Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates

Exclusive – CameraFRAUD has uncovered that American Traffic Solutions has been quietly using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) devices to monitor and track the movements of those within the self-proclaimed “Most Livable City.”

The device in question is a “Stinger Intelligent ANPR Camera” manufactured by Appian Technology, a U.K-based company which specializes in the equipment.

ANPR technology can be used to catalog driver locations, flag “suspicious” vehicles, or immediately notify interested parties when a specific plate number is detected.

“The processor element takes imagery from the camera and runs the plate recognition processes. Neural network Talon ANPR software is used as standard…” says the brochure from Appian.

“The processor is a powerful mini computer specifically developed for military image processing applications.

The documentation continues on to tout the optional addition of an RFID-enabled unit to track license plates so-equipped.

(Download Appian Cobra ANPR brochure, PDF 1.37MB)

CameraFRAUD has extensively covered the development of these invasive devices (“Show Low to Track Drivers Like Cattle” (12/12/08); “Cameras to Track Everyone, Everywhere“(9/16/2008).

Whether or not you’ve committed a traffic violation, this camera automatically presumes your guilt, tracking your license plate number, date, time, and location, with possible automated cross-checks with national terrorism databases.

It’s unknown whether the politicians as well as those in charge of the city’s photo enforcement program are aware of the deployment of the far-reaching and Orwellian technology, or if the utilization of such a device is even authorized by the contract.

If not, ATS would be in the awkward position of explaining why their technology is going far above and beyond what was requested by the city.

70 Responses to Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates

  1. RPr says:

    Vote the bums out!

  2. Evapilot says:

    It’s going to come to the point where the vast majority of people are just going to say “fuck it” and remove their license plates, period. With all the cameras popping up statewide, along with the other ridiculous laws/fines that the criminal legislature keeps passing….it’s soon going to be easier on the mind (and wallet!!) to just drive with no plate and take a chance for the cop to take notice.

  3. Evapilot says:

    Oh yea….you heard it from me first: If…more like WHEN….these new cameras become more commonplace in the city; you can bet the real criminals will begin to steal/switch license plates with the rest of us law abiding citizens. I can see it now; some 80 year old lady having the swat team run her off the road because one of those “smart cameras” flagged her plate for being a local “terrorist.”

  4. Mark S says:

    I can’t agree with you more, Evapilot. The criminals will steal someone else’s plate and put it on their vehicle before committing a crime. It already happens, even before the cameras. After the crime, they pull off somewhere and put the original plate back on. By then, the stolen plate has already been photographed and tracked. The person whose plate was stolen then has the FBI/swat teams busting the door down at their house and arresting them. This is scary S#17!

  5. Freedom From The Flash says:


    They won’t do that. Next thing, the license plates will be permanently stamped on the back of cars. That way, there won’t be any funny business. No more of the “old school” removable license plates to deal with.

  6. Bill Conley says:

    This crap is really starting to tick me off…
    This is getting out of hand, The state of AZ is OUT of control!

  7. Scottsdale says:

    Interesting stuff on this ANPR technology. Also many of these gated subdivisions have installed cameras that film license plates as you enter the communities. One big police state Arizona is!

  8. John Moore says:

    No doubt they will use the license plate readers to go after people for expired registration and possibly driving while suspended or without a license.

    There are valid law enforcement uses for that technology, but the fools in our government are starting out by abusing it. They need to be reigned in.

  9. dgpjr777 says:

    Come on now Bill, you know better than that. They track stolen cars and known criminals or suspects that they are looking for. I cannot believe you are that paranoid about this. Doesn’t Pinal County do any Police work ?

  10. Glyph says:

    Buckeye PD and DPS already have this technology in some of their patrol vehicles.

    “But Robert,” you say… “How can the little town of Buckeye, a tiny municipality who only makes the news when searching for a new police chief or during a budget crisis, find the money for such technology?”

    Easy. The company behind this technology encourages applying for grants, and even provides links on their website…

    And they’re pretty proud of their work. In theory, they believe they can capture and run 3600 plates per hour…

    “Traffic enforcement is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what these ALPR cameras are capable of.” Dumb bastard is actually PROUD to be leading us full speed to the Police State.

    Once we’re done with the Scameras, I’ll be concentrating my efforts on these ALPR devices.

  11. J.W. says:

    So we have Aussies giving us ticket and Brits reading all of our plates. I sure an glad these guys are on our side. If these countries ever do decide to turn against us though, they sure are setting up a good infrastructure to keep tabs on us. Please tell me these are included in the ballot proposal also.

    Is anyone else disturbed by this ALPR device’s WiFi capabilities? If hackers can steal your identity by breaking into the credit card computers at TJ Maxx using WiFi just imagine what damage a dedicated hacker could do with this piece of equipment. I just think it is the ultimate irony that the person who brought us these spy cameras from foreign countries is no going to be the head of national security. What will she do then, give Bin Laden a dedicated network connection to Norad and the Pentagon?

  12. Mark S says:

    I don’t think the data should be saved for anymore than a few hours at the most. This is all data mining. The Show Low system will save data for FIVE years when it is fully operational. WHY do they need to save this data for so long? This reeks of BIG BROTHER.

  13. […] Secretly Tracking License Plates Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates January 7, 2009 Exclusive – CameraFRAUD has uncovered that American Traffic Solutions has been […]

  14. Joe says:

    Clearly this scary shit requires some proactive legislation to prevent. Plently of companies have figured out that a market opportunity exists to sell such devices to law enforcement agencies, and as far as these agencies themselves, they are like kids in a candy store. Since no law prevents them from collecting such data, it’s clear that such a law is badly needed.

  15. Doc says:

    Well, gang…you’d best remember 2 things. 1st, Janet Napalitano is going to be the secretary/director of HOMELAND SECURITY. That’s HOMELAND SECURITY!!!She’s (unfortunately) the starter of this socialistic activity here in sunny Az…now she gets free reign to do it NATIONWIDE! (but the “redlight scameras” are still o.k.?!?!?….NOT!) 2nd, check w/ Bruce Jacobs from 550 kfyi a.m. radio; he did an interview with Governor appointee Jan Brewer THIS MORNING! When he asked her point blank about photo radar, she gave a VERY politically correct response, in my opinion…as opposed to our strong desire that she’d come in & wipe this socialistic/orwellian activity out. This is FAST turning downrite SCAREY!-Doc from Prescott

  16. Eric Nick says:

    Many of the comments are true reflection of what we used to say about communist Soviet Union. During the cold war, we were told that Soviet Union was an evil place where father had been spying on son and bother was spying on brother. Welcome home next level of COMMUNISM where every merchant is asking for ID card from its customers and the big brother is scanning every license plate.

    You know a traffic ticket, no matter how you fight it or clear it, stays permanently into your record. Truly, we all will be documented as CRIMINALS sooner or later.

  17. Media-Ocre Max Woody Media Mogul says:

    Well here we go again with the city council being hoodwinked into a constitutional Scam..By these Salesman of Hype and distrust..This is worse than the Madoff scam..he was just stealing money these guys are stealing our rights…where is the Media Mogul Press now when you need them….???

  18. Joe says:

    I just do not like the government having the ability to store information on my movements and whereabouts. I will concede that we surrender such immunity when we enter such places as bridge toll plazas, airport security checkpoints and other “secure” locations. Clearly private entities can compile data (such as credit card companies tracking purchases.

    But should a record exist of my trip around the block? I believe that we should have the freedom to move about anonymously when we choose. Driving a vehicle should be a largely anonymous activity. I do not consider entering an intersection “fair game” to track my movements.

    I’ve seen the enemy and it is my lack of outrage. I should always have assumed that people would seek to tear down my liberties. I’m sorry that I was so lax.

    And on this note, I always go through the airport security with my shoes ON. To hell with that idiot with the shoe bomb back in 2001. If security mandates the removal of my shoes, I’ll comply, but I’ll never volunteer it again. Enough is enough.

  19. Joe says:

    I just received the following email from Jan Brewer (a few hours after getting the “we’ve received your email” response):

    Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me with regard to photo radar. I always appreciate hearing your views.

    My office has received many complaints on the topic of photo radar, and I will continue to keep them in mind as I transition into the Governor’s Office. I cannot comment as to what I will or will not do once I am in the Governor’s Office; however, with regard to photo radar, I will say that using such gimmicks to fix the budget is not something I would have supported.

    Again, thank you for contacting my office.


    Janice K. Brewer
    Secretary of State

    OK, so at least she is on record as saying she never would have done that. But that is probably just an easy way to put the fallout exclusively on Napolitano.

  20. guttersn1pe says:

    Sure…she would have never done that. But it’s done now.

    The question is whether she has to courage to do the right thing once she’s in office. Or…will she cave into the money grab because it’s easy.

    Here’s her defining moment…let’s hope she doesn’t screw it up.

  21. Joe says:

    DPS raises speed threshold for camera tickets

    “The controversial photo-enforcement program issued more than 74,000 citations in an 80-day period from late September to mid-December. Drivers paid more than 8,300 of those tickets, bringing in more than $1.5 million.

    So, since only 1 in 4 camera flashes results in a citation (see past DPS releases), and only 11% of those who are cited actually pony up, that gives us a fiscal effieciency rate of:

    LESS THAN THREE PERCENT. 8300 out of 296,000 actually pay their fine. I’m just loving the infallability of this system!

    Something tells me that physical police officers have a higher “stick” rate to the citations they write.

  22. Marcy says:

    If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about it!!!!1111

    Highly surveilled max-security prisons have thousands of cameras with no right to privacy, and they’re excellent examples of safety.

    So stop breaking the law and lets get these cameras up!

  23. I'm Back says:

    Go back to AZCentral Marcy. You’re not needed here. You spew enough garbage over there to fulfill your quota. We will end you on this blog.

    Nevermind, keep coming on in. It should be fun.

  24. Marcy says:

    Why do you hate safety, “I’m Back?”

    The cameras are slowing people down. Why, just today a car crashed into one. Slowed that sucker down to zero! Hope they fined him before taking him to the hospital.

  25. photoradarscam says:

    Marcy, “”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” –Ben Franklin

    Was the accident caused be exceeding the posted limit? Accidents are a fact of life Marcy, if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be driving. If we didn’t want any accidents at all then we’d better outlaw cars altogether. That will save TONS of lives.

  26. Joe says:


    We’re not in prison.

    I don’t see how keeping logs on our vehicular movements has anything to do with safety.

    Clearly, in the case you mention above, the camera REDUCED safety. Had it not been placed there in the first place, the vehicle you mention would have nothing to crash into. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out that putting more stationary objects in close proximity to high-speed vehicular traffic is inherently UNSAFE. Forget the chaos they cause on the road. Think about their mere existence.

    And all of those “gains” regarding reduced death rates will be quickly erased upon the first fatal accident involving a Redflex employee unsafely parked in an emergency lane on the side of a freeway. And you know darn well that this accident is fast approaching, as we can all see that they have obviously had no training in regards to selecting locations that are safe for themselves. They only seem to position their vehicles in a manner consistent with revenue collection, not the safety of the driver.

  27. j says:

    there is a camera truck parked on the north 101 in the gore area where the 60west merges onto it if a cop sees u drive thru the gore area u will get a ticket for it but this van is allowed to be there. there is a reason it is called the gore zone. also today on the 101 in scootsdal a spare tire fell off a truck and hit the scam van. probably will nor be long until some poor redflex employee loses there life sitting on the side of the freeway. i dont think redflex cares about anyones safety just $$$$$$$$$.

  28. I'm Back says:

    That’s a good one Marcy.

    Seriously just move along your way before you dig a deeper hole.

    That post was even worse than what I see on AZCentral from you.

    Did I say, “I hate safety”?

    Forget it, you’re not even worth it. Just know that we know who you are. I’m doing you a favor.

  29. No One says:

    Marcy- are you for real?

    You do of course know you’re not convincing anyone, right? Your one-liners about “not speeding and not having anything to worry about” are getting quite tiresome. I’m surprised sometimes that you can even find the enthusiasm to cut-n-paste them into the various forae you apparently haunt. But apparently you do take the time to type it out, and you definitely have plenty of enthusiasm left, as evidenced by the plethora of exclamation points. And you must have been real excited here, since some of these even missed becoming an exclamation point and are 1’s instead. I can just picture you excitedly tapping away on your keyboard, getting all worked up into a lather, not even bothering to read what you’re writing in such a mad rush to get your point made.

    I do hate to break it to you, but frothy enthusiasm for a point doesn’t make it any more right… in fact I think sometimes it makes you hurriedly type the lamest things. I mean seriously…prisons are a shining example of safety? Really? When’s the last time you had to worry about some skinhead sticking you with a homemade knife made from a toothbrush? Hmmm…. never? You sure? Cause it seems to me like that’s something that happens in prisons. But maybe that’s just in the movies. How about being handed an old-fashioned bare knuckle beat down at 3 AM? Nah, that doesn’t happen in prison either. They’ve got cameras! Cameras prevent things like that.

    Hey, I got an idea… you go into a prison, we’ll have the guards leave and supply the inmates with knives and guns and various weapons– but we’ll make sure the cameras are all on, so you’ll be safe! Sound good?

  30. Helldigger says:

    Marcy likes prison so much, maybe she belongs in one, then she can be photographed and video taped all day long.

    I prefer being a law abiding citizen who deserves privacy and to live my life free of intervention and taxation without representation.

    Cameras take my privacy away and bogus revenue generating photo tickets are taxation without my consent.

    Checking my license plate every time I drive and bumping me up against a data base of criminals is draconian.

  31. I'm Back says:

    From earlier. Is there any way that you could provide us all with a screen print of that email from the incoming governor?

    I notice that she used the work, “gimmick.” That gives us some great insight on how she actually feels about the photo scam program.

    I agree with guttersn1pe. It’s all talk right now from her. We’ll see if she also walks the walk.

  32. Helldigger says:

    Here is the form letter I got from Jan’s office.

    It says nothing.

    January 8, 2009

    Thank you for your interest in Governor Brewer’s Transition Team. We have
    received your message (listed below) and very much appreciate your interest.
    The Brewer transition team is very busy reviewing all the materials being
    sent in regarding every issue area to ensure that incoming Governor Brewer
    is fully briefed and ready when called upon to serve as Governor.
    Please be assured we have your information and we will give careful
    consideration to your thoughts and ideas as we move forward.

    We appreciate the time and efforts involved in your inquiry and again wish
    to thank you for your interest.
    Again thanks,

    Jan Brewer’s Gubernatorial Transition Office
    1700 West Washington, Third Floor
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

  33. duece says:

    How dare these cities enforce the traffic laws of Arizona. People should be allowed to drive however they want. After all driving is a privledge not a right. You people are living in a fantasy world. These website is a joke. A website for law breakers. What other laws do you people think you should be able to break? Todays society is about holding people accountable for their wrong doings. Obey the laws and support them.

  34. Marcy says:

    duece is right… i support creating more laws just so they can be enforced with maximum force. litter? 5 years prison!

  35. No One says:

    OK. Let’s start with you. you’re littering this website with unwanted comments. Ready for your 5 year vacation to Safetyville?

    And duece- I am so glad that you have come down from your ivory tower to commingle with us that it made me see the light. You’re right this website is a joke. The nerve of these people, trying to worry about piddly ass details like their rights! They’re nothing but a bunch of thugs, villains and (worst of all) speeders! Yessiree Bob, every last one of them probably speeds through school zones, hoping to hit little children. I know I used to. The younger ones, with their still-forming bones, are much less wear and tear on your vehicle. But no more! You have really opened my eyes and performed a world of good this evening.

    Nonetheless, I think your abundant talents may be better used elsewhere. I’ll keep spreading the word here, while you go explain to the good folks at Redflex that they must also follow the law.

    Good luck!

  36. duece says:

    Their rights to break the law? What are you trying to say? What do you mean?

  37. duece says:

    My abundant talents include issuing sppeeders tickets, like 50,000 tickets

  38. No One says:

    Were you not paying attention? Redflex=lawbreakers.

    There’s been a number of high-profile incidences of them breaking the law, including the use of unlicensed equipment, but for me the most telling is when they not only purposefully forged documents in an attempt to win a court case, but had the audacity to have them notarized as being witnessed when the notary was here in AZ and the documents were in Louisiana. And when caught red-handed by Jan Brewer, they wrote a little nastygram on a post-it-note of all things.

    They have a profound disrespect for the law, so I am saying that if you really believe the law is the primary issue, perhaps you ought to educate yourself about the entity to whom we are apparently entrusting the enforcement of said laws before forming your opinion on the overall issue.

  39. Roberta Jones says:

    Redflex and ATS are flat out law breaking thugs!

    Fu$k em, Fu$k em all!

    You want to get political then come on bitches! You worthless pieces of shit.

    DPS you fu%k heads are no better and nothing more than a gestapo. You are ruining your credibility with the public and believe me, I am in the public, and you are starting to wear thin!

    It’s not CameraFRAUD’s fault, it’s your own for being the lying fu%king thieves that you are!

    The petty azzz fuc%king cops that would ever stop a car because arizona was not fully visible deserve to rot in fucking hell! Another fuc%king scam and every time you pull someone over for that shit your credibility goes futher down the drain!

    Officers this is your last warning, google Ron Paul

  40. Joe says:

    I’m back asked:

    From earlier. Is there any way that you could provide us all with a screen print of that email from the incoming governor?”

    I do not see what purpose that would serve (besides, I’m not an admin here, so where would I “post” it?). I copied and pasted it, verbatim. The only thing I removed was my name. Helldigger posted the same form letter I received a few hours before the more “personal” reply.

    My email to Jan Brewer was rather brief. All it said was “Tear the cameras down” and nothing else.

  41. Joe says:

    Duece: How will you feel about your altruistic job catching speeders when your van gets crushed by a semi (with you in it)? Do you think Redflex will be looking out for you? Hardly. After your second week out of work (if you survive the impact) you’ll get shifted to long-term disability, and then when that runs out, you’ll simply be out of a job. And Redflex will continue on without you.

  42. Joe says:

    This is some scary shit:

  43. Scott says:

    Roberta, you’re a bit scary, but I love you dahlin’…

  44. I'm Back says:

    If there are any other twitter users out there, please follow and send messages about removing photo enforcement to:

  45. James M. says:

    You expect Jan Brewer to shut down what has turned into a money machine? Laughable at best. First we get rid of the ILLEGAL LOTTERY and then go for the cameras (which have been upheld as not violating the Constitution of the United States in Federal Court.) BTW, I don’t get my picture taken as I don’t drive anywhere near the speed limit and I don’t drive through red lights. However, these cameras are way out of line where they are employed at. Big Brother has arrived, when are the roadblocks going to be up and we will need a travel card to go across town? Cameras that serve to enforce the law are one thing, cameras to spy on me another.

  46. James Tuton says:

    You guys suck, This is not funny!

  47. Thermopylae says:

    Yes, these cameras are BAD.
    Do NOT give up the fight for their removal.


    Now, if only there is a way of removing Marcy from here.
    I suspect she used multiple login names to post, so it looks like people agree with her.

  48. Cameras Shameras says:

    Agreed, get rid of Marcy. She is obviously a fascist or a plant, because we are not in prison, I have desire to model my community after a prison, and lastly prisons are not safe,

    Guys, it’s simple… we can talk about it all we want or waive signs. It won’t do anything, at least not until it is time to vote on it. What you need is civil disobedience.

    This simply means we organize days or weeks where we get enough people to simply take off their plate, throw in their back seat and drive w/o plates.

    If you get stopped, tell them when you took your holder off, as required by law, the screws get stripped and you haven’t had a chance to fix it yet.

    I am starting tomorrow. The plate is coming off and will sit in the rear window laying face up.

    I bet I will drive for weeks without getting stopped, maybe forever? We all know these systems are just designed to monitor the stupid sheeple. Any crook has no problem taking off their plate or obscuring it to get around being tracked. It’s just like gun laws – the people who follow laws are law abiding people, not criminals, so once again, people get shafted.

    Anyone want to join me?

  49. No One says:

    Here’s what I fear in terms of any organized and purposeful civil disobedience which is in violation of the law- at some point the actions taken will become the news instead of the actual issue, and prettysoon those actions will overshadow everything else and become the face of the anti-camera movement. Then John Q Public associates the anti-camera movement with lawbreakers. There is already a public misperception that the cameras work and therefore anyone against them is anti-safety, and outright illegal acts in the name of civil disobedience would only add to that burden.

    Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, we have the moral high ground right now as we are within the law, they are not. One of the main issues is the illegality of the cameras themselves, and any illegal actions on our part will dull that argument tremendously.

    I say we maintain our law-abiding habits as we always have.

  50. Dylboz says:

    Arizona plates have never been easier to fake. New ones aren’t even made of metal anymore. You can make ones at home with your printer, some stiff cardboard and a laminator that are good enough to fool these cameras. You could get you ex or your crappy boss or whomever you wish a hundred red-light running tickets by simply copying their number, printing up a fake plate, putting it on your car and running the lights where these cameras are. This prank is already being pulled by teenagers in other jurisdictions, turning the supposed reason for these cameras on their head, and making them a nuisance and a serious risk to public safety when they are repeatedly and intentionally violated.

    Take the goddamned things down!

  51. Dylboz says:

    Also, if you guys can’t tell that Marcy’s being sarcastic, then you need to check your sensors and adjust for humor.

  52. Joe says:

    53,218 citations issued from one Tempe camera

    Most notable quote:

    “There are good signs, Johnson said: In 2008, the number of accidents fell 17 percent.

    Still, he said, it’s too soon to know if that’s because of the cameras or other factors, “but we sure hope it’s the cameras,” he said.”

    Funny, the Tempe guy says a YEARS worth of data is not enough to make a safety conclusion, yet the DPS guy is perfectly OK to run with a mere 80 DAYS of data.

  53. ben says:

    be a real man or a woman and ride a bicycle.
    You want freedom suck it up and do the right thing.

  54. Jokn says:

    You people have’nt seen nothin yet the best is yet to come……….

  55. Malfeasant says:

    @ben- In my younger days, when I was in shape, I could have gotten a speeding ticket on a bicycle… I once hit 60 in a 55 zone, though that was both downhill and drafting a Jeep Cherokee… I would have gone faster too, but I was out of gears… Of course the bicycle wouldn’t be massive enough to trigger any of the permanently installed cameras, but it would be fun to see if one of the rader vans would snap my picture… if I was still in shape 😀

  56. […] Traffic Solutions has removed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition device after its use was discovered and publicized by CameraFRAUD (”Scottsdale Secretly Tracking License Plates,” Jan 8). The auxiliary unit was quietly […]

  57. […] ATS Flashes Endanger Motorists In addition to the numerous legal, ethical, constitutional, and technological issues with automated ticketing deployments, perhaps one of the […]

  58. It really sucks that the people who we put into office to write these laws break them regularly.
    These are the same people that don’t know the def-
    nition of the word illegal.
    The sad thing is somebody died over this issue.The
    other point that really hurts is that it happened here.but worse of all it was nt a traffic accident.
    Some general custer look a like winner that actuately promotes this state giving tours.What in
    hell is going on in this state.I really think since this camera crap has started it has brought some good ideas.I personally am using strong magnets tossed or placed at the right spot,who knows?
    We all know that both pol. parties are as corrupt as hell.Journalism no longer exists.This is all we have left.As Hugo Chavez would put it PORA AHORRA!

  59. […] track their population like tagged cattle by using Redflex scam cams. One month later, CameraFRAUD discovered the technology being secretly tested in Scottsdale by American Traffic Solutions. The public exposure led to the equipment being quietly […]

  60. Garduno says:

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  61. Sastre says:

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