A Redflex Christmas

What happens when you steal from the poor and give to the rich? Santa cancels Christmas.

In other news, Redflex has a gorgeous tree decked out in their lobby. (Enjoy it: you paid for it.)


(Courtesy: Glyphunter)

25 Responses to A Redflex Christmas

  1. 4409 says:

    LOL the pic of the christmas tree at Redflex…thanks glyph

  2. RPr says:

    Redflex stole christmas money from 40,000+ families in the last 2 months.

  3. me says:

    Na, people dumb enough to pass two (sometimes four!) big yellow reflective signs that say “PHOTO ENFORCEMENT ZONE”,(with a miles warning none the less), (oh and speed limit signs) and a big white obvious truck while speeding (breaking a law.) paid for the christmas tree.

  4. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    You mean the signs that are in violation of MUTCD standards due to being hidden behind other signs?

    Nah, that’s just an accident, I’m sure.

    People who say “don’t speed and you have nothing to worry about” are of the same train of thought as those who tell women “don’t wear provocative clothes, and you don’t have to worry about getting raped.”

    This world isn’t painted in black and white. Trying to correct a wrong (speeding) with another wrong (outsourcing law enforcement to an illegitimate company with no respect for the law) is never the right answer, nor is it when the only reason for the photo enforcement program is REVENUE.

    But go ahead, “me”, keep trying to make this about speeding.

  5. me says:

    Mutcd huh?
    I see….
    Looks like the only sign they have to put out by LAW is one a “aproximetly” 300 feet behind the van. The ONLY one. When they put up another like a mile back and sometimes 2 others on the side of the road, their being extra nice TRYING to warn you, and they don’t even have to! So… bring us a pic of a location where the sign behind the van is completly hidden. I want to see it.

  6. Ross from Redflex says:

    Don’t challenge this guy. He’s pretty smart. Stick to the talking points. They’re indisputable, mate!

  7. Me says:

    Oh right Ross! I forget… Ok I’ll stick to his points..
    Provacative clothing isn’t illeagle, (though um sometimes it should be), so that argument is a mute point.

    AZ Attorney may be smart, but I have yet to see anyone inteligently respond to my comments. I’m always basicly told to get lost, for a lack of any valid response..

  8. Helldigger says:

    Once “Me” gets a ticket where he/she/it wasn’t even driving the car or gets caught in a shortened yellow light intersection, and wants to fight the bogus ticket in court he/she/it will understand. “Me” will finally know the courts are rigged and the judge is also the jury and executioner.

    Until then, twits will support the government ripping off the public for revenue, while preaching safety.

    It doesn’t really take much. Perhaps someone in front of ‘Me’ will slam on their brakes to avoid a camera ticket and ‘Me’ plows into the back of them. Maybe ‘Me’ will get a ticket in the mail with someone else’s car and a similar plate number.

    Once the believer gets burned a few times, they finally understand the state is only interested in filling their coffers up because they cant figure out fiscal responsibility.

  9. Croozer says:

    Here’s another intelligent answer…although, I don’t think you can conceive the intelligence of it.

    Years ago several major universities used GOVERNMENT grant money to do a study on the cause of freeway accidents. Guess what; the problem wasn’t speeding. The items cited as primary causes of freeway accidents were “weaving” and “difference of speed”. That means the jerks that dash in and out of lanes, as well as those traveling at a significantly different speed than the flow of traffic. Cars traveling a fair amount slower that the flow of traffic are similarly likely to cause accidents as are cars going much faster than the flow of traffic. My apologies for not being able to cite the universities or the publication of the study, it was many years ago.

    Regardless of the above comments, Scottsdale, nor the State have sufficiently proven (to my understanding) that photo enforcement of speeding increases freeway safety. They certainly aren’t rolling out all their data so we can examine it! But, I know this much: they spend a lot of time bragging how much revenue is generated by photo enforcement.

    In fact, any casual observer can see that photo enforcement cameras create a driving hazard by increasing the incidence of speeding between camera locations as well as resulting in many drivers slamming on the brakes when they see the equipment (just like seeing parked law enforcement vehicles) , even if they’re not speeding. You know it. It’s undeniable!

    If these things aren’t obvious to you, then you’ve got the g-man’s wool pulled firmly and fully down. You’re all tucked in and sleeping like a baby. I hope you’ll still be comfortably napping when they decide to film your every public minute like they do in the UK.

    By the way, the Arizona Statute 28-654 governing photo enforcement REQUIRES at least TWO signs. I guarantee they’re not “trying to be nice and warn you.” They’re trying to follow the law so drivers are less likely to be able to dispute the citations.

    Personally, I try not to speed. But, if a preponderance of the traffic is doing 5 miles over then I will go with the flow. It’s safer if nobody is passing anyone else since it’s easier for drivers to track the locations of vehicles around them. Of course, all bets are off in foul weather, or driving past construction zones, hotties, etc…LOL

  10. Kevin says:

    This gets more rediculous every day. All that the State does is throw these bogus safety statistics at you. Statistics are just slanted numbers. You can make Rhode Island look bigger that Texas with statistics. Call this what it is…a cash cow. Funny, I dont see nearly as many DPS officers on the road now that these cameras are up. So the way I see it, a drunk driver can crash into me or kill an inocent family of 5 just as long as they drive the speed limit? If it walks like a duck and quacks, its a duck folks. Its a duck…Its a Duck! Janet could not balance the state buget, so she taxed you. Its a duck! No Taxation without representation. Anyone feel like throwing a tea party?

    As far as “Me” goes. Go back to talking about something you know about….Like asking people to “push credit or debit”

  11. me says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe they send bogus tickets. Why do you think they make the video and everything available to see for a violation? If it’s not you, it’s obvious and it’s dropped. That easy. Ya, some 80 year old bearded guy driving a caddy and I get the ticket in the mail and I’m responsible and have to pay up… right. ‘Hey, not me’, and it’s dropped… wow how easy.
    Let’s here from someone it’s happened to, and they had to pay up. Let’s see it.

    Besides, I’ve learned long ago, that getting in a wreck by following to close, or a speeding violation, or a red light violation is to costly in the long run. So I just don’t do it. Easy.

    Oh and sorry Kevin buy I haven’t asked someone to push ‘debit’ or ‘credit’ in many many years. Nice try though! Statistics? How about pulling stuff out of thin air and calling it ‘facts’? I’ve asked for a police report of an accident that blames photo radar, I’ve asked for a picture of a photo enforcment sign fully blocked and now I’ve asked for someone who’s had to pay up a bogus ticket, and none of these ‘facts’ have materialized. Ha! well, I do say ATS screwed the pooch on that one with the 101 cameras, but they owned up and refunded.
    Oh and who was it said “statistics” showed accidents were caused by ‘weaving in and out of traffic”, not “speed”? When was the last time someone “weaved in and out of traffic” at the speed limit, think about it for just a second…. More of this sites “facts” down the drain…
    Well anyways, Does anyone want to go on the slamming your breaks when you see photo radar rant? Even when you have multiple signs warning you that their there? Ya ya, more cops, less photo radar. Cause oh NO ONE slams their breaks when they come around the bend and there’s a DPS officer under the bridge in the median, with no warning…right. Another rant down the drain.

  12. Me says:

    Oh I forgot, the difference in speed ‘statistic’… Yup when a pack of cars is going 55 and someone ‘weaves in and out of traffic’ (again) doing 75 (speeding) yup, I would call that difference in speed… And that’s what’s causes the most accidents according to your stats. Uh.. Funny how both _are_ speeding.

  13. RC says:

    Don’t worry me they will get you those facts to you eventually, just like they got back to me when I asked them to produce the actual article about Jan Brewer taking a fresh look at the cameras.

    It is located at………………. oh wait never mind.

    I also wonder how long Glyph’s Christmas tree photo will stay up or will it “disappear” just like his YouTube video of the camera being silly stringed.

  14. jgunn says:

    The other day I had to use every bit of the brakes on my sporty car to avoid all those who thought it would be prudent to jam on the brakes to 30MPH going past a camera on the I10 in a 55 zone. Don’t fool yourself that the cameras are about safety. Although I do agree that the cameras make it so much easier to break the law if you are so inclined. GPS, radar detection, yellow signs. It’s a speeders paradise out there!

    As for the facts, here you go:


    US DOT Report Confirms Speed Not Major Accident Cause
    US Department of Transportation study finds only five percent of crashes caused by excessive speed.


    The NHTSA findings are mirrored in accident statistics provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The agency’s most recent report lists “speed too fast” as the driver error that caused 2.9 percent of crashes in 2007


    The UK Department for Transport isolated cases where only the posted limit was exceeded and found that, “Exceeding speed limit was attributed to 3 percent of cars involved in accidents” (view UK report).


    Arizona: 589 Innocent Drivers Sent Photo Tickets
    A bad sensor causes 589 innocent motorists to receive speed camera tickets in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Midblock speed cameraThe city of Scottsdale, Arizona agreed to cancel speed camera fines issued to 589 innocent motorists. Between December 7 and January 4, a broken piezo sensor embedded in the pavement caused speed estimates to read high at the Shea Boulevard camera located between 120th and 124th Streets.

  15. jgunn says:

    Here’s a video those who think the cameras never make a mistake need to watch:

  16. Helldigger says:

    Once “Me” gets his bogus ticket in the mail, I am sure he/she/it will just pay the fine, adding revenue to the State’s coffers. Then “Me” will go to Defensive Drivers Class and have the ticket dismissed.

    Then when another one comes, it will dawn on “Me” that a second one will put points on his license, increase his insurance and his record will be visible to all for 3 years.

    But hey, if you were guilty, you deserve to pay up right?

    The State made the speed cameras violations easier for the public by not putting points on licenses. Or so it seems. That way they can keep public opinion under the carpet. If we got points, there would be a whole new level of civil disobedience.

    There simply is no justification for the cameras other than generating revenue. Janet Nappylotaxo is crafty, but the system doesn’t wash.

    Bottom line: when you get your bogus ticket in the mail, force the state to send out a server, fight your ticket in court and make it a big deal when you do.

    Overwhelming the court system that way will hit the profit line of the state and they will think twice about expanding the system or renewing their contract.

  17. Kevin says:

    Hey “Me”,

    First of all, learn to type, or use spell check. Then when you do get your bogus ticket, you will still hear your favorite phrase when you and the other lemmings go to pay your ticket…”is that credit or debit”

    That DPS car in the median does serve purpose, other than scaring you into slowing down. He can make a cognitive decision to pursue a drunk or reckless driver. He can respond to an accident or crime in progress. Your camera can’t do that. Argue with that statistic. Can your camera grow legs?

    Put your red shirt on and go back to work at Target dude. It’s a duck folks. It walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck. It’s a duck, it’s a duck! It’s a DUCK! The state is taxing you!

  18. j says:

    its not very hard to figure out the cameras are a big money grab under the cover of safety if it was really safety the spots the cameras were at would be chosen based on some kind of safety factor instead of the ridiculous amount of cameras they have installed and i would be willing to bet the most unsafe spots on valley freeways are spots where u cant really get going that fast

  19. PhotoRadarScam says:

    I’ve compiled a bunch of evidence on camera malfucntions at http://photoradarscam.com/malfunctions.html

    These things are not reliable at all.

    If anyone has any more to post, please forward them to me.

  20. azmojo says:

    Me, why do you make us dig up this information for you? It’s all over the Internet.

    Here’s video of an accident caused by photo radar:

    The previous post has tons of information about malfunctioning units sending out bogus tickets.

    Then there is http://photoradarscam.com/noncrisis.html with TONS of links and reports that show that photo enforcement causes more accidents.

    The real problem in this world is people like you who rely on the media to spoon-feed you your thoughts. Do some independent research and learn the truth.

  21. dgpjr777 says:

    Hang in There Me…Photo Radar does not cause the accidents, people do..Try inattentive driving for the most part. These people will try anything to knock a good thing. Slow down and quit bitching !

  22. Joe says:

    DPS needs to get their statisticians together with ADOT’s in one room before releasing such studies:

    “However, speed cameras may not be the only reason for the drop. About 6 percent fewer drivers were on the road in Maricopa County. That equates to 10,000 fewer drivers per day on some stretches of highway, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. DPS also has made an effort to put more patrol officers on highways, all of which led experts to predict fatalities would drop by nearly 30 percent.

  23. Jackie Sutherland says:

    The 6% accounts for all the cars DPS, Local police, and tow truck companies steal from innocent people through ridiculous laws.

    Impounding poor peoples rides for 30 datys then charging them enormous fees to release them. It’s extorsion at it highest degree and eventually they will pay!

  24. radarhunter says:

    Despite the claims of companies that sell ticket cameras and provide related services, there are no independent statistics or studies that photo enforcement devices improve highway safety, reduce overall accidents, or improve traffic flow. Believing the claims of companies that sell photo enforcement equipment is like believing any other commercial company trying to sell you something.

    Your Photo Radar Resource

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