy people create charitable trusts and install themselves and family as paid employees. The trusts are tax-exempt.

  39. Glyph says:

    The point is, you can’t look in the phone book and find these folks. Mike Williams is a lobbyist, and eventually you can find an e-mail address for him. But when you go to http://www.williamsandassociates.org, all you get is a blank page. You have to look up the whois before you really learn anything.

    Same with Redflex’s process serving company, AAA Photo Safety, Inc. They’re not in the book, you or I can’t hire them.

    They’re all just a bunch of dummy corporations at Redflex’s beck and call.

  40. Joe says:

    It was not terribly difficult to find either of these two, but you are right, they did not seem to want to be found.

    Interesting enough, I checked the corporation commissionn website, and I’m finding no company registered in Willams’ name. Well, I am finding one, but it’s not the same one. Perhaps he is behind on his paperwork?

    Now to worry Mike, we’ll root you out soon enough.

  41. Joe says:

    Here’s the scoop on AAA Photo Safety:


    It’s run out of a PO box in Mesa. Yep, one of our upstanding legal process servicing companies is run out of a UPS Store.

  42. Joe says:

    AAA’s owner has several businesses like the one he owns with AAA:


  43. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    dan- you seem to be behind on what is going on here… they are interested in reducing the speeding..its a simple concept… maybe when the things you mentioned become more dangerous than speeding and red light running… they will start ticketing that behavior.. and they are only punishing those that speed and run red lights…. i dont do either of those… you sound like a child ” well everybody else is doing it” “but im the only one that gets in trouble”… i have a solution for you dan… dont speed or run red lights and you dont have to worry..
    last thing dan… compared to my childspet hamster you are advanced… but not compared to a human…

  44. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    so which of you is james rockford and which is magnum PI ? what do you 2 think you have found? a lobbyist for redflex? ooooohhhhhhh… and a process server!! non of which are illegal!!!! who is next to target? aps for selling them electricity? wo picks up their trash? and who supplies water to their office? what about office supplies? are you going after Corportae Express ? or whomever they get supplies from? what about who has the contract for their phones and computers> cox? gonna take them on?

    glyph.. you gonna go snap some photos of them? you know… scare the hell out of them? maybe you could get the guys that helped you vandalize the cameras.. you guys can put silly string on their cars and tp their houses….

  45. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    O glyph.. you can capture it all on video!! wont that be fun?

  46. Joe says:

    Law, its not about reducing speeding. It’s about finding a way to stuff these cameras into government revenue solutions. Lobbyists and political contacts help ram it through.

    These cameras are a solution in search of a problem.

  47. Joe says:

    I was just trying to show that while they can collect data on us, we can collect it on them, and just as legally. They have no more reason to photograph me and my car (and store it) than I have to find this woman’s home address and do the same. They have violated no law, and neither have I, yet, by your own behavior, someone already feels violated. Why?

  48. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    violated? are you kidding? read it again… i am just wondering that you two …. aaahhhh…. kiddies think you have found…. think about it this way genuis.. if those cameras are 24/7 … just who is watching all that video? did you two modern day marvels ever think of that? and then.. where is all that man power to come yank you out of bed for no reason??

    hey joe … is the money was all going to education after redflex gets their cut and court costs are covered…. you have a problem with that also?

  49. Sick of Government says:

    LAB better watch out when they start capturing failure to yields. Maybe then he’ll care.

  50. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well maybe then i will have to end my crusade!!!! thanks for the heads up!!!

  51. Joe says:

    Law: By the time education gets to the front of the line, people like these two lobbyists have already fully drained the kitty.

    And who is watching the video? The algorythyms that skim the footage, record the plate numbers and stick it in a database. The video might get dumped, but your presence has been recorded and kept. It can be abused in a number of ways.

  52. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    hang on joe.. i am picking myself up off the floor on that one…. record the plate numbers and stick it in a database…. ok so lets say thats what they do… who the f__k cares!!!????? a bunch of plate numbers stored somewhere… is that the next holocaust? they are going to round up all the registered automobile owners?

  53. Sick of Government says:

    Papers please!

  54. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    almost forgot… correct me if i am wrong… the lobbyist gets paid not by the state .. but by the group- company they represent…. yes,,, pretty sure of that… my dad was a lobbyist in the late 70’s… so how would they be draining the coffers? how did they kill the kitty?

  55. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    sick- a litle more info to make your lame point please!!!

  56. Joe says:

    I’m not trying to knock you out Law. I’d LIKE to see some money float its way into education. But through proper channels. What I fear in this kind of data collection is the sale of the data to people seeking to model my behavior (data models, not modification) and target me in other ways (like commercial ways). I do not think that the government should be giving a corporation a front seat on data collecton. And f you don’t think the data is being used, you are wrong.

    If Sherrif Joe wants to call a press conference and announce a traffic ticket blitz, I’d say that’s his perrogative to go do. But it’d be with human officers. And I’d have a chance to fight them n court, face-to-face.

  57. Sick of Government says:

    Umm, Soviet Union ring a bell?

  58. Joe says:

    Law, the lobbyists high fees all get factored into the operating costs, which get factored into the . A portion of your fine goes to pay for these parasites.

  59. Joe says:

    factored into the fines. Sorry. At least with the DPS writing “human-issued” tickets, there is no commercial markup.

  60. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    Rocky Mountain Poll conducted a survey on what issues the Governgirl and the legislature should tackle this session…. it was conducted on 1/28-29…. 1% of 800 responded that the cameras should take up valuable time with other pressing matters… thats 8 people out of 800 !!!

    now as i have mentioned before… i dont put much weight in these things… but if this is true…. well then….. seems that all 8 of you are posting here!!!!
    now i get to watch you all twist and tear this apart like a famished lion feasting on a gazelle!!!

  61. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    so joe…. i read somewhere that edflex gets 28.00 plus change for every ticket paid…. now lets get this clear…. the state DOES NOT PAY THE LOBBYIST… so do not try and connect dots of money from the state to lobbyists…. cause there is no connection… just what redflex does with that money is up to them…. and if they wish to pay huge fee’s to lobbyists .. thats their problem….

  62. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    joe… i dont know if or what it is being used for and neither do you… you are speculating…

  63. Joe says:

    Looks like ATS and Redflex are working their substantial connections at the Republic again:


  64. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    joes post really means .. let the spin begin!!!! now its the republics fault for reporting the news…

  65. jgunn says:

    ROTFL! Create a poll in which you pick the 2 most pressing issues in AZ today. (economy, jobs, and foreclosures might be my some good 2 picks). Then because 1% picked photo radar in their top 2 picks, conclude that no one cares about photo radar. The fact that photo radar even garnered 1% is amazing to me! What a steaming pile of BS! Came right out the back end of a bull cow methinks.

  66. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i am sorry…. so how did they present the issues? did you participate in this poll…. how was it conducted…. if you dont know how it was posed to the respondent….were they given a list of say 10 things…? if you dont know then dont guess ….

  67. Joe says:

    My point exactly. Instead of stating what AZ’ns cared about, they instead focused on what the poll said was just 1%. That’s about the most blatant spin I’ve ever seen. Gee, almost as if a Redflex lobbyist works at the Republic. Hey wait: One does!

  68. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    lets see … isnt azcentral and the republic linked? isnt azcentral the site that put up the video of the press conference ? … so joe…since YOUR group is all about getting the word out.. thats what the protests are for right… then azcent and the republic must feel that camera fraud is such a big influence and people are paying attention… then they found out that … the anti camera ( camera fraud)…ISNT THE NEWS…ant the people of az just dont care about the cameras… it hurts huh? to find out that you are not as popular as you thought you were…..
    i think this is hilarious !!! please keep the spin going!!!

  69. rudolph says:

    This is too good!

    Check out about 35 posts ago when LA said the following:

    “its laughable to try and figure someone out by a post on an internet site”

    Asked what the alternitive is he states: “the alternative is this… there is none… why try to label me as this or that?”

    Poor LA…does not want to be judged or labeled.

    Since then, here are some of labels he he has used toward others:

    “think about it this way genuis.. ”

    “i am just wondering that you two …. aaahhhh…. kiddies think you have found”

    “sick- a litle more info to make your lame point

    “who the f__k cares!!!????? ”

    “now i get to watch you all twist and tear this apart like a famished lion feasting on a gazelle!!!”


  70. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    thats funny rudolph… see if i refer to someone.. say you.. as a moron… i really did not try to label you… but if you want to stretch it that far… go ahead…if i called you love muffin… would that be a label… i cant even say good try on this…. it was pretty lame… back to the drawing board for you!!!

  71. No One says:

    So, King Hypocrite*-

    Simply because a study of “the most important issues” didn’t raise photo radar, that’s “proof” that nobody cares? Sorry, but I have read the study results, and have to tell you you are even more off-base than ever. I would ask if you had read them, but I’m sure the answer would be a big, fat “no” because it always is when it comes to you and reading the research.

    The top four items on the list are “job creation- stimulate economy”- “improve public education” “immigration reform” “tax reform” and “improve the health care system.” This wasn’t a question of “do you think this given subject is important” it was a open survey to ask for the MOST important items. Besides all this, these seem like some pretty important things to me, I wonder why you would try to twist these results to mean that because someone worries about getting laid off, or getting sick without adequate health coverage, that this means they somehow don’t care about the cameras.

    That’s quite a spin. Oh, wait, spin…was’t that mentioned somewhere previously in this thread?
    bulletin…bulletin…bulletin… your ignorance and hypocrisy is at an all-time high!

    Vive la Roi!

    As to the issue of the databases, I ask again, why does the government or Redflex need to have this information in their database to begin with? They can pull your records and tell exactly where you were, with whom, at what time. Why? What is the purpose? Even pretending you really were a law abiding citizen, does it not bother you that this is in a database but no one will tell you why it’s needed and what they will use it for? (I sometimes wonder why I bother, but I guess I am just asking these as rhetorical questions, since it is extremely clear that they will not be addressed.)

    *is that a label, I wonder?

  72. rudolph says:

    Hey LA! Who you calling funny?

    (a play on the following joke)

    This guy walks into a bar, obviously very upset.

    He slams his hand down and yells “Bartender, whiskey!”

    The bartender gives the man his drink and says “Hard day fella?”

    The guy responds very loudly: “Hard day…hell yes a hard day! My wife is divorcing me and taking me for all I got. Her lawyer is a real a-hole-I hate lawyers…they are all a-holes…”

    The guy at the end of the bar speaks up: “Hey! I heard that and I object and take great offense!
    I’ll have you know that I sir, am an a-hole!”

  73. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    rudolph. let me help you out here. i didnt even begin to crack a smile after reading that …joke..

    nos…. you … sir…. are a clown… i didnt spin anything…. your boy joe tried attacking it at one angle and i had to put him back on the straight and narrow… let me open your eyes… the results were not in your favor.. so you deflect them by stating the obvious..” well hell yes its not at the top when we are talking about ____ (add an issue here)… if the cameras had been a top issue you guys would be jumping all over it… since your cause came in at 1% you attack the results… 1% .. well atleast its more than you guys had show up at the sign waving!!! now that rudolph… that was funny!!!!

  74. Joe says:


    I just found it funny that of all issues to cherry pick out of the poll, they focused on the speed cameras. Almost as if the poll was conducted specifically for the speed camera issue.

    If I wanted to bury that “bad news”, I never would have brought attention to it.

    To help catch you up, there is a reporter at the AZ Republic (Mike Ferraresi) who has this interesting history of quitting his job at the republic, joining Redflex as head of PR, and then going back to the Republic.

  75. Dan G says:

    Law, I don’t have a single red light or speeding ticket. Thanks for assuming otherwise. As for your ad hominem attack… my point was that NOBODY is perfect, except for maybe you. So slamming anybody for making mistakes just to make money equals a tax. We pay plenty of taxes now, no need to invent another. I agree that people that intentionally speed as determined by a police officer deserve to be fined for their offense. Just to make this clear, I am 100% against speeders. I’m also 100% against cameras. Regardless of the cameras, you can still drive the speed limit and abide by the law.

    I find your perfection dizzying…

  76. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    joe- so the guy switched jobs… big deal!!! move on ..oops another conspiracy!!!

    thats right dan… anybody that has to ever pay a fine is just a tax? are you advocating that there should never be a penalty for violating a statute?
    you contradicted yourself in this last post… talk about being dizzy… i need to sit down

  77. Joe says:

    No conspiracy. Conspiracy implies secrecy. I think the AZ Republic thinks so little of the public’s IQ and ability to figure-out connections, that they do not even care about the “appearance of impropriety” anymore. That term is something that media companies used to actually take seriously.

  78. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    joe the last paragraph you wrote implies secrecy!!! just by the way you worded it,,

  79. Joe says:

    No Law. Mike Ferraresi’s working for The Republic is far from a secret. Redflex not only has paid political lobbyists, but they have them working on the inside of media as well.

  80. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    and yes joe you can PROVE that right? didnt think so

  81. Joe says:

    The Tale of Two Headlines
    November 25, 2008

    AZCentral seems to be torn between two masters when it comes to photo enforcement related news, redefining the Orwellian idea of doublespeak in the process.

    Case in point: The bizarre retitling of a story regarding the victim of a motorcycle theft receiving a photo ticket in the mail long after his vehicle was reported stolen.

    Original headline?

    “Motorcycle theft victim gets ticket in mail”

    Revised, politician-safe headline?

    “Man who stole motorcycle responsible for speeding ticket”

    This development follows a disgraceful hit-piece done by Phoenix NBC affiliate 12 News, which lumped all who oppose photo enforcement into the category of “vandals” while reporting on the post it note epidemic. (12 News, AZCentral, and The Arizona Republic are all owned by Gannett.)

    The Arizona Republic has proven to have little regard for keeping appearences above reproach:

    (Redflex’s) Vaitheeswaran had only recently taken over the media relations role from Michael Ferraresi, 28. Ferraresi, himself a frequent ticket recipient, has been through a revolving door with the Australian camera vendor and the Arizona Republic newspaper. After writing stories about the company for the Republic, Redflex hired Ferraresi to be spokesman — often speaking to his former colleagues at the paper about the company. Ferraresi is once again reporting for the Republic, a paper that offers enthusiastic editorial support for the use of speed cameras and red light cameras.

    6 Comments | News | Tagged: 1984, Arizona Republic, Ask for Shoba, Doublespeak, Michael Ferraresi, Redflex, Shoba Vaitheeswaran | Permalink
    Posted by camerafraud

  82. No One says:

    Der Lord, Non Law Abiding, just when I thought you couldn’t sink any lower into the depths of hypocrisy and ignorance. I don’t care what that fishwrapper says, if you read the actual poll, not some redflex flack’s interpretation you will see it consisted of exactly one question. Since I know your proclivity toward reading anything other than this site, I’ll tell you, though you can find it here: http://www.brcpolls.com/09/RMP%202009-I-02.pdf The sole question asked was:

    “What are the two most important issues you want the new state legislature and governor to work on in 2009?”

    It did not ask about photo radar, it did not ask for a list of ALL the important issues, it did not ask for the least important–any of which had they been asked might have at least some relative bearing on photo radar’s importance. Instead it asked for the most important TWO. Everything but the most important two are disregarded,which makes it surprising it rated a mention at all, what with the current economic crisis and a 3 billion dollar shortfall for next year… layoffs and job losses, the demise of the housing market, an aging elderly population with social security beginning to show sins of strain…

    Do you get where I am going with this?

    Seriously, you really ought to make sure you have at least some idea what you’re talking about before trumpeting it about. It is becoming increasingly clear that the reason you do not like to read any studies or sources that aren’t soundbites is because you lack the comprehension to do so.

  83. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    well with our civil rights being trampled and all and the MIB just hours from busting down our doors for no reason …. just from the way you guys talk i cant believe that the cameras is not an issue on everybodys minds.. top of the list…top of the heap.. the pinnacle of the mountain…. the summit of everest… surely the camera issue is right there !! isnt it?

  84. No One says:

    Where, exactly, has anyone but you mentioned the “MIB busting down our doors?” Perhaps I missed that post, but I’ve only seen you specify that!

    As to the survey, again I say that if the survey were remotely geared toward the cameras, then you’d have a point. But it wasn’t and you don’t.

    Leave it be, let it die. There is no justifying it, you didn’t read the survey and posted without knowing what the hell you were talking about. The more you lamely post in protest of this or that, the more you expose your ignorance.

  85. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i didnt have to read it as i knew it would be attacked here from all angles…. in fact i believe that is what i wrote when i first commented on it…

    tell me what you guys fear by the cameras recording 24-7? what can happen if “someone” has info about the car you drive, what time you drove, how fast you were going and where you were going? you make it sound as if something bad is going to happen due to this… your right… i mentioned the MIB and conspiracy theory …. because that is what you elude to without actually saying it…. the cameras are bad and they can do things that violate our civil rights … but you dont know if our civil rights actually get violated

  86. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    put it this way.. murder is not murder until there is a murder… you can think about murdering someone and it is not a crime…. you can say that you would like to kill someone and it is not a crime… but if you set in motion certain events that may lead to a murder then you have committed a crime… buying a gun, knife or weapoon of any kind is not a crime but if you discuss with someone a plan to kill another .. that is a crime….

    so … recording is not a crime…. what they may do with the info is not a crime… there are few things they could do with that info that would be criminal..

  87. Joe says:

    Law wrote:
    “because that is what you elude to without actually saying it…. the cameras are bad and they can do things that violate our civil rights … but you dont know if our civil rights actually get violated”

    What can be violated, will be violated. If a profit can be derived from something on a large scale, one WILL be derived.

  88. scott says:

    Joe said: “If a profit can be derived from something on a large scale, one WILL be derived.”

    On Wall Street these are called “Derivates” 🙂

  89. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    joe the only thing getting violted is us whenever you try to communicate … you have once again expanded a lie to try and fit what you believe to be truths .. nice try

  90. No One says:

    So, King Hypocrite.. is the title of king not enough? You aiming for Emperor? Let’s just have a recap of this thread, shall we?

    You don’t believe in studies… yet you post one of your own free will and make a big deal about how it “proves” something…only to have it come out that you never actually read the article, have no idea what it says, and it doesn’t actually prove anything. So of course, you posted an absolutely irrelevant study which you did not read just to prove the point that it would be ripped apart.

    Then, while everyone else is talking about cameras– you know, the reason this forum exists– you are talking about the MIB kicking down doors and people disappearing. The reason that you bring it up is because you apparently think that others think that this is imminent, though you cannot point to where this is stated, so you say that others are somehow invisibly alluding to it… but here on planet Earth, you are the only one talking about it. Then of course MIB is usually in reference to UFO’s, little green aliens, and people disappearing… you’re the one who’s rambling about such things, with no apparent reason. You are also the first one to accuse others of wearing tinfoil hats!

    Then you intimate that someone else has trouble communicating, when it is you who rambles on about irrelevant things like a 90-year-old with alzheimers, and who has apparently lost his caps lock and ability to punctuate.

    I beg of you, please go away. You’re doing nothing but embarrassing yourself and annoying the rest of us. It’s not about the issue, it’s not about your views. It’s quite simply about the fact that your constant inane blathering is neither productive nor welcome. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself, but would lay money on the fact that most—if
    not all—of the “regulars” on this board (including the pro-camera people) would just as soon that you leave, as you have yet to deliver anything of substance in any of the topics you have posted. In fact, were I a pro camera person I would be mortified to be on the same side of the issue as you are. Perhaps there were one or two posts with a coherent thought in them, but if so they were lost in the flotsam of vapid nothingness and meaningless comments that is most of what you have to say.

    To sum up, there is one thing and one thing only that I (and probably most anyone else) would expect or desire to read about on this site, and that is (brace yourself for a surprise) the cameras. If you wish to educate yourself, have something contribute to the exchange of information and ideas, and are able to stifle yourself and do it in a manner befitting of someone who claims to be 44 rather than 12, then by all means please be my guest. If, on the other hand, all you wish to do is trash talking, meaningless accusations and drivel, character assasinations, and discussions about other men’s penises, I understand there are any number of other sites out there on the internet which will better suit your purposes. Please find one.

  91. geez says:

    Actually NO one,
    It’s quite amusing because you see to be the one lost on the irony of LAB’s posts, in comparison to the anti-camera folks posts here.

  92. PhotoRadarScam says:

    What No One said.

  93. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i saw that poll and i noticed how odd that the good folks here did not put it up… so i thought i would help out…. i guess you didnt appreciate my help.. and i am sure that i made it quite clear that i do not put much weight into polls.. i leave it to you guys to attack it and you did not let me down… show me the post where i said .. this proves it??? all posts after that were to defend the lies and mis truths that you guys offer …

    you really want me to leave? but i am having so much fun here!!! and it appears that you appreciate me.. otherwise i would not have the long posts dedicated to my honor… how many of you are called king?

  94. Doc says:

    Site members, PLEASE! I too have tried to get thru to Law A. Abiding Citizen, & others like him. I’ve also stooped to allowing myself to be swept into his games. Guilty as charged.

    Those of us who are like minded thinkers on not only this thread, but this entire site, may I suggest a “remedy” for LAC, & his like? Ignore them. Stop responding to them. So much of what we say is intelligent commentary on our topic, but is truly wasted on his ilk. There is NO correct response to his rhetoric.

    Even the site administrators have offered to work with him, to no avail. Lastly, I’d like to point out 1 (ONE) little hint as to the type of person(s) we have been dealing with here. (On EVERY THREAD, I might add…) Look at some of the TIMES he’s posted. Last post on this thread, the date of 02/10/09-9:23p.m. Next post here; 02/11/09-4:32 A.M.!! What’s the rest of the story? Does this person live & breath his angst for this site, & it’s members? And he continues to post throughout the day. Think about it. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion, which I’m going to try to do.

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  95. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    doc- you have just taken the next step in my ultimate plan…. i have you wondering “just who is this guy” ? you even asked your congregation to ‘think about it” which means you are thinking about me… you are caught in your own net… how hillarious!!!

    i have written before … trying to figure someone out is pointless.. but hey keep trying if you wish…

    you are correct the only reply that is acceptable is .. we are sorry for distorting the truth…

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S!!!

  96. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    DOC- I ALMOST FORGOT….oops caps on… one of the problems is that you guys are not like minded thinkers… you have factions in your group and should this go to the polls…. the factions will all want their issue front and center.. this in turn will lead to turmoil and eventually defeat ( dont worry you would have lost anyway)

    you know what they say about a house divided?
    if you do tell me … cause i dont know the answer..

  97. PhotoRadarScam says:

    I agree. Stop feeding the trolls.

  98. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    scam man- you are off to a very good start… but can you be strong more than once… i think not….. no what will happen is i will attack another lie and you will feel compeled to answer or the appearance will be to others that I was correct!!! not to mention it will be killing you inside.. and that is never a good thing!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

  99. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    again i point out the caption that goes along with the picture at the top of this thread…”quite a success” as the sign wave was referred to… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? you had 6 people come out … on a nice day at that!!! 6 people in a vw bug is a crowd… not at a sign wave…

  100. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Do not feed the troll.

  101. No One says:

    geez- believe it or not, I can appreciate the irony. After posting, I realized I was taking things almost as much off-topic as him, and posting some not-so-nice things which even if accurate are significantly less than the standard to which I try to adhere. But, what can I say…

    There’s also a couple of other things I thought about but will not mention here lest he (incorrectly) take it as encouragement to continue his aberrant behavior.

    So, yes, there is a considerable amount of irony here in more ways than one and I am all too well aware of it.

    But, from this point forward, it does not matter. Having said my piece, I am going to take the advice of others and “not feed the troll.”

  102. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    scams bandwagon is growing !!!

    F R E E D O M from the L I E S

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