Cameras to be… Terminated?

The Terminator

The Terminator

More good news for foes of photo enforcement. A recent AZcentral column states that there is a ‘Termination of Convenience’ clause between Redflex and the State of Arizona.

But the article, written by JJ Hensley is a shining example of what CameraFRAUD and its supporters are up against when dealing with some media outlets. The first sentence of the article reads:

“Lead-footed lawmakers concerned about incurring costs for canceling the state’s photo-enforcement contract can rest easy…”

Lead-footed? The journalist implies that any politician who might oppose photo traffic enforcement is a lead foot, or a chronic speeder. Forget the idea that the politicians might be responding to the concerns or complaints of their constituents, Hensley assumes, then prints that these law makers are lead-foots.

It gets worse. Hensley dedicates a sentence to acknowledge some of the efforts to limit or ban the use of photo traffic enforcement, citing House Bill 2016. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that HB 2106 passed committee on January 22nd, but I have no idea what HB 2016 is about. One could argue that this is just a typo, but Hensley is a journalist for pete’s sake! It’s his/her job to be correct on facts, spelling, and grammar. Maybe the Arizona Republic needs to quit laying off their proof readers.

The article goes on to say that since the program started last September, the cameras have fired 500,000 times. That’s half a million times in three and a half months, resulting in 150,000 ‘citations,’ a whopping 30%. Further, only 25,000 have been paid according to DPS, a mere 16%. DPS will need a veritable army of dirty, dishonest, and corrupt process servers to catch up on that backlog.

Finally, there is the poll released by ATS, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies insists Arizonans in general are in support of photo traffic enforcement. But let’s bear in mind that the folks at POS (don’t forget what else POS stands for!) are quick to state on their website:

“As our roots are in political campaign management, our research is focused on producing information that compels decisions – and then results and across both political and public affairs research, as our tag line suggests, we work with our clients “Turning Questions into Answers.”

These folks are far from being unbiased, they compel decisions and results, and turn questions into answers for their clients. Just tell them what you want your poll to say, and they’ll make it happen!

So that’s what we’re up against Arizona… Shoddy journalism, government/law enforcement influenced by special interests, and a private sector all too willing to manipulate numbers and facts, to outright LIE to us, just to make a buck.

Keep your heads up Arizona, the cameras will come down!

13 Responses to Cameras to be… Terminated?

  1. Helldigger says:

    “Finally, there is the poll released by ATS, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies insists Arizonans in general are in support of photo traffic enforcement.”

    If you believe that:

    Recently NAMBLA The Man/Boy lovers Association, polled 25,000 children. The results are in, 86% of children support Pedophilia as a healthy lifestyle.

    With results like that and the Sheeple believing them to be valid, has an uphill battle to contend with organic ignorance perpetuated by the Pro Camera agenda.

    The attack on our 4th Amendment Right to face our accuser veiled as Safety but motivated by Revenue has wealthy corporations as partners.

    Can the populace be so foolish as to support this ruse? It seem so.


  2. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Yes, we are at the beginning of what will be an information war. Somehow, we will have to get the word out about the truth behind the cameras. We will be facing an opponent with deep pockets to support their message. We will have to work hard to overcome this.

    What I noted in the survey was that they reinforced to the survey taker that cameras save lives as a fact… when it is not an established fact, just ask Sheriff Babeu. The answer definitely changes when you ask a question, “this device saves lives, do you support it” vs. “this device’s effectiveness is questionable and may infringe your rights, do you support it?” I find it disheartening that the local media seemed to have no interest in publishing Babeu’s comments regarding the INCREASE in accidents and fatalities in Pinal County. I find it interesting that accidents are supposedly reduced in Maricopa County, but fatalities double in Pinal. Maricopa must have magic cameras. DPS has an invested interest in the camera system. Babeu should too – except he’s the only one honest about the whole thing. I think I believe the party that has no vested interest.

    Information on cameras INCREASING accidents:

  3. Glyph says:

    @Helldigger: No, I don’t believe ATS’ poll, and my hopes are that the rest of the state doesn’t believe it either. They can say whatever they want, but at every signwave I attend, I see new faces, and meet new people who are disgusted by this program.

    @PhotoRadarScam: You’re absolutely correct, this will become an information war. Next, I expect DPS, Redflex, and ATS to start publicly calling into question our integrity. I can just imagine some Private Eye tracking down and interviewing my high school teachers, asking if I ever did anything wierd like pulling the wings off of flies.

  4. RPr says:

    POS poll commisioned by James tuton of ATS

  5. Ed says:


    There is nothing wrong with pulling the wings off flies. I did it daily when I was a kid so my pet turtles could eat.

    I just wish people could have listened to the half truths told during the HB2106 session. The list of people that won’t get issued a ticket was very scary. The fact that ALL traffic is video taped and stored for 90 days active but retrievable after that is terrible. Then the differences in enforcement makes our system open to corruption and mismanagement. This is why Jan Man said it can be used to produce addditional revenue.

    I am tired of Redflex saying how truthful they are at all times. They have doctored photos to make their $28.50 fee for sending out a notice. They could care less if the ticket ever gets paid, they got their share. I want more Police on the road to catch the truck driver that dropped a rock that will now cost me money to replace my windshield.

    Thanks for the time listening.

  6. geez says:

    Redflex has doctored photos? Show us.
    Damn this gets old, all the false claims no one can live up to.

  7. richard says:

    I have emailed each of our state Representatives requesting their support, to this date only one has sent back a reply which was negative. Below the emailed messages exchanged between Rep Ken Cheuvont and myself. I think it is important to know which of our Representatives are not on our side.

    To: Ken Cheuvront
    Subject: HB2106

    Please support HB2106 ( ban freeway spy cameras) and get this bill passed as soon as possible. Many people can not worry about other important issues, such as the budget until this additional tax revenue source is banned. You and others may be surprised that we may even support some measure of tax increase to help bring our budget under control, if we see the legislators are watching out for the little guy.
    If you give us your support you will get ours.

    his reply
    Thank you for your recent correspondence in which you expressed your opposition to the DPS speed cameras. While your concerns are certainly understandable, I must tell you that this is a measure that I have long supported.
    Every citizen has a right to feel safe while driving on our highways and I feel that as long as everyone is driving the speed limit the cameras should not be a bother. Cars driving at high speeds greatly increase the chance of fatal collisions. I believe that speed cameras along with red light cameras are essential in aiding law enforcement officers. Not only do the cameras catch those that officers miss, they allow for extra enforcement against more serious crimes.
    I appreciate you taking the time to contact my office to express your opinion. Please feel free to call upon me in the future whenever I can be of assistance.
    Ken Cheuvront
    State Senator, District 15
    1700 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    (602) 926-5325

    my reply
    And we feel the spying on Americans is another loss of our freedom of
    privacy, which to many government officials are willing to throw
    so many complained about the Bush administration, but this is worse
    Does it matter to you that every car that passes, not only the ones
    that are above the speed limit have their license plate entered into a
    computer that can call up that information at a later date. In other
    words you can be tracked to where ever you go in the sate of Arizona,
    and if Redflex has their way across the nation? I am sending you some
    news sites with information I am sure you have not been aware of or
    you would not have taken your position. I know being involved in
    government means you want to do the right thing for the people, so I
    am sure that added information will move you in the direction of the
    true good of the people. We are all watching as to who votes which way
    and more important why.
    It is unfortunate that so many souls are willing to give up freedom to
    feel save and snug under the blanket of big brother. Please understand
    those of us senior citizens have seen this terrible erosion of our
    rights which so many have died so we could have and keep.
    God bless and may God’s hand guide through what may be a much more
    important matter than you can even imagine.

  8. Doc says:

    Richard- DUDE! I’m speechless! That was Beautiful.

    “I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!”- Really, that was very well done. I think the gentlman from Dist. 15 needs to remember that he works for the citizens, many of whom fought for his ability to sit in that chamber in Phoenix.

    Perhaps he will remember what you typed to him when he’s voted out for failing to Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  9. philossifur says:

    The driving habits of local residents on Phoenix freeways has changed– for the worse.

    Before the cameras, the 4 lanes on I-51, or anywhere, could be referred to as the “commuter lane”– the “fast lane”, the “middle lane” and the “slow lane”. Speed would vary reasonably in each lane accordingly.

    The “slow lane” on the right is “slow” because some drivers are looking to exit, or there are merge lanes into traffic where drivers are gathering speed. This is as it ought to be… for “safety”.

    The “middle lane” runs along at the speed limit, perhaps a bit over– in good weather and good traffic– but would represent the normal driving situation.

    The “fast lane” was for those who were indeed trying to pass a lot of traffic in the middle lane or who were avoiding a jam up between the middle and the slow lanes. It allowed an extra degree of manueverability… again.. for “safety”.

    The “commuter lane” is a lane I never used because it seeemed to me that the margin of safety needed for a “shoulder” on the left was deleted. I never agree with it and never saw a need for it… but it was used by those travelling faster than the fast lane– which I was able to accomodate anyway.

    I feel it’s amazing that I have to exlain this situation since I’ve been driving since I was 16– some 35 years– and this is the way it has worked… throughout Canada and the US.

    Now with photo radar from the Austrailian Redflex company– Australia by the way– being a vassel of the British– with the Queen as the sovereign– Britain being where they drive “on the wrong side of the road”– “they”– “the bastards” are “invading america” with their top down approach of rulership– on the freeways changing my 35 years of habits– successful habits– to create MORE DANGER and LESS SAFETY than I have EVER personally witnessed on freeways ANYWHERE in my life.

    Just take a passenger out with you somtime with a videocamera while you drive and post it to youtube. Here’s what you’ll see.

    On I 51 where I drive daily, multiple groups of cars will hit their brakes as they approach cameras, slowing all 4 lanes to 45 mph… WELL UNDER 55– so as to provide a safety margin… since most people are NOT aware that there IS a margin of 10 or 11 mph– this is not stated anyway.

    EVEN the passing lane or fast lane slows to 45 creating a bumber to bumber convoy of cars where there IS NO MARGIN FOR ERROR…. and no room to change lanes– so that if you’re in the center lane and need to get off at INdian School Road, for instance, it’s VERY VERY TRICKY and UNSAFE.

    Those ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL bastards who installed those cams are HATEFULL of “reality” because there is NO evidence that these CAMs make driving safer at ALL– there are no vidoes of the situation I see every day– and there is no LOCAL NEWS– controlled by corporations with a vested interest in the money collected from this scam– that is worth shit.

    I live and I drive this crap every day.

    It’s pure b.s.

    It changes driving routines so that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to drive I-61 normally anymore.

    One would think driving school companies would be commenting and that there would be investigative journalists in the tradition of 60 minutes or that Channel 8 documentary program– forgot the name– that could look into this. TV and newspappers have been destroyed in their investigative journalist capbilitiess. Channel 5 which pretends to investigate– should be all over this.

    The cams CREATE A MESS on the freeways. NOBODY understands how to use the lanes anymore. Hell, last night– some dude was going 55 in the commuter lane and I had to pass him at 60 in the fast lane. THAT is plain crazy. I had to do that because cars were bunched up going around a bend into the 65 zone– and NOT accelerating– creating a dangerous bottleneck.

    Son of a bitch bastards. Goddamit.

  10. glyphhunter says:

    Philossifur, I share your discontent about how people drive when approaching the Scameras on the freeway. And while I have no love for Redflex, and I HATE the photo enforcement program, I’m not sure I’m ready to write off Australia just yet.

    The 13 Colonies that founded this great country once answered to England just as Australia did. And Australia has stood with the US in Iraq while other countries have bailed out just because someone blew up a couple trains (Spain, I’m looking at you).

    Scameras suck, Redflex sucks, but I’m thinking Australia ain’t so bad =)

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  13. […] generating scheme. The “poll” was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, known for using trick questions and “push polling” to get the results desired by the client: “As our roots are in political […]

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