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Over one thousand of American Traffic Solution’s photo fraud tickets will be dismissed in Tucson after it was revealed that the process server lied about their delivery.

If paid, the notices would have an estimated value of over $183,000.

…the concern involves a process server who allegedly filed false affidavits in some cases. Tucson City Court is now reviewing every case that the employee handled. One driver who got a ticket at the intersection of River and Oracle Roads has already had his case dismissed.

The employee under question, works as a process server for Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal Support Providers, a private company. The investigation into the employee started after Tucson City Court officials received complaints from people saying they were never served with their citations.

Such breaches of justice and trust are becoming more the norm rather than the exception. In September, broke the story on a process server who used a racial slur while delivering a Redflex-generated notice. In December, the Phoenix New Times reported on a server who impersonated a UPS driver to deliver a notice, drawing the wrath and anger of UPS officials.

“As a police officer I can tell you I’m all in favor of having a police officer in the intersection doing his job”

– Bill Conley, Pinal County Deputy and editor of CameraFRAUD Tucson, as quoted in KOLD CBS13 story regarding the tossed tickets.

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  1. billcaz says:

    I was a little shocked and concerned to hear an offical with the Tucson city court defining “the system works” as the people complaining about not being served.

    It wasn’t the court that detected the fraud, it was people that had there license suspended, or were ready to go to jail and didn’t understand why..

    Holly cow..

  2. PhotoRadarScam says:

    The whole photo enforcement system is so extra-complicated and relies on many more organizations and people to work, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a big failure. With a cop, you have instant service which feeds directly to court. No data gatherers, no data processors, and no process servers. Each step is just one more chance for fraud and errors to happen.

  3. anthony says:

    When are you guys going to actually look at the stats and see that these have proven to save lives, diminish accidents??? Why stop complaining and dont run the light? This is not a big brother issue. Law enforcement should not be occupied by waiting for persons to run a red light when this country has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Grow Up. This is NOT a fraud. DONT RUN THE LIGHT AND SPEED. simple

  4. PhotoRadarScam says:

    We have looked at the stats and they DON’T show that cameras save lives. In fact, cameras CAUSE more accidents.

    Sheriff Babeu in Pinal County says they doubled fatalities there:

    Here are other reports:

    So who told you that they save lives, and why do you believe them?

    Law enforcement is not occupied with traffic duty in lieu of other enforcement and responsibilities. How do you think a large number of criminals are caught? That’s right, in traffic stops. Sending them a ticket in the mail isn’t going to find people who have committed other crimes.

  5. No One says:

    Anthony– You have a thousand cameras, constantly recording without anyone’s knowledge or consent. (Supposedly not even the state’s lawmakers, to hear them tell it!) All you need do is drive by one, and this information is captured and uploaded into a database, where it is manipulated with special software including automated license number capturing software and facial recognition programs. Then, unlike any other non-government agency, a 3rd party corporation has unfettered access to various and unsundry law enforcement databases, and they pull all that information, to see what might be in there. Your information is then compared against these databases, to see what’s in there. So, now they know who you are, what your driving record and criminal history is, and can track where you’ve been.

    Then, even if nothing is found– you not wanted for anything, you’re not on a terrorist watch list, nothing– all this information is retained “just in case” with no stated purpose.

    Keep in mind, even if one in 10 cars going by were speeding, 9 out of 10 were not. Those 9 drivers have absolutely positively no reason to be in there. There is nothing remotely close to probable cause for anyone to even attempt to justify their information being collected, muchless kept on file- especially by a third party company, who cannot be held to the same standards as we would hold our government.

    And all the while, we are all being told that this will keep us “safe.” How is this not a Big Brother issue, exactly?

  6. Randy says:

    Amen to tossing those speed cams!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also,the process server thing is not working.
    It seems to be a “good ole boys club”.
    Too much room for favoritism.If you have any clout at all in the community the processs servers can get very creative in their servings to make it look like you were served “properly” just to get the check mark that the judge is looking for showing that you were served hence you never show up for the court date.

    Recently I received and signed for a certified letter at my door. When I opened the envelope there was nothing but a yellow piece of torn legal notebook pad paper.Has anyone else experienced a similiar situation?
    I received a letter from the courts 2 days later showing “Failure to Appear” & a judgement awarded to Plaintiff for almost $10000.00 (whats going on)

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