Tucson Vice Mayor doesn’t like 24/7 video

big_brotherWhat part of, this technology will be abused, did you not understand!

Vice Mayor Karen Uhlich told Fox 11 News, “When the Mayor and Council approved the red light cameras, we were explicitly told that the cameras would be only be activated during a violation. We were told they would not be running all the time.”

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9 Responses to Tucson Vice Mayor doesn’t like 24/7 video

  1. PhotoRadarScam says:

    It amazes me – but then it doesn’t – that the people voting to install these cameras aren’t duing the due diligence they should before approving these things. Is anyone in our government reading the contract? Or just the bottom line?

  2. jgunn says:

    Who in their right mind WOULD like being taped 24/7 for 12 days from some private Australian company who can do whatever they want with the video. Oh yeah, that’s right. The camera supporters don’t seemed to mind 1 bit. I guess they feel anything is justifiable to keep the cameras going. What the heck WOULDN’T camera lover accept to keep them up? I guess there is nothing the government and Redflex couldn’t do as long as they said it was in the name of safety. Scares the living crud out of me that there are people living in the US that will put up with this Orwellian nightmare.

  3. Doc says:

    It occures to me that some people will believe WHATEVER you tell ’em! Politicians don’t get the fact that they are not only supposed to generate revenue, they are supposed to “Defend the Constitution…”, & all that statement entails. That means acting responsibly, & READING contracts BEFORE SIGNING THEM!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc

  4. I agree 100%

    This is complete b.s. and should not be tolerated. I found on your site, too, that even the speed cams are recording you 24/7! I was shocked. I guess the pigs have video of me then flipping off the cameras as I pass by : – )

    Can anyone say George Orwell? I think that man should be promoted from author to prophet.

    I sure hope these things get taken down…

    They invade peoples’ privacy, they cause more accidents then they stop and Big Brother doesn’t give a sh*t about us; they just want that money. And what does money buy? More power.

  5. Joe says:

    Imagine this:

    Redflex could keep a database of what license number was at location X at (whatever time of the day). They could potentially publish that information for all to see, as it is THEIR data. That’s right: They own the data.

    They could then come in and charge money to people who either wish for access to the data (for example, a wife, girlfriend or employer), or perhaps a fee to people who wish for the information to be purged fromt he database.

    This kind of data collection is absolutely ripe for exploitation and abuse. And DO NOT ever assume that a company would “never bother” to do something so arcane. Public companies will do whatever they can to maximize profits to the full legal extent of their ability, no matter who it hurts, or what it potentially means to people.

    People assumed that no one would ever abuse cloning technology, and look, today you can go get your old dead pet cloned over in Korea. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to clone that girl you had a crush on in College.

  6. Doc says:

    Joe- I MUST dis-agree with you on 1 point. You said in your last post,”whatever they can to maximize profits to the full legal extent of their ability…” WRONG, my friend! I GUARANTEE you & All that redflex AND ats don’t give a hoot whether their maximazation of profits is legal or not! They’ve already broken the law, when they KNOWINGLY activated military grade tracking technology on AMERICAN CITIZENS WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE & APPROVAL OF THE STATE BY A VOTE, yet that very tracking continues, with the help of law enforcement.
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  7. Joe says:

    I’m just saying: Expect them to push the limits of what they can exploit for profit. If there is a legal grey area, they’ll exploit it until ordered to stop.

    This is why I felt so strongly about including the ANPR technology verbage in the ballott initiative.

  8. Doc says:

    I’m with ya’ Joe! I knowexactly what you mean. I was just lamenting that those people will not let a little thing like, say, legality…stop them in their pursuit of th’ ALLMIGHTY buck!

    And the ANPR tech., well as I said…SIEG HEIL! Th’ thing that gets me th’ most is that A state law enforcement agency is not only letting this occur, they are PART & PARCEL TO IT! Commander Thomas Woodward is a disgrace to the badge and the uniform.

    I do not relish saying that. But, he’s a sworn law officer in the state of Arizona. He’s supposed to be PROTECTING the citizens of this state, & that includes their rights! For him to say what he has, well, I must stand by my statement.

    He needs to Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !
    Doc from Prescott

  9. TiffSherwood says:

    The link provided is bad – here’s the correct one: http://www.fox11az.com/archive/57713097.html

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