Taxes, Lies and Video…”tape”

taxes-lies-and-videotapeThe propaganda war has begun.  It is indisputable that CameraFraud has gotten the ball rolling toward permanently ridding Arizona of photo enforcement.  We brought the issue to our representatives, prompting HB 2106.  We also brought the issue to the media, and to the people of Arizona.  In doing so we have threatened the multi-million dollar interests of the corporations that profit from this infringement upon the rights of the people.  It then stands to reason that these interests are worth protecting by those corporations as well as the state and municipal officials whose coffers promise to be filled with the ill gotten gains stolen from the people of Arizona.

This amounts to nothing more than illegal taxes.

Public opinion for sale.

The results of both public polls and statistics can be, and often are, purchased by the highest bidder, usually when trying to bolster a weak argument.  Figures as ludicrous as 68% in favor of Photo Enforcement have been published as paid for by ATS!  That number is patently false and would be laughable if not for the fact that it shows just how far these despotic politicians and leech corporations will go to shore up their illicit practices, all the while insulting the intelligence of the public.  Given that the Photo Enforcement companies and the public officials who wish to abuse the public trust stand to lose a great deal of money if Photo Enforcement is banned in Arizona, it is not a big leap to realize that they will use any dishonest means to try to save their new cash cow.

Auto Insurance companies chime in

Insurance companies have become more vocal of late in the argument on Photo Enforcement.  Not surprising. For years the big insurance companies have profited from traffic enforcement, but have been cut out of the deal with Photo Enforcement in Arizona.  Why?  Well you see if drivers were issued points for the tickets generated by Photo Enforcement it’s a sure thing that eventually enough drivers would be affected that they would become more politically inclined be opposed to the cameras as well as possibly be taken out of the driving pool altogether.  If taken out of the driving pool they would cease being a viable host for the parasite of tyrannical governmental fees, inflated insurance premiums, and taxes.  The optimal situation for any parasite is not to kill the host, but instead to slowly bleed them. Effectively killing the host is unacceptable to the powers that be because in reality, as we all know, Photo Enforcement is not about public safety, but instead about revenue.  This puts Photo Enforcement at odds with big insurance and its lobby.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.  Both sides of the argument say that it is THEY who have the best interest of the public at heart, in much the same way two vultures have the best interest of a disemboweled carcass at heart.

This amounts to nothing more than lies.

Last but not least, Video… “Tape”

During committee hearings on HB 2106 not withstanding Redflex’s perjury, DPS was forced to admit that, not only do the Photo Enforcement installations video record 24/7, but that the data is retained for an undetermined period of time.

Now folks, herein lay the biggest threat to civil liberties in our lifetime.  Even committee members who voted against passing HB 2106  through committee expressed grave concern at this revelation.  Speeding tickets IE. Civil Infractions are a minor footnote when compared to the tragedy of violations to fourth amendment of the US constitution by these surveillance platforms.

By using an alternate route legally speaking, “authority” can circumvent the intent and spirit of the fourth amendment.  Even though the information collected by these systems is supposedly done by “civil” authority under the pretense of traffic control, the mere existence of said video defacto violates the US Constitution. The information can, and will, be used for other unintended purposes.

This abuse of power must end.

23 Responses to Taxes, Lies and Video…”tape”

  1. I'm Back says:

    This is a great post Kandaris and probably the most well put together summary of the current battle over Photo Enforcement in AZ.

    That piece in the Republic was more than likely paid for by ATS. All news outlets are suffering, including Gannett during the current world-wide financial crisis and the abuse of power will continue by desperate people.

    The Main Stream Media’s ability to be manipulated by the highest bidder will continue to be a thorn in the side of all those who seek truth and justice during this very trying time in our country. -RT

  2. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    Agreed! This “poll” is a joke… Any intelligent jornalist should be jumping all over this and should add CORRUPTION to ATS’s list of maladies..

  3. Ed McCaffrey says:

    Amazing that a ‘journalist’ at the Az Republic would actually buy into a poll conducted by a corporation that stands one step from bankruptcy WHEN (not if) we get this 6th amendment violation off our streets..

  4. geez says:

    42 mobile vans and 100 stationary cams right?
    The vans must total atleast $65-70k, plus the workers salary, gas, maintenence, the support staff at the office and their salaries. 100 stationary cams, I can’t even guess what that costs, never mind Redflex paid up front for everything. $28 bucks out of every violation, and you say only 30% have paid.
    Yup, all about the money :-/

  5. Joe says:

    Not so fast guys. Did any of you catch E.J. Montini’s column in section B of the Republic yesterday? Titled “Cameras don’t do enough for safety”. If the Republic is taking sides on the issue, Montini did not get the memo (and neither did his editor).

  6. Chris T. says:

    You people and your little website are a complete f**king joke. I didn’t realize that anyone was entitled to privacy on a public roadway? All of your nonsense about how the cameras are fraud and its taking taxpayer’s money is bullshit. You know who pays for photo enforcment? The idiots that break the law. You know the ones that run red light and kill people. Or the ones that excessivly speed and end up causing the crash that screws up traffic for the entire rush hour commute.

    I really think that you all should get over the citation you got pay the little measly fine, and get youself a day job instead of obsessing over somthing that the majority of people support.

  7. Joe says:

    “I really think that you all should get over the citation you got pay the little measly fine, and get youself a day job”

    You mean like yours? The one where you unsafely sit on the side of the freeway in your little minivan?

  8. I'm Back says:

    Here’s a little gem from the AZ Republic:

    I posted the following comment on the “Do Arizonans really loathe Speed Cameras” article.

    “I don’t know why I read this pathetic news publication any more. You folks at the Republic should be ashamed for publishing this obviously biased poll.

    I hate to accuse anyone of taking bribes, but this one really smells bad. I wonder if all Gannet entities are this corrupted and therefore illegitimate. If anyone at the paper with power over this had a shred of credibility left, they would pull this from the website and print an apology both online and in the hard copy.”


    “To understand its bias you need to know that the Republic hired a former Redflex PR representative as a “reporter” and had even published some of his PR pieces for Redflex as “news”. I can get his name for you if you need it for one of your reasons for unsubscribing in your letter to the Republic.”


    “Michael Ferraresi, 28. Ferraresi, himself a frequent ticket recipient, has been through a revolving door with the Australian camera vendor and the Arizona Republic newspaper. After writing stories about the company for the Republic, Redflex hired Ferraresi to be spokesman; often speaking to his former colleagues at the paper about the company. Ferraresi is once again reporting for the Republic, a paper that offers enthusiastic editorial support for the use of speed cameras and red light cameras.”

    If anyone had a way of verifying this, I think it would be very interesting.

  9. Doc says:

    I already posted this on another thread. But, KPHO TV5 on Sunday, 01/25/09 said on the 10:P.M. edition that THEIR poll stated , I forget the exact #, but I believe it was OVER 75% of the folks they polled were FOR scameras! UUUUHHHH, whatever. I can’t believe that many people are really that sheepish in Arizona.
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  10. PhotoRadarScam says:

    The people that are FOR cameras are uninformed. Most people I talk to are oblivious of the limitations and problems associated with cameras, as well as the constitutionality. Once they consider these factors, they seem to change their mind.

  11. No One says:

    I’d love to see one of the polls. It probably has something like:

    1) I am against criminals. True or False.
    2) I like a balanced budget. True or False.
    3) Safety is important to me. True or False.

    …and so on, without asking anything about the cameras themselves, and anyone answering “true” to the above three questions is in support the cameras.

    Instead of:

    1) I like the idea of government being able to track my movements.
    2) I like illegal and unconstitutional taxation.
    3) I am willing to bend over for the government, so I can have a false perception of safety.

    The real survey ought to be somewhere in between if it is to be remotely credible– but of course they don’t post the actual questions, only the “results.” Unfortunately those results mean nothing without visibility of the questions, because if you ask the “right” questions you will get the “right” answers.

  12. Chris T. says:

    @ Joe: Sorry bro. I don’t sit in a van on the side of the freeway. I’m one of the people that educate your children. (For low pay I might add)

    The people on this site seem to be a bunch of college kids with no job or life that seem to think that being loud will get their point across. But in my experience normally the people that remain silent prevail in the end. When their opinion actually counts. Strength in numbers my friends.

    You youngsters will figure that out some day.

  13. I'm Back says:

    Sorry, Chris that’s where you’re wrong.

    I will again state that I am a college educated professional, who has securities licensing and works for a major worldwide broker and very well respected employer in Phoenix. So you are completely off base there.

    And as an aside. None of that really matters anyway. I can vote, I pay taxes and care about the well being of my state. That is why I want my opinion heard, not because of some pre-packaged status that I may have attained through education and hard work. I could be someone who holds a HS diploma or G.E.D. and my opinion would still count as much as the next person. Regardless of who has a job or who doesn’t, we’re all pissed. I have a lot of friends who’ve been laid off in the last year. Are they not counted because they don’t work? Just exactly what are you trying to say here?

    I really don’t know how it’s relevant that this group is “a bunch of college kids with no job or life,” even though I can guarantee that it’s a mix of all kinds.

    I’m a little afraid to have any children in this state if close-minded people like you will be educating them.

    So whatever you do or don’t do with your time isn’t any business of mine, nor is business of yours what we do. We live in AZ and care about it. And we can vote, so deal with it.

  14. I'm Back says:

    Oh and by the way “Chris T,” why don’t you go google the name “Mario Savio,” study up a little and then tell me that college kids can’t make a difference in this country.

    Don’t hurt yourself thinking outside that little box you live in.

  15. Doc says:

    Chris T- I work in an emergency room, Bud. I put in more hours in 3 days than you do in a week. Then, on my days off, I teach 5 & 6 yr olds how to read, in a public school, FOR FREE, & it is an absolute honor to do so. Oh, and the rest of the time off that I have, I fight for YOUR rights. So, stop showing your actual I.Q. & quit snivelin’ about your pay! You knew what th’ game was (teaching children) when you signed up to play! Whining only brings disgrace to those in your profession who have enuff honor & integrety to LOVE what they do. For th’ record, I believe teachers should get @ least $100K-POST TAX, a year! & 1 more thing. You ought to be careful throwin’ th’ word “bro” around. If Joe Really is your Bro, fine. If not, you oughtta’ check that crap. That’s half th’ problem in this country today. Th’ word “bro” or “Brother” actually means somethin’ to a lot of us, who don’t take th’ use of that word lightly.Get it?!?
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

    P.S. & to ALL Freedom Fightin’ Constitution Lovin’ power thinkers & Do-erz- Have a “Maker’s Mark” on th’ rox! We’re doin th’ RIGHT thing!

  16. No One says:

    So, Chris T-

    Please tell me you don’t teach math, economics, persuasive writing, or any sort of government/civics…


  17. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Chris T., being loud is not what’s important. The facts speak for themselves:

    Cameras cause and INCREASE in accidents, and that is something that no one will support.

  18. Joe says:

    Chris T:

    I teach at the college level AND I hold a professional FT management job with a major public corporation.

    I don’t get summers off and then whine about low pay and (mostly) paid-for health insurance and benefits. You don’t exactly have it so bad. Perhaps it’s not the gig for you though. You seem to have some anger about the pay.

  19. I visit this site every so often. I love what you guys are doing and many of the posts are very informative.

    I wanted to respond to Chris T:


    What’s a f***ing joke is people like you who ignore the safety and privacy issues. Yes a road way is in public but the video and pictures that are taken is still a privacy issue, period. I sure don’t want my picture taken and have it end up who knows where. Did you know that many times the companies that own these cameras also own the “rights” to all data collected on them (assuming my source is correct)? What’s going to happen to all of that footage of all those people?

    If you want to talk about privacy, let me go ahead and record your every move and see how you feel. Of course, zombified statists often don’t care if their every waking moment is recorded. Anything big brother does is fine by them….

    Don’t be so naive.

    As far as safety don’t get me started. Even the government’s own stats show that red light cams and even speed cams cause more accidents than if they weren’t there. If speed cams are so safe then why do I have footage of cars in Europe spinning out of control and almost taking out some other cars in the process as they slam on their breaks to avoid the speed cameras? Why are parts of Europe looking into banning them? Because they see that they don’t increase safety! The only thing they increase is the amount of cash in the governments’ pockets!

    I’m sure you or someone else will retort, “well if you don’t want an accident don’t speed, don’t run red lights.” I agree people should not intentionally run red lights and I do not do such a thing and I wish no one would. However, driving fast is not much of an issue as far as safety is concerned. Driving at high speeds is not as dangerous as the government wants you to believe. Some of the biggest reasons for crashes was an error on the part of the driver and speed as a cause of accidents was much lower on the list.

    Regardless of all this data the issue is this: Freedom. Freedom to do what one wants so long as he does no harm to another. Driving fast, in and of itself, is not that big of a deal as long one is driving responsibly.

    I think you should educate yourself:

  20. Doc says:

    AZ Atheist-Great Post! But I’ve gotta’ tell ‘ya; I think we both wasted our time with chris t, lawaabiding citizen, & others, who I believe are actual employees of redflex & ats. Hopefully these folks that are here on visa’s will be deported, & the Americans who’ve willingly participated in the activities of these companies will be tried, with due process (something they would have for Us, denied) for treason; for we are, like it or not, at WAR, and treasonist activities need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
    Great Post, Anyway!
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

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