Santas Join Photo Enforcement Revolt

The Cameras are Coming Down Getting Wrapped?

Apparently taking a break from screaming kids at various valley malls, a team of Saint Nicks decided to deal a temporary death-blow to various Redflex cameras in the City of Tempe.

Armed with wrapping paper and gift boxes, these anti-surveillance Santas boldly delivered some holiday cheer to the delight of passing motorists.

Much like the “post-it note ninja,” the modus operandi seems to be the same: Active resistance through non-violent, non-damaging means.

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31 Responses to Santas Join Photo Enforcement Revolt

  1. RPr says:

    Merry Christmas Redflex!!!

    merry Christmas ATS!!!

  2. kenny S says:

    Great video but HOLY COW ………..get a new camera person!

  3. RPr says:

    everyone should become a secret santa LOL

  4. Matt says:

    For anyone who decides to go camera-seeing instead of Christmas-light-seeing, check out the maps on We list the mobile radar units and stationary cameras for a number of cities. You can also sign up (completely free) for daily e-mail alerts of photo radar vehicle locations. Each day you’ll get a personalized alert with the vehicle locations for the next day.

    Check out and happy holidays!

  5. RPr says:

    The equipment was not damaged and there “doesn’t appear to be any crime,” said Katie McDevitt, a spokeswoman for the Tempe Police Department.

  6. PHOENIX (AP) — The Department of Public Serviced (DPS) Anti-Gang Task Force asks citizens to report any gang activity in the area. “It is definitely a new gang. They wear red. Red is their gang color,” said DPS Director Roger Vanderpool. “These terrorist vandals have cost the taxpayer tens of thousands in government acquired revenue that the taxpayers are just going to have to make up. If the Tempe Police Department refuses to take this seriously, we may have to take over the investigation.”

  7. savetheusa says:

    Good work Santa. We need some more Santa’s

  8. uknowme says:

    Wow these kids are lazy these days back in my day we would have used real wrapping paper.

  9. Fed Up says:

    Those so called “Santas” put people in danger and have no consideration for others. They think just because “they” don’t agree with the law that they have the right to break it. I agree, let’s put it to a vote, then we will see what the people say, if they agree with the cameras then you idiots need to SHUT UP!! If the people disagree with the law, I won’t like it but that’s the way it goes. I won’t be out with a camera taking pictures. These are children, who, told NO, throw a tantrum. The real problem is that they put others in danger. Childish idiots!

  10. To Pere Noel, Papai Noel, Babbo Natale and Deda Mraz, with cameraman Diado Coleda great video guys! I laughed my ass off, especially after hearing the news media parrot the hollow threats by the Tempe PD. Very timely taking the time off to do this at this busy time of year — for you. Keep up the great non-destructive ideas.

  11. jim says:

    to all u people who support the cameras. you would think if there was as much support for the cameras as u wish there was. someone driving by them would have alerted the police. so it appears most people either do not care one way or the other or most people dislike the cameras

  12. Ron says:

    THE SANTA EVENT HAS HIT THE DRUDGEREPORT! the internet’s #1 news and link site added this video today, showcasing the national interest in this issue and more specifically the grassroots efforts by citizens to preserve constitutional rights that are slowly being eroded.

    The organizer’s of this group need to ramp up demonstration efforts while this issue is still hot.. Please tell everyone you know who gives a damn about the constitution and keeping government “for the people” about this site and tell them to join the group.

  13. James Howard says:

    The Santas were reported on KOLD 13 in Tucson tonight. They showed part of the YouTube video.

  14. Ariel says:

    I made a few signs today and am eagerly awaiting the next demonstration.. When the heck is it? Lets get this moving again!

  15. Kyt Dotson says:

    That’s hilarious, and cute. Civil disobedience Henry David Thoreau style.

    A friend of mine, who gives me rides a lot since I cannot drive, flips of the cameras every time we pass them. Especially since it has been suggested that they may be on longer than simple snaps in order to record video. So there might be a few reels of him flipping them off as we drive past.

  16. DG says:

    Fed Up – you’re right to a point. However, nobody’s lives are being put at risk because a camera is unable to take a picture. You also miss the point that these cameras were put up by the executive branch illegally. So just because “they” are careless with our money, they have the right to “our” money? That’s called stealing, which as far as I know, is against the law! I think almost everyone here will agree with you to put these cameras up to a vote.
    BTW Kyt, I also insist on flipping off the cameras every time I go past.

  17. Carl Hankwitz says:

    Hawaii was successful in getting rid of the “camera vans” because most of the revenue collected was going out of state rather than supporting the services that are normally supported. So not only were the “vans” taking away jobs … but also revenue for the state of Hawaii and local municipalities.

    This is also happening in Arizona … and the sooner that the state and municipalities wake up to this fact … the sooner we can get rid of these highway robbers and return our hard working police enforcement officers to their jobs.

    Opponents in Hawaii also used the argument the NON-ENFORCEMENT stooges were being employed to operate the vans with no arresting authority and no law enforcement training .. for minimum wage. (Much like our TSA’s at the airport)
    with many of them coming from out-of-state … which was counter-productive to employing the local workforce …

  18. jim says:

    i saw one of those fox 10 opinion polls on the santas this morning on if they should get in trouble and over 40% said they should get an award 20% said nothing should happen to them the other 40%were people that think they should get in trouble to some degree looks like the majority dos not like the cameras

  19. Nunya says:

    You guys are great! Very creative!! I love it! Maybe in January, you could be Baby New Year…and then in February, Cupids leaving valentines….OH March….Leprechauns? (how do you spell that??) It could be a wave of holiday celebrators! 🙂 These cameras are not for safety they are for survellience and revenue. My taxpayer money paid for these highways/freeways/intersections and my taxpayer money is being spent on these cameras. Not only are they unsightly, they are a nussiance, are inaccurate, and are unsafe. Keep up the good work!!

  20. You guys need to get paid more.

  21. Cameras are everywhere…oh no! Go quickly….hide in a hole or never go outside! Well, just don’t go anywhere!!!

  22. […] helps reduce the amount of police enforcement that would deter life stealing. And according to a few civil disobedience humorists, it seems like fraudulent […]

  23. Me says:

    WOW! You all were the ones that got their ass beat in school and this is the only thing that makes you feel better! Pretty sad. Was the rental cost on those cheap santa outfits worth it?

  24. j says:

    what does that mean me. beating ass was against the rules at the school i went to.

  25. johndoereport says:

    I think it was a great piece of city disobedience. No one got hurt and it was really funny….

  26. […] Of course, in their zeal to protect their revenue stream, they didn’t factor in that these cameras could easily be blocked with any number of objects, ideally gift-wrapped boxes carried by Santa Claus. […]

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