Upcoming Event: Tucson Sign Wave / Demonstration

the-face-of-camerafraudWHAT: Sign Wave / Demonstration
WHEN: Saturday, Jan 10 @ 10:00 AM
WHERE: Oracle Rd and River Rd, Tucson AZ

CameraFRAUD Tucson is holding its first demonstration on the corner of Oracle and River this Saturday.

We will start with a short meeting at 10:00am. Bring a sign or use ours.

Anyone from Phoenix who wants to go and (needs / can provide) a ride should coordinate here.

7 Responses to Upcoming Event: Tucson Sign Wave / Demonstration

  1. Jason says:

    Me and my girlfriend will be coming with a sign down from phoenix. i cant join meetup for some reason, they arent sending me my email. You can expect us to be there around 10 thought. Keep fighting the good fight

  2. Chris Hanson says:

    That sounds fun!

  3. James M. says:

    Be prepared for many photos. I would not bring my vehicle anywhere near this area. Remember we now live in a Socialist Republic where your likeness can be used for any legal purpose (and you could be called an ANTI-PATRIOT.) Have a good time guys but be aware that Big Brother is watching.

  4. James M. says:

    Don’t forget to remove those illegal plate ‘covers’ too. The TPD/Pima Sheriff’s office is in ENFORCEMENT mode this weekend and will stop/cite if they cannot read ‘Arizona’ on your plate. Should be a ‘fun’ weekend! BTW, I passed not one but TWO cyclists without lights and riding on the sidewalk. I was tailed by not one but three officers this evening as well. Looks like they are going full blast as the City and County are running out of money, not to mention the State.

  5. RPr says:

    Way to go Tucson!

  6. Glyph says:

    Tucson rocked it…

    CameraFraud, Tucson's First Signwave

  7. rebelgirlwithacause says:

    when is the next one??? i live in tucson and need more information on the next one. thank you. Our representatives here need to follow suit like Pinal co sheriff PaulBabeu did. LETS TAKE BACK OUR STATE. WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. After all, we pay the cops and legislators and reps salaries. Lest they not forget.

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