Pinal County Photo Radar Contract Cancelled

sheriff-babeu11(CameraFRAUD Tucson:)

During today’s Pinal County board of Supervisors meeting, Sheriff Paul Babeu presented to the board why Photo Radar should be banned in Pinal County. In a 3 to 0 vote, the Board agreed with the Sheriff and cancelled the Photo Radar contract with Redflex. Thank you Sheriff Babeu for your leadership on this issue!

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors will now formally send Redflex a notice of termination. Photo enforcement in Pinal County effectively ended on January 1st as one of Babeu’s first decisions in office. The program “shall not be resurrected,” according to the Sheriff.

One can only hope that the incoming Governor, who is being sworn in today, will do the same (…contact her here).

24 Responses to Pinal County Photo Radar Contract Cancelled

  1. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Woohoo! Babeu for governer! Finally an elected official looking out for his constituency!

  2. Glyph says:

    Bravo! Somebody buy that guy a beer!

  3. Joe says:

    Poor DPS. It seems that most of us are throwing our notices in the garbage. See, Arizonans aren’t the sheep that Napolitano thought we are.

  4. Uncle Slam says:

    Sheriff Babeu – You deserve the honor of your office, sir.

  5. J.W. says:

    Thank you Sheriff Babeu.

  6. Doc says:

    Thank You Sherriff Babeu for doing what few politicians & law enforcement officers do…LEAD BY EXAMPLE! While I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on every issue, the leadership shown by you today says that you need to be looking into a run for the Governor’s office in the next election, (no offense to Gov. Brewer…) and you need to have a “Maker’s Mark” on th’ rocks served to you. If you don’t imbibe, then it’s “Prickly Pear Lemonade” from the “Iron Springs Cafe” in Prescott! Fine work, Sir! Doc from Prescott

  7. Zebra says:

    Good work Sheriff. Now can you please talk to some of the law officers in the Pima County area?

    Try to wake them up from the spell that ATS seems to have cast on them.

  8. BJ says:

    I just watched the Transportation Committee’s discussion on Sen. Crump’s speed camera ban at the state capital. It passed out of the committee by a 5-2 vote, with the two dissenters citing emergency room carnage and safety concerns, respectively. A couple of the Yes voters took the camera system to task in response, explaining their Yes votes very well, which was fun to listen to…

    Some people here think that the speed camera ban isn’t enough, and I am inclined to agree. I still plan on collecting signatures for camerafraud’s proposition. However, I really want to see the speed camera ban pass, despite its inadequacies, in order to get the momentum going for our ban to pass in Nov. 2010.

    While doing organized protests are a great step and getting the passage of the proposition is the ideal goal, this is only ONE step we can take. Make sure and give this speed camera ban moving through the Legislature your support as well by going to and contact your representatives to let them know how you feel about the cameras. Don’t let this legislation fail through inaction on your part!

  9. Kirk says:

    As a resident and voter in Pinal County, I commend Sheriff Babeu for taking his courageous stand against photo radar and the Board of Supervisors for supporting his decision.

  10. Bill Conley says:

    Who’s voting for the Camera’s…we need to expose them for what they are..

  11. Zebra says:

    Couldn’t watch the end, but if I’m reading this right:
    Eric Meyers and Rae Waters voted against this bill, with Steve Farley abstaining.

  12. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Here it is… Babeu stating that the cameras caused and INCREASE in accidents!

  13. Doc says:

    Sen.’s Meyers, Waters, & Farley must either; A) LIKE the ability of the government to keep tabs on the citizens while TAXING those same citizens for this UNCONSTITUTIONAL activity; B) have left their BRAINS at their homes this morning: C) Agree with the Chinese government that “big brother” knows whats best; D) NOT like their jobs ‘cuz they don’t care what their constituants want, which means NO re-election for YOU 3!:E)…if they’re really gonna’ use that “safety” B.S. excuse…LIE A LOT!-OR-F) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    The correct answer is F) ALL OF THE ABOVE! Everybody that answered F), gets an extra slice of “raisin’ pie” tonite! ALL th’ rest of yous…BACK to your books…

    Sherriff Babeu said things WELL @ the Press Conf. on 01/12/09! But now, I believe that BJ has called the ball on this thread! KEEP ON GETTING SIGNATURES untill we get either legislation that has Great White Shark Teeth on this issue, or get ALL th’ scameras on th’ 2010 Ballot! Also, Contact YOUR legislators!!!!! Then, ask, POLITELY, your legislators to pull aside Sen.s Meyers, Waters, & Farley, and get them on board! Lastly, contact these Sen.’s YOURSELVES, & POLITELY (I know it stinks, but just try it!) convince them that they NEED to get on board with us….’cuz folks that ain’t obviously like a totalitarian state, & that’s just plain un-American!

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  14. Zebra says:

    I think that Farley was absent, now that I actually read what the intials mean. Sorry for the misinformation.

  15. DR1665 says:

    Excellent news! Kudos to all involved.

    Would be interesting to see who actually voted to approve these in the first place. Then make sure there are signs at future protests which name those individuals so blind, argumentative types that come here to post negative vibes will be reminded who they can call to voice their support of the continued fleecing of the citizenry. Of course, those “representatives” who initially approved the cameras might not like being associated with them in the end.

    Much respect to Sheriff Babeu for standing up for what is right.

  16. Joe says:

    Hey Redflex:

    G’day f-cktards!

  17. PhotoRadarScam says:

    BJ, or anyone else who was there – could you believe how inept the Redflex folks were? They didn’t know a thing about their camera systems, completely unable to answer any questions at all. Pathetic. That’s good for us, but still… what idiots. And to think, they same company that hired those idiots hire the idiots who maintain and run the equipment.

  18. Doc says:

    Is there ANYBODY from Prescott/Prescott Valley, or from the White Mountains on here?!? If so, Great! Maybe these respective Sherriffs will take Sherriff Babeu’s lead…then the rest of the constabulary will follow suit, etc., etc., etc…

    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  19. jgunn says:

    Breaking the law or not, Redflex, a private company from Australia is keeping videos for 90 days of everyone that passes by the cameras. Yes that means you who thought if you never were speeding that you wouldn’t be affected. I can only imagine what nefarious things Redflex could do with the videos.

    Surprised state lawmakers learned Thursday that the photo enforcement cameras they authorized last year to catch speeders are actually taking — and keeping — videos of everyone who passes.

    “At the bare minimum, everybody should be made privy to the fact that if you’re driving on everybody’s highways we’re taping you, 24/7, and we’re going to hold it for 90 days,” he said.

  20. Doc says:


  21. colsmeag says:

    Man this is great CHANGE!

  22. rebelgirlwithacause says:

    I emailed alex jones today to let him know what a great thing Sheriff Babeu did for Arizona. He posted the story so you can read the threads on this story. It’s nice for a change to see law enforcement doing the right thing for our constitution..just like the sheriff in Illinois that won’t boot out people whose homes have been foreclosed. There is hope for our nation, now we know we have hope for our state. Email our new governor, Jan Brewer, and let her know your thoughts.

  23. geez says:

    I ran into a DPS officer tonight at the QT, and asked him about photo radar. He said that his main duty is the DUI patrol, and in the past he constantly got taken off DUI to work accidents and run radar where he was constantly getting people at 100+. He also told me in the last 3 months since the Photo Enforcement came into action now he is rarely pulled of DUI to work accidents because they have decreased dramatically, and also now the times he has ran radar he hasn’t seen a 100+ in over seven weeks. He’s beyond happy because now he can devote more time to his DUI patrol.

    And that was from a real officer, not the one’s that comment saying, “uh my names officer jones and I don’t like photo enforcement cause they be taken my uh job uh”

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