CameraFRAUD Press Conference 1/12

WHAT: Citizen’s Ballot Initiative Press Conference

WHEN: Monday, January 12 2008 @ 3:00 PM

WHERE: Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington St, Phoenix.

Special guest speakers, honorable public officials, and prominent law enforcement figures.

More details: See this item on our calendar.

Check back on after 7:00 PM for complete video coverage of this event.


25 Responses to CameraFRAUD Press Conference 1/12

  1. Joe says:

    Woulda been nice to see a draft for feedback, but ok.

  2. Um wow .. see I’d like to go see this, but I have this thing called a job and I need more than a few hours notice to take the afternoon off.

    Oh well. You also might want to remind that when they report on things, to include the full “WHEN”. They said 3pm “on the first day of the 2009 legislature”.. I shouldn’t need to be a fully informed citizen to know what day this is! ha

  3. photoradarscam says:

    Saw this at “No traffic complaint… shall be issued or filed in the State of Arizona for an alleged violation… if the alleged violation was detected through the use of a Photo Enforcement System,” the initiative states.”

    I am worried that this is not solid enough. In other states, they treat photo tickets like parking tickets. Issued to the car, not the driver. I wonder if a parking ticket-like ticket be considered a “traffic complaint” and “issued or filed.”

  4. Joe says:

    Exactly why I wish I had an advance look at the language. It’s not about the element of surprise, but rather the element of an intelligently written proposition.

    For example, the term “Photo Enforcement System”, what if they remove the photo element and just mail you the violation, or just use infrared license plate identification. It has to be more specific.

  5. marie pena says:

    Stop puting these cameras all over the place. All you are doing is Slowing down traffic and gaining state revenue!! It’s a pain in the ass to have 5 million people that don’t move on the freeways cause of thses ridiculous, inconvienent cameras. California has ten times more people then us do you see cameras all over the place? No, because it would only congest the traffic to a more unbearable flow as Arizona is starting to see. It’s not the public fault that Arizona CANNOT budget and got us in a budget crisis, so stop with the antics and making the public pay for the governmental mistakes!!

  6. AA says:

    From what I understood, the initiative was being drawn up by some friendly lawyers. I sure hope so, and I hope they were great lawyers, because those weaselly photo radar companies have proven they know how to squeak by on technicalities and skirt the law.

  7. Sick of Government says:

    Sweeet! Where do I sign?!

  8. Glyph says:

    Oh, and while 12News was at the State Capital today, they were completely oblivious to CameraFraud’s press release!

  9. J.W. says:

    Great Pics Glyph!!!

  10. J.W. says:

    As far as the initiative goes it says nothing about removing the current photo enforcement devices from the streets and highways. Just because they can’t site us anymore doesn’t mean they cant use them to track us still.

  11. Zebra says:

    Good work, guys.

    I imagine that ATS/Redflex will start pouring money into defeating this. And they have been pretty good at selling themselves, at least to the local governing bodies.

    Luckily for us, each day hundreds more folks are jolted into awareness when they open their mail, and they realize that the cameras aren’t about safety.

  12. Thumper says:

    Do not give up the fight. Do not become complacent.

    First…….. they make us complacent by raising the limit and making us promises
    Second… they let us feel safe from tickets for a year or two
    Third……. they lower the limit and make enough money to make up for the past 2 years
    Fourth….. they will track you between cameras for speeding

    Sure, you pass the cameras under the speed limit. But you got from 51St Ave to Scottsdale faster than you should have, therefore you were speeding between the cameras.

    They are employing the “sleeping tiger” principle.
    They want to keep the cameras in place while they try to stall for time so they can put a backup strategy into place. It will be a well thought out stealth plan, we won’t even see it coming.

    Fight for the removal of the cameras.

    They are the equivalent of nuclear weapons in Cuba. They have to be removed.

  13. Kevin says:

    Did I hear music and see dancing in the streets? I thought so. Must have been Janet’s going away party. Jump on your broom Natzitano and ride out of town. With any luck the nation will lose her across the border. It’s a duck folks. She couldn’t balance the budget, so she taxed you! It waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck. Whenever someone (in this case a DPS representative) tells you it’s a “no brainer”. They are lying to you folks. These bogus statistics that DPS comes up with regarding traffic accidents has come right out of America’s best bathroom readers. For profit + law enforcement breeds corruption. It’s a duck folks, call it what it is. When is the last time you saw a camera sprout legs and respond to an accident, detain a drunk driver, or respond to a felony crime in progress? Can you hear the quacking Clarice?????

  14. Joe says:

    “I imagine that ATS/Redflex will start pouring money into defeating this. And they have been pretty good at selling themselves, at least to the local governing bodies.”

    Fantastic. I want every dime they’ve earned on past citations to be put into their efforts to defeat this. Spend all you want Redflex, you WILL NOT BEAT US. And even if you do, it will cost you dearly.

  15. Bryan says:

    That is a pretty strong proposition. You’re not just going after the speed cameras; you’re going after ALL cameras. That sounds like a great idea to me… However, you may be turning off the “middle ground” voters by banning red-light cameras. If you focus just on hitting the cameras that go after speeding violations on the freeways and in cities, it’d be an easier sell to Joe Six Pack, vs. hitting all cameras who may be persuadable by strong Redflex and DPS PR campaigns. I hope I’m wrong, but this outright ban (which again is the best thing to do) may be a bit too strong to sell to enough voters.

    Hopefully there’s enough support to get this through…

  16. Mark S says:

    Sign me up!

  17. No One says:

    On the subject of red light cameras— no pro-camera person yet has been able to answer the following simple question:

    Given the fact that at least 6 cities have monkeyed with the timing of red lights in an effort to boost profits, what makes our government immune to such shenanigans? Why is the state of Arizona government so much better than these other municipalities?

    Also for good measure we could throw in the fact that the city of Mesa tried to increase their yellow light times in a genuine effort to increase safety, but caught flack from the camera companies because it was cutting into their profits.

    Between those couple of items, anyone who cares enough to inform themselves will be ready to vote with us.

  18. Joe says:

    “However, you may be turning off the “middle ground” voters by banning red-light cameras.”

    Bryan is correct in his point. Why? Because in the opposition commercials, Redflex will simply pull-out the video footage they collect, much of it showing accidents involving injury or death. That will be followed by the photo of the kid with her dog, etc.

    And I can’t say I blame them. I’m actually a supporter of red-light cameras. While they may not prevent accidents, they allow us to catch the assholes that run the lights

  19. No One says:

    In a perfect world, I would at least be not opposed to them- but when safety takes a backseat to money…

  20. Zebra says:

    I initially thought the red light cameras weren’t a bad idea in theory. But they have been manipulated just like the speed cameras. Over 12,000 people were ticketed at Oracle and River in less than a year. All turning left. $280.

    That’s a lot of people, and many are older drivers who used to think that the police were “above” such things. They have started to question the whole photo enforcement program based on this experience.

    When a private, for-profit company is given police authority, there will be abuses.

  21. Doc says:

    Thumper’s on target-fully! I agree 100%. It’s just like “No One” said on another thread- “If ‘ya put a frog into a pot of boilin’ water, he’ll jump out. If you set him in a pot of cool water, then slowly bring the water to a boil, ‘ol Mr. Frog’ll sit there & let himself get all cooked!” Doc from Prescott

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