Did Someone Ram a Scam Cam?

From the CameraFRAUD message board:

Looks as if someone got pissed off and took out some aggression on the scamera location at I-10 W and 16th St. I snapped a photo with my iPhone real quick while in traffic…..enjoy!!!!


Click to Enlarge

UPDATE, 8:17 PM: Gone!   The camera (or whatever remained of it) appears to be gone completely according to one of our volunteers who just scouted out the location. Photos are on the way of the tire tracks (did someone intentionally back over the unit?).

Either way, we told you the cameras were coming down…

22 Responses to Did Someone Ram a Scam Cam?

  1. azmojo says:

    That is the best! I wish I had a vehicle that I wouldn’t mind denting up with one of those.

  2. Helldigger says:

    Well, that’s one camera down and 134 to go.

    Any volunteers?

  3. Jicky Jack Mack says:

    Uh Oh,

  4. RPr says:

    who would you rather have a beer with Bush or the driver of that vehicle??? LOL

  5. Freedom From The Flash says:

    Flat on its back. Maybe the scam cam is working out its abs. It’s gotta get hardened up for battle. Gotta get those abs tight for pick axe attacks, rakes, shovels, hammers. Or who knows maybe Mr scam cam isn’t making enough money scamming, so he’s getting in shape to join the Marines. I think they’re probably still hiring. I thought I heard one of those cams say they wanted to get in the business of homeland security. What better way to learn than the military.

  6. Compared to what they do to the scameraheads over in the UK, that’s nothing http://www.speedcam.co.uk/gatso2a.htm

  7. jgunn says:

    Brings a tear of joy to my eye.

  8. ad8bc says:

    Thanks for stealing my thunder Redflexrunner! Just kidding, lets make sure that the good folks in the UK get this picture as well.

    Although I don’t condone actual vandalism (other than silly string and post-it notes, I condone that), it’s fun to see the after-effects of someone who does.

  9. azmojo says:

    For other ideas on ways to protest, check out http://PhotoRadarScam.com/protest.html

  10. Kenny S> says:

    Well, you have to know that people are going to be infuriated when they get flashed and some irate contractor with a super duty bumper is going t o do the BUMP! A dollar for dollar trade off I’m sure he was thinking!

    I’m amazed they leave those satellite dishes so low on the camera poles.
    I’m sure they will be next.

    In the end…………a few well placed cameras get the point across but placing them 2 miles apart and then placing vans in between is a gross use of power.
    Almost poking the public in the chest.

    IMO- They should have just lowered the speed limits and called it a day.
    Kenny s.

  11. Ross from Redflex says:

    The competition is heating up out there. We’ll get em back.

  12. jim says:

    i wish more cameras would mysteriosly fall over

  13. Joe says:

    Clearly this camera saved the life of an individual who otherwise would have been killed.

    RIP, oh patriotic camera.

  14. 1. These cameras are designed to easily break off.

    2. I am sure this camera stopped — momentarily — a drink driver, who then proceeded down the road several miles until they hopefully got home. Now if it had been a cop, that drunk would have been in trouble. But a camera, well the best that can be hoped for is a bill.

  15. Oyate says:

    They are placing cameras to watch the cameras. A few of those disappear and they’ll place cameras to watch the cameras that watch the cameras. I have one question: how are these things networked?

  16. Joe says:

    Networked, most likely, through a proprietary system owned (and leased) by someone who is also politicaly well-connected. Nothing like this ever gets built without a bunch of politically connected leeches to help grossly inflate what this should actually cost.

  17. Freedom From The Flask says:

    It’s calle the Jicky Jack networking system. A new product launch by Linux.

  18. RPr says:

    anyone catch channel 5s report of this scamera attack?

  19. Slithorex says:

    Whomever did this deserves a medal of commendation. I wish more people would do this in concentrated efforts, taking as many down in a single night as possible.

  20. Andy V. says:

    I was wondering how sturdy they were installed? This picture answers my question. It seemed they had quite a bit of concrete with them in the install so I was always worried that if someone gets into an accident and hits one wether they’d knock it down or wrap their car around it. It’s good to know that they won’t kill anyone on impact.

  21. […] story, and to Irwin for the great pictures. This camera was less than a mile away from where Camera Number One went down back in December. Clearly, the downtown i10 corridor is proving to be unsafe for […]

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