Photo Camera Protest Gets Competitive


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57 Responses to Photo Camera Protest Gets Competitive

  1. glyphhunter says:

    The East Side Players vs. the West Side Haters… check it out!

  2. J.W. says:

    I think the part where the cop come to ask the demonstrators to be safe totally hits the nail on the head when it comes to the truth about photo radars and safety. Do you think a camera could have A)made that kind of judgment call, and B) climbed off of it’s post and told everyone to have fun and stay safe? Great job, and Great coverage.

  3. lovetodrive says:

    this was awesome today we have to keep it up til the cameras are down!!!

  4. Alyssa Foster says:

    Great job everyone! Can’t wait for the next one!!! Where is the picture of me someone took at dusk against the highway with my sign???? Sweet pic I just want to see it!!!

  5. that was a great time affecting real change we can believe in ourselves!
    depending on others to do it for us will never work .

  6. Glyph says:

    @Alyssa Foster…

    Please email me at, describe yourself, which event you attended, and I will see if I have a picture of you. If so, I’ll post it ASAP =)

  7. anna says:

    You know it’s simple, dont break the law. Just slow down and stop waisting your time fighting the things that actually help save lives, and fight things that are worth fighting for.

  8. Derkins says:

    Granted, people are morons for insisting on stopping and HAVING to stare at some stupid protest going on, slowing down traffic, but the protest is far more obnoxious than a few speed cameras. Think about how many cumulative man-hours you guys wasted of peoples’ time. Think about how many people may have been made late for something important at a time when traffic is NEVER that bad, even on the crowded 60. Peaceably assembling does not equal OBNOXIOUSLY assembling. If a few friends and I were to stand on the street outside your house and block your driveway with a protest, making you an extra 20 minutes late for work, you wouldn’t be so happy then.

    Speed cameras are stupid and a blatant cash grab by our floundering municipal and state governments, but they WILL reduce speeds and will reduce emissions as a result. Seen that gross brown cloud over our city? Plus, damn it, our governments NEED THE MONEY, since they’re even considering cutting complete essentials like education budgets right now.

    Your protests are worthless, too, by the way. They’re not going to do anything. The cameras will continue to go up regardless of what a small group blabbers on about- they will only come down once the majority decides they don’t like them and hate them enough to protest. The majority didn’t do that with the 101 cameras, and I sure doubt they’ll do it now. If anything, you’re annoying far more people than you’re actually convincing to think about your cause. Did you ever think about that?

  9. Jane Fitzsimmons says:

    Derkins… Don’t worry, your RedFlex job will probably still be around after 2009 because there are sheeple in other states signing contracts with you..

  10. Mike says:

    Oh yeah, people speeding up after the cameras and then slamming on the brakes for the next one REALLY helps with emissions. Or the vans idling all day long on the side of the road, I’m sure that helps too.

    Wake up, the cameras are all about money – nothing more.

  11. DAviey says:

    Thanks for protesting on the bridge guys. I honked when I saw you guys and had a big hell yea moment when I saw you up there.

    Keep up the good work and take the cameras down.

  12. jgunn says:

    Man you camera supporters are running scared. Camerfrauds efforts have already most likely been a factor in the start of a bill which will ban all freeway cameras. The voices of reason are being heard! Camerafraud is doing a great job! Keep it up!

    “Photo radar cameras will soon be a thing of the past, if one Arizona lawmaker gets his way.

    State Representative Sam Crump will hold a news conference Wednesday detailing a bill which would prohibit the use of photo radar cameras on state highways.”

  13. Robert says:

    Sam Crump is a moron in the end he will be made to look like and idiot!

    Don’t jack around with us!

  14. Stacey says:

    Derkins, Derkins, Derkins,

    United we stand, divided we will fall! These cameras aren’t of the people, by the people, or for the people. We control our government, not vice-versa. Now, grow some balls and stand up for your rights.

  15. AA says:

    Do all of you camera supporters know Redflex is moving into China with the same system’s? Hell, you are supporting something the CHINESE GOVERNMENT wants to continue suppressing their own people. Here we have a vote and a voice.

  16. AA says:

    Derkins has provided the worst argument in support of the cameras ever. Wasted man hours? How much is wasted daily by the unnecessary slowing of otherwise smooth flowing traffic? I have my time sapped away by every idiot who thinks he has to slow down to 5 under the speed limit any time they get near a camera. Cumulatively, that’s one heck of a lot more than one day’s worth of protesting.

    Late for something? Are you kidding me? It was RUSH HOUR!

    Emissions? There’s a stretch. It’s IDLING that contributes to the smog, not flowing traffic. Yeesh. As for the government “needing our money”, oh man, you are in the wrong country to say something like that.

    And if it were only a “small minority” trying to get rid of the cameras, the politicians wouldn’t be touching the issue, because of the potential P.C. hazards involved. It’s not a minority, it’s growing into a large majority, and if you’re so convinced the cameras would remain after a vote, then help put it on the ballot to shut everyone up!

  17. Austin says:

    I got a ticket going from the convention center back to my hotel on I17. This was my first time in Phoenix. It was during rush hour. I was going speed limit or POSSIBLY plus one. NOT ten miles over, absolutely not. Nobody was except for one car that drove fast up the middle lane, and got over into the slow lane in front of me.

    All of a sudden I see a big red flash. I don’t see how it was taking a picture of anyone else but me.

    If I get a bill for $180 from your city/state, you’ll all go on my $%^&list.

    A cop would have realized what happened, and would have known that the traffic before and after me was going the speed limit and I was too. They must have known about the cameras. I’m brand new to the area – do you usually speed in unfamiliar areas? Me neither. A cop wouldn’t have given me a ticket. He has a brain, not a quick timer and a radar gun.

    There’s three lanes of traffic – and they can move in and out of each other. But nobody is going to believe that I didn’t do it, and $180 is a couple days pay – and I won’t have any possibility of not having to pay it.

    A human being wouldn’t have made the mistake (and hopefully your city’s moneymaker cameras won’t either).

    For all the people saying “That’s what you get for speeding!” – I sincerely hope that each and every one of you get a ticket while you’re going the speed limit. Then you’ll know what this site is about – because NOBODY is going to let you get out of paying.

  18. Austin says:

    Can you afford to be another Minneapolis?

  19. Mike says:

    Austin I came here to post that same thing. That’s AWESOME!!! The cameras are coming down all over the US. This nanny state crap might work in England but we won’t put up with it here!

  20. me says:

    you “got a ticket for going one over”, if you “get a bill for $180…”
    So what the heck is it man? Your talking in reverse here. You say you got one then you say IF you get it… So did you or didn’t you??? We all know the answer though so don’t bother, The guy next to you did. More fine examples of stirring the pot with mis-information. I swear ya’ll censor the wrong people, you should be censoring people like Austin who can make up their mind what their talking about. Shouldn’t be censoring anyone anyways, the way ya’ll talk about freedom and liberty

  21. geez says:

    Quit talking in reverse… Your another fine example of mis-information stirring the pot.
    “I got a ticket”, “If I get the ticket” So which is it man? Did you get one or not? Nevermind, we know you won’t, the guy next to you did. Wow, people are so anxious to jump on the paranoid bandwagon, they can’t even see through b.s. written right infront of them. You just stated you got a ticket, then stated IF you get the ticket….???

  22. Uncle Slam says:

    By the way, has everyone heard of Captain Gatsto yet? Check him out on google. He and his crew are quite active in the UK.

  23. Uncle Slam says:

    Sorry I mean Captain Gatso and the site is

  24. AL says:

    You people crack me up…..
    You are protesting a device that will catch you breaking the law.
    Now why would you do that?
    Well,,,maybe because you like driving down the highway at 20 or 30 MPH
    over the limit knowing that there are not enough police to catch you all.

    So lets see… You are pissed because you can no longer break the law and get away with it.


  25. AL says:

    Let me see if I have this right.
    You are complaining about a ticket you did not get yet?


    First you say “I got a ticket” then you say “If I get a bill for $180 from your city/state, you’ll all go on my $% list.”

    Which is it? or is it niether and you just want to join in.

  26. Malfeasant says:

    AL- you are wrong about most of us, and you’re missing the point. I had my picture snapped doing 51 in a 40 zone- where the bulk of traffic was doing around 50 also, I was only going a hair faster than the most, hardly 20-30 over the limit. What I got in the mail did not in look like a ticket, so I ignored it, assuming they’d send the real thing soon enough- one year later, nothing has come of it, and I was able to renew my registration without incident. See, the photo “tickets” are actually EASIER to get out of paying, if that was all we cared about, we’d be big fans. The truth is, the people who are chronic speeders and really need to be stopped are going to be the first to figure out how the system works, and not be caught by it. Also I’m beating a dead horse when I say cameras won’t stop a drunk driver or a stolen car, but a police officer could. If the cameras are allowed, it is quite possible, even probable, that cities will cut back on police officers because they cost too much. Just another job made obsolete by automation…

  27. No One says:


    I’ve got two speeding tickets in 16+ years of driving. One of which was dismissed (and not by my request). This has nothing to do with wanting to get out of a ticket, nor the act of speeding itself. Educate yourself and you’ll see.

  28. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Austin, no need to worry. While you may get a “notice” in the mail, they will not bother to serve you with an official citation since you are out of state. Just one example of the weakness and discrimination of the photo program.

    Al, you need to educate yourself on the arguments against photo enforcement. Try to enlighten yourself at – it goes far beyond criminals that “just want to commit crimes.” We (or at least I) advocate strongly for greater police presence on the streets, not machines.

    BTW, I have a clean driving record.

  29. Chrystie says:

    I am all for getting rid of the machines, and putting jobs back out there. We should not be losing police officers to machines! It is not about speeding, if that were it, I would be complaining of it. What does it take to get ppl to see outside the box!

  30. Joe says:

    I mett Matt and several others in the Safeway parking lot in Glendale. People were steaming in so quickly to sign the petition it was hard to leave the place thinking that it had ANY chance of failure.

    It was as if we were in East L.A. with a “Si, se pueda!” petition.

    I spoke to one guy (sorry, I did not get your name) who is involved in the operation of this website about identifying the posts of Redflex employees. He said that it can’t be done, but he absolutely knows that comments and traffic regularly stream in from not only their Arizona offices, but also the Austrailian HQ. He said that the lion’s share of counter-mail comes straight from Redflex, during business hours.

    If this is such a “waste of time” (as one nay-sayer put it), then why is Redflex tolerating it among its own employees? Clearly they feel they have something to lose (and they do).

    And they will.

  31. t. smith says:

    speed camera

    Motorist beats 98mph speeding charge – by buying back his car and proving it can only manage a top speed of 85mph

    A motorist prosecuted for driving at 98mph has escaped a driving ban after proving, at a cost of £1,200, that his 14-year-old car has a top speed of 85mph.

    Full Story:–buying-car-proving-manage-speed-85mph.html

    19 January 2009

  32. j says:

    just something else that bothers me about the cameras is the absence of speed limit signs anywhere near the cameras or the signs that say u r entering a photo enforcement zone. am i just supposed to know what the speed limit is when it always changes? just another example of how photo enforcement is a scam.

  33. yes theres almost never a speed limit sign were the scam vans or scameras are .

  34. Chrystie says:

    You know ppl say we are not doing anything, or we are not going to change anything, BUT look how many ppl have came to the website, (good or bad). Aparently we have got attention from these, and these ppl (wether they want to admit it or not) are thinking about it, and I am sure talking to other people about it, and getting attention of others as we want! Great job!

  35. Geez says:

    So J
    You’ve never seen those two (sometimes four) huge reflective signs that say ‘photo enforcement zone’ that are placed before the cameras? Wow, no wonder you never see a speed limit sign either.

  36. offroadaz says:

    Hey saw you out there on the bridge at 67th ave. I drove by in the lifted green jeep with no doors, wife and I honked when we went past

    Keep up the good work

  37. j says:

    no i see all the signs every day Geez. i was just making an observation that there is seldom speed limit signs in the vicinity of the signs that say u r in a photo enforcement zone. i drive all over the valley everyday for work and i can tell u in the absence of photo enforcement(areas where there are no scam cams) traffic flows around 70 to 75(that is the majority of the cars). so another observation is that the speed limits are low for the natural flow of traffic to start out with. so it all adds up to SCAM.

  38. geez says:

    J says “or the signs that say u r entering a photo enforcement zone.”

  39. I'm Back says:

    Geez is a troll. He eats vegemite and kangaroo burgers.

  40. j says:

    is that where you are going to take? to proper spelling. you are retarded. so i take it to name calling.

  41. I'm Back says:

    Geez is a Koala hugging, Paul Hogan loving, Foster’s drinking Aussie who uses the words bonzer and crickey with regularity. He often travels to Canberra, Perth, Sydney and all over Queensland.

    j – go munch on some dunkaroos and watch your toilet water spin counter-clockwise while you kick back on your prisoner island.

  42. Redflex Corporate says:

    Nothing wrong with Fosters.

  43. Chrystie says:

    Nothing at all.. see he can not get enough of this site.. he will be back, and go and tell more ppl about it. keep coming pansy! and keep pretending it bothers you! you know what is right, but we will let you keep playing your games

  44. I'm Back says:

    j/k J

    😉 😉

  45. geez says:

    That quote was a cut and paste of your spelling.
    Ya, retarded

  46. j says:

    geez this is my last response to you. this is not a discussion forum on proper grammer and spelling it is about photo enforcement and how the system is rigged to make as much money as possible. when traffic enforcement becomes a for profit enterprise for private business. it opens the door for manipulation of traffic enforcement to make money instead of looking out for the safety and well being of the public. the interstate freeway system was designed to help the free flow of goods and services so that we could all benefit. not as a way for redflex or ats to make money at our expense. if people out driving had some respect for other instead of always thinking they are more important than everyone else our freeways would be much safer. my point being if people who dont feel comfotable at higher speeds drive towards the right side and let faster traffic get around them instead of feeling like they need to help regulate the flow of traffic and drive slowly in the left lane and the people who want to drive faster should drive over to the left side instead of weaving in and out on the right side(these retards think they are less noticable but are actually being very dangerous same as tailgating a slow driver on the left they should just go around them). these types of drivers antagonize each other and make the roads less safe for everyone around them just by being so selfish and not having respect for others. photo enforcement does nothing about these people and dos not improve safety in these situations it is a straight money grab. my point being if people paid attention to driving and had some common courtesy and respect for each other it would go along way towards making freeways safer.

  47. Chinaman says:

    Do you guys have part time jobs? got laid off or simply fired for who knows what? You guys are all wasting your time on trying to bring this down, lets worry about BIGGER issues please. I come here to let you guys know that the more you complain and whatnot, the longer and more likely cameras will sprout faster than you can say “Camerafraud.” There isn’t any fraud here. I would love to see how many of you have rubbed out plates so that the reflective coating is gone, plate frames that reflect (they don’t work very well) or simply plates so screwed up you should not even have a plate at all!

    Also P.S. that Sheriff from Pinal County did not get rid of the cameras…he just didn’t renew the contract in which I am sure you have the option of saying no or saying yes, please continue. He simply took credit for something he did not even do. (HAHA) He would get credit if he actually DID SOMETHING about it but I am sure you all already knew that. =) Have a nice day and smile for the cameras!!!

  48. geez says:

    When you give mis-information, then deny it, then try to manipulate the error and conversation back to being in your favor…. nevermind….

  49. duece says:

    You people are whiners. A website for law breakers. Lets go protest the law and distract motorists and cause accidents. Good thinkin. Let’s let lawbreakers take care of the budget problems. What a concept. Drive the speed limit. Why do you people think that you should be able to break the law?

  50. Chrystie says:

    it is not about breaking the law!!! Get the clue if you want to come on here and talk trash!! It is about taking jobs away, let the police do their job. You just have no clue!! ppl see the photo enforcement sign and they slam on their breaks and cause an accident. They are not safe, taking more jobs, and this has nothing to do about breaking the law!! You are a joke! I can not stand pansy people, who come and talk trash, yet where are you when it comes to standing for your rights?? At least we stand for what we believe in. Where are you? Grow a sack and think of the big picture. Take your self out side your little box, and think BIG, or is that something you can not do?

  51. j says:

    deuce u are complaing about people exercising there first amendment rights? sorry about your job at redflex the careerbuilder has been very skinny lately. good luck in your search for new employment.

  52. No One says:


    Do you really think that’s why this website is here and why protests are made–to break the law and cause accidents? Did it never occur to you there might be something more, or are you purposely reducing it to those two issues in a desperate and increasingly puerile attempt to marginalize the growing discontent with the camera systems?

  53. PhotoRadarScam says:

    The cameras may be coming down – on highways anyway. Here’s HB 2106:

  54. j says:

    geez. what mis information? why dont u take a look for yourself.

  55. anna says:

    Not everyone for the cameras works for redflex. Like I said before you guy;s obvioulsy have alot of time and energy, and it actually would be good spent on something worth while. Fighting the fights that actually mean something, instead of worrying about being busted because you are breaking the law. HELLO. Get smart.

  56. Joe says:

    Fair enough Anna. How’s the mood over at ATS today? Nervous about being legislated out of a job?

    Not to worry, even after the legislature passes the bill, we’ll still drive forward with the ballott initiative to make it STAY that way.

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