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36 Responses to Join CameraFRAUD

  1. Mike Ruddell says:

    If we can bring down the totalitarian spy cameras, can we do something about the lisence plate holder TAX??????

  2. jim says:

    what is that all about anyways

  3. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    lots of FRAUD to deal with, Mike.

    Thankfully, the government provides us with unlimited areas to target.

  4. DG says:

    Just let us know where to sign a petition to get this on the ballot.

  5. Carl Hankwitz says:

    Hawaii was successful in getting rid of the “camera vans” because most of the revenue collected was going out of state rather than supporting the services that are normally supported. So not only were the “vans” taking away jobs … but also revenue for the state of Hawaii and local municipalities.

    This is also happening in Arizona … and the sooner that the state and municipalities wake up to this fact … the sooner we can get rid of these highway robbers and return our hard working police enforcement officers to their jobs.

  6. azmojo says:

    I have an idea…

    Since it’s very difficult if not impossible to get a shot of a plate when driving around with the tailgate down on a truck…

    How about a day of protest where all truck drivers drive with their tailgates down and speed past a camera (also with their face obstructed)? And/or, drive with a mask day?

    While this may not yield much in the way of real results (decline in revenues), the press from such an effort would be the best part. Showing how limited and useless these cameras can be, and demonstrating/highlighting the unfairness of the system (trucks get away with it, cars don’t, or just wear a mask).

  7. memo says:

    With the way the economy is you would think this state would try to help people instead of ripping of the poor and middle income since this are the people mostly trying to make it to work every morning. Can’t wait to get ride of them .

  8. Ross from Redflex says:

    Bah Humbug Camerafraudsters!! Ol’ Saint Nick will be spending a lot of extra time in Australia this year thanks to the dusty state of AZ.

  9. jgunn says:

    Good news from thenewspaper regarding the fight!

    There will be no financial penalty if activists in the state of Arizona succeed in efforts to cancel outgoing Governor Janet Napolitano’s controversial freeway speed camera program. A review of the July 18 contract between the state Department of Public Safety and Australian speed camera vendor Redflex Traffic Systems shows that lawmakers can bow to public pressure and end photo ticketing without facing any early termination fees.

    “The state reserves the right to terminate the contract, in whole or in part at any time, when in the best interests of the state, without penalty or recourse,” section 9.4 of the contract states. “Upon receipt of the written notice, the contractor shall stop all work, as directed in the notice… The contractor shall be entitled to receive just and equitable compensation for work in progress, work completed and materials accepted before the effective date of the termination.”

  10. James M., Tuscon, Arizona says:

    Well, let’s see. We eliminate a tax making endevor that the State LOVES because SCOTUS has ruled photo enforcement LEGAL and ENFORCEABLE. Ok, I’m for that. So, the STATE can legally raise both the fine/prision time *bet you did not know that you can spend a weekend in jail/prison for speeding* and the fuels tax as well to make up the difference. I LIKE that idea. As to the VLT, it is in the AZ Constitution and every attempt to rid us of it has run into a ‘brick wall’. So we have two ballot initiatives here: 1. Rid ourselves of the LEGAL photo enforcement system, 2. Rid ourselves of the LEGAL VLT. So, brainiacs what are we going to replace the income shortfall with: MORE TAXES. Now, vehicle ownership is not mandatory in this state the last time I checked nor is it forced upon you. So, which would you have, a nice friendly officer of the law willing and very able to haul you off to jail until the judge, who is very busy and might get to see you next week sometime, sees you and sets bail and generally makes your life miserable, or a nice picture of you travelling down the road at speeds that makes your mind boggle? I’ll take the latter and fight the ticket in court on my own time. BTW, you all like the ‘speed buffer’ you enjoy? It’s going away. Tickets will soon be issued at one MPH over the limit. Got to fill those coffers you know.

  11. James M., Tuscon, Arizona says:

    amzjo: Brilliant, F***ING brilliant. This was tried in several places and ended up with the police stopping folks and enforcing the plate visibility law. You must LOVE having the police stop you and hand you a $161 ticket that you cannot protest. BTW, no DDS/DSS for that ticket and you just might end up with points after all. Go ahead and make the police’s day.

  12. James M., Tuscon, Arizona says:

    AZ Attorney: Example please? The radar units have to be checked and verified before they are put on the road. For what it is worth, only 25% of tickets go on to be issued and have to be validated by a physical police officer. I’ve seen the pictures and had no problems identifying the drivers of said vehicles and I’m no expert. I’ve seen the protests on the Red Light cameras and have read through the ‘intersection’ law and found it to be clear as a bell, and I don’t have four years in college. There is no ambiguity in the law and its enforcement. What I see is folks don’t have a friendly officer that they can run doubt against, they have a solid mechanical monster they cannot induce doubt into a judge and/or jury. However, machines can and do make mistakes. But the problem is that we need to fill tax coffers. I have a better idea for wasting your time, get rid of the property tax. It has been ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL (seizure of property against the 3rd, 4th and 5th ammendments.) Photo Cameras have been ruled LEGAL AND ENFORCEABLE and not a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

  13. jgunn says:

    It appears that photo radar has not helped the AZ budget as predicted by Janet. Wow, I don’t believe it! You mean taking millions of dollars out of the hands of local buisnesses employing untold numbers of local people is good for the economy? Say it ain’t so Joe? You mean all those that got laid off from the loss of money going into the economy was supposed to be beneficial to our economy?

    “Phoenix’s budget shortfall: Add $20 million more”

  14. jgunn says:

    James M. so you are saying that the cameras are 25% accurate? Wow! Makes me feel warm inside when I drive by a camera at exactly the posted limit and know that I have a good chance of getting a ticket anyway! FYI, in case you haven’t heard the cameras are historically inaccurate and known to give tickets to even those who think are following the law to the letter. It took heaven and earth for Scottsdale to admit there was a problem considering how much money they raked in from law abiding motorists.

    “The city of Scottsdale, Arizona agreed to cancel speed camera fines issued to 589 innocent motorists. Between December 7 and January 4, a broken piezo sensor embedded in the pavement caused speed estimates to read high at the Shea Boulevard camera located between 120th and 124th Streets.

    An official with American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the vendor that operates the program, confirmed in an email that the sensor was freshly installed at the location last year. The site was approved in May as part of a deal that allowed ATS to snatch away the Scottsdale ticketing contract from its Australian rival Redflex Traffic Systems. The official stressed that having sensors go bad is “unusual” and that steps would be taken to ensure the same problem is not repeated.”

  15. Doug says:

    If the State needs more money let the legislature raise taxes honestly and forthrightly, not with a roll-of-the-dice ticket scam for every driver who may or may not have drifted above the posted speed limit for a few miles. The State could also cut expenses and tell the Feds to stuff some of the mandated Federal programs up their tail pipe. I’ve cut my budget this year, will cut it more for 2009, and operate debt free. The State of AZ can do it too.

  16. jim says:

    thank u for visiting az pleas pay your highway tax promptly

  17. No One says:

    I’d support a raise in my taxes WAAAAY before I’d support the cameras. A raise in taxes doesn’t involve reducing or eliminating my rights, nor does it involve shuttling off a significant portion of the funds raised to some third party, nor does it illicit surveillance, nor my personal data being collected and exposed to people I’d rather not have it exposed to. There’s also no questions about its purpose and no one would be trying to insult our collective intelligence as a populace by trying to claim it’s for safety, for the children, or for some other sham of a purpose when it may actually be injurious to said cause. Most of all, it’s HONEST, upfront, and forthright and doesn’t make a mockery of the police and the justice system.

  18. Joe says:

    Nor would it be unconstitutional to pass a law saying that JamesM should personally pay higher taxes than everyone else. That is, unless he is a member of a group specifically protected by the law. I vote that we accumulae the names of all who oppose us and pass legislation targeting them in future taxes.

  19. DG says:

    Why do so many of us assume that the only way for the government to be financially solvent is to ‘raise taxes’?? If not here, then somewhere else, as the reasoning goes. People, we are falling for a huge lie! These cameras are a result of our state government being irresponsible. They have simply spent too much. Here’s an idea: rather than accept that our taxes are GOING TO BE raised, how about we insist on a responsible government? The cameras should be taken down, our taxes lowered, and our government should learn to quit wasting our money!

  20. Michael says:

    OBEY THE LAW, DONT SPEED !!! This is the only solution, Stop wasting everyone`s time.

  21. Beverly says:

    I do obey the law, but don’t we have a right to face any accusor? The camera’s take away that right. You are guilty without ever have a chance.

  22. DG says:

    Michael that was an incredibly thoughtless thought! Here’s a thought: who ensures our elected government OBEYS THE LAW?

    The answer: anyone but the sheep.

  23. Gene says:

    Anyone know the timeline on when a ticket has to be served?
    I mean, if I get a ticket, and then leave the country for 3 months, which happens on my job, will I be off the hook? I live with 3 different friends when I’m in town and my plates are registered to an address I was staying at when I registered the car. But I don’t live there any more and neither does anyone I know.

  24. Gene says:

    what does 90 days from the date of filing mean? When is the date of filing? is it the date you actually GET photographed? or the date you receive a ticket in the mail? If I ever get photographed and my plates are still registered to an incorrect address, what is likely to happen?

  25. photoradarscam says:

    Gene, per the law, you do need to keep your registration up to date. Yet another limitation of the photo radar system, if your registration isn’t up-to-date, you get NO tickets!

    Isn’t that nice? Just like gun laws. Once again, the criminals are unaffected and the honest, law abiding citizen faces the consequences.

  26. Gene says:

    Thanks for the info, photoradarscam and RPr,
    I guess I’ll get comfortable with considering myself a “criminal” since it’s better than getting scammed by the scameras. But in case I feel like registering my car at a permanent address, like if I buy a house, I still don’t know how long I should wait if I ever get photographed until I can safely register without finding I have an outstanding ticket that could not be served to me but now can since I would be giving them a correct address.

  27. James M. says:

    DG: No problem paying higher taxes, up front. I cannot wait until Obumma and crew get done screwing everyone who voted for and against him. See, the FEDERAL government is functionally bankrupt. Reagan, in the 1980s wanted to get what most governors have: Line Item Veto. SCOTUS took that away. So, if you enjoy the idea of 10 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt, go for it. As to the cameras, they are here to stay, get over it, unless you want to pay the increase for John Law (that is the new police officers, their bosses, and their bosses bosses.) Again, I don’t like the fact that Redflex is making money, but that is not the major problem. The problem was pointed out: We don’t like to raise taxes. First the illegal lottery, second skimming off the illegal Indian casinos and now here’s your picture where everyone can see it. I’m hoping that the legistature gets some and decides that this year is the year to raise taxes so that we don’t have a massive problem come June.

  28. RPr says:


    wouldn’t it just be better to cut spending?

  29. DG says:

    James, I have a huge problem paying higher taxes, in whatever form it takes. You seem to have a real problem with logic, which makes me wonder why you’re here. Higher taxes increases government irresponsibility. Look at it this way: if you overspend in your own life, do you demand that your job pay you more to make up for your mistakes, or do you learn how to budget better? Likewise, if your job were to pay for your ‘indiscretions’ then what is your motivation to be more responsible?

    I’m hoping that the legislature gets some (?) and decides that this year is the year to be responsible stewards of the money they take from us, lower our taxes, and take down these cameras, so that we don’t have a massive problem EVER.

    James, you are part of the problem. And you didn’t answer the question posed by RPr and included the same point I made: wouldn’t it just be better to cut spending?

  30. Gene says:

    Hey guys, I know I’m asking more questions, but I still don’t see anywhere on the websites I’ve visited where it CLEARLY states WHEN the clock would start ticking and HOW LONG the clock ticks before you are free from being served. So the only questions I cannot find the answers are: what does “the date of filing” mean, and how long would a person need to keep looking over their shoulder for a process server before a ticket is thrown out of their crooked system? BTW, I joined camera and will be at all the future meetups I possibly can!

  31. RPr says:


    According to the law, the ticket must be served by a process server or police officer within 120 days of when it is filed, however it must be filed within 60 days of when the violation took place. To be legal, the papers must be delivered to you personally or left with a member of your household who is of suitable age and resides with you. It is not legal to leave papers on the ground or in your door, nor is it legal to leave the papers with a housekeeper or guest.

    For example, if you were not the driver and you tell the city who the driver is, the city has 60 days to file a new ticket with the name of the driver. If the ticket is filed after the 60 days, the case gets dismissed.

    If the process server does not serve you within 120 days the case may be dismissed.

    from susan kaylers website

  32. Gene says:

    OK, One more question.
    I was talking to a coworker about my curiousity on this subject, and she told me she got a photo sent to our office recently. She knew she had been photographed making a left turn while the light turned red and off went the scamera. It took a month to get the notice, she was driving a company vehicle, and the receptionist sent it to her office to sign and fill in some information saying that she was driving the company car, she had to include her own driver’s license and picture. Just like me, she spends a lot of time out of the country, so her driver’s license has her at an address she was using that she no longer lives at. She said the ticket was dated sometime in early September and has not gotten anything in the mail since. Neither has our employer. Is she off the hook even though she signed the photo/letter and sent it back with an old address?
    I’m worried because I am currently driving that same car and what would happer if I got in an accident or something? Would I be in trouble since that car has a ticket against it on the books?

  33. Steve says:

    I hope this page gets bumped to the top of google for Arizona Speed Cameras and Arizona Speed Traps and other such phrases as fraud and fraud and fraud. There. That will help your rankings.

    Arizona has already become the laughing stock of California, on this issue. I spent the last week there, and no less than 3 random conversations arose from people talkinga bout Arizona highway robbery with all the camera speed traps. The 101 is nothing compared to the 10 coming east, into town from LA. They’ve got cameras set up every 3 miles now for nearly the entire length of it. I must have counted at least 10 speed camera traps before I even hit the airport area. As you drive all you see is the flash going off, over, and over, and over. Each one of those flashes equals a $200 ticket.

    I am 34 years old and have been rewarded as an “excellent driver” by my insurance company. I haven’t had a ticket in over 14 years, since college. In the 6 months I have lived in Phoenix, I have received no less than THREE TICKETS. The results were devastating. Aside from the $600 in tickets, I was subsequently labeled a “bad driver” by my insurance company and was forceably dropped after being with them for 8 years. I was forced to get a new insurance company and my rates have gone from $75 a month up to $360 a month, for ONE CAR. I am just one person, and these cameras have cost me over $4,000.

    You might say to yourself “Well, you were speeding”. Was I? Another incredibly fraudulent aspect of the Arizona Highway Patrol is their completely fraudulent abuse of the speed signs. On the 51, where I was living, the speed changes from 65 to 55 to 65 to 55 nearly six times in a 12 mile area. On one highway! And guess what? There I was, driving down the road at an extremely DANGEROUS 66 miles per hour, thinking the speed was still 65, and SNAP! FLASH! … my picture was taken. Why? Because Arizona Police in their infinite FRAUD decided to knock the speed limit down to 55 and then throw some cameras in! So guys like me who are from California, and dont know your roads, and are too busy focusing ON THE ROAD instead of reading the fricken speed limit signs every 4 miles, end up with a speeding ticket. Multiply this times three, and you’ve got my situation.

    The constantly changing speed signs are, to me, the real issue here. If you are going to put cameras on a highway, you better not defraud drivers by constantly changing the speed limit and then taking their picture.

  34. Joe says:


    That’s every 1.5 miles (thank you very much).

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