Dec 18th Demonstration Pictures » 3

DPS assigned three units to cover this event

6 Responses to 3

  1. Mike says:

    Another waste of our tax dollars, just waiting for someone to screw up instead of being on the road doing a service to us the tax payers of AZ

  2. lilgerman says:

    Gee, why didn’t they just train one of the many, many freeway cameras on the protesters and send the Highway Patrol boys home?

  3. Glyph says:

    They’re probably mad because they weren’t in on that major hydroponic pot bust with the rest of the REAL cops, instead of scoping out a bunch of PEACEFUL PROTESTERS!!

  4. Rose says:

    Losers need to get real jobs.

  5. Kyt Dotson says:

    Did they really expect the event to become violent?

  6. Hey Rose,

    Please tell me what a real job is. Like what do you do that makes you so much better? I don’t see why you are any better than them, trying to make a living like everyone else. Who cares if you don’t like cops. They are working and making an honest living and I am sure you are doing the same, no need to insult officers who are sworn to protect and serve.

    Happy driving out there!

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