Hey Buddy, Know a Good Locksmith?

Bad: Locking your keys in your truck…
Worse: …while working for Redflex, a hated scam cam vendor…
FAIL: …on the same day as the media (and hordes of demonstrators) are out front of your employer.

84 Responses to Hey Buddy, Know a Good Locksmith?

  1. J.W. says:

    The guy in the black and white shirt must be upper management, cuz he looks like he has no idea how to resolve the situation but he figures if he stands close enough to the truck he may get some credit for all the other peoples efforts.

  2. RC says:

    FAIL: Claiming a horde as 30 out of a possible 250 to 300 people attending a protest LOL

    Really one of the best things you got out of that protest was someone locking their keys in their car?

  3. RPr says:

    How many Redflex employees does it take to unlock a vehicle LOL

  4. Glyph says:

    Funny stuff =)

  5. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    RC: You forgot ABC15, 3TV, KPHO5, the Arizona Republic, and of course KTAR.

    …Along with the 5 additional security guards hired by Redflex, and yet they still couldn’t manage to keep the demonstrators away from Karen Finley as she was escorted from the property.

    That, is, FAIL.

  6. hooleyboy says:

    This is a bad post, There was not hordes of people. There are hordes of people at NFL football games not the protest. Who cares if someone who works there locked their keys in the car we all do it or have done it. Lets just stick to the cause here

  7. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    “RPr Says: How many Redflex employees does it take to unlock a vehicle LOL”


    One to just go out and steal a new one, and three to stand around and say its for the children.

  8. RPr says:

    Too funny az esq.

  9. RedFlexRox says:

    Is this entire “site” dedicated to announcing everytime someone does something by accident (such as locking keys in a car)? If so, I’d like you to post about the time I accidentally left the oven on when I went to the store, then I came back and………everything was fine…it’s about as interesting as that.

    If you have such a problem with these traffic cameras then take a line from one of the funniest men in movies:

    Jim Carrey (Fletcher Reede from Liar, Liar): “Stop breaking the law ASSSHOLEEEEE!”

    It’s fairly simple.

  10. James says:


    Even YOU will eventually tire of being constantly watched. The monitoring only becomes more involved over time, not less.

    We live in a society that has (for over 225 years) trusted us to move freely about, even having the freedom to technically move in ways that are not lawful. Even you violate the law each and every day (in some way). All of us do. If you doubt that, then you just do not happen to realize how many laws already exist.

    If you were suddenly held responsible for each and every legal infraction you committed (dangerous or not), you’d probably have a very different feeling about this. You just have a higher threshold for the abuse of your personal liberty and freedom.

  11. James' Dad says:


    I thought I had taught you well, but apparently you’ve been misguided. Surely you are aware that there are some laws in our society that take precedence over others. Would you agree that murder is a more serious crime than jaywalking? You and the rest of the population would whole-heartedly agree, so I honestly am not interested in whether you actually intend to answer that. What I do want to know, though, is why you diminsh the value of something that has the potential to save lives? You’re being held responsible for your abuse of the law because…well, you’re abusing the law and putting yourself in position to be held accountable for other people’s lives. The cameras are put in for your safety, not for Redflex’s benefit. Sixty means sixty, not eighty. Perhaps if you have trouble with mathematics I could see where you’d have a problem, but your comprehension of the subject should be on par considering you do have a license (which is another law, by the way. You DO have one, right?). Red means to stop, not to speed up. You’d be singing a completely different tune if a loved one was killed by someone who burned a red light because he wanted to get home thirty seconds sooner. Think before you write something so asinine, they’re not taking away your right to vote or speak, they’re deterring you from endangering people.

  12. James' Step-Mom says:

    Your father is right James, you never were very good at Mathematics.

    – Shaniqua

  13. James says:


    The cameras have no ability to determine weather I was at a reasonable, safe, and prudent speed. Only a human being can do that. My accuser would not be the camera, but rather an individual that collected the day’s printouts and filed the cases. My accuser would never be one familiar with the situation or circumstances. You see, in Arizona, merely exceeding the speed limit by precisely 11 MPH is not proof of a legal infraction by how we define our laws. And as citizens, we are presumed to be innocent of such infractions until the lack of prudence is proven. Mechanical devices, acting alone, can not prove such actions. This device, as a result, is a tax, not a method of law enforcement. Hide behind safety if you wish, but I’m not noticing any strategic focus of these cameras other than they have been installed most everywhere we drive. That is an act of volume, not of safety. Show me the reduced accident statistics and we’ll talk later about that.

    I also have the right to face my accuser in a court of law. In this case, my accuser would not be the device that snapped a picture of my vehicle. My accuser would be a person who had a printout of what he believed to be my infraction. My accuser would have no direct knowledge of my innocence or guilt of the law I am accused of breaking.

  14. James says:

    Data provided by a machine to an accuser is not direct knowledge of the infraction. These cameras are obviously not flawless, as they often flash at cars that are clearly NOT exceeding the speed limit. They have a dismal rate of accuracy, as evidenced by the dismally low rates of citations generated by them.

    In court, we have no access to impeach the wiring of a camera system, or how far the strips are cut into the road. Is 1/100 of an inch enough to skew the timing results in a negative direction?

    I have no problem with you hiring $5/hour people to stand and point radar guns at me, so long as they are legally able to bring charges in a court of law. But put the people there and make them show up in court if I should chose to fight the ticket.

  15. Helldigger says:

    You get a bogus ticket, even though you support speed cameras. You want to go to court to clear your name.

    But wait, the deck is so stacked against you, it is a shock to your system once you get there.

    You are intimidate d into snitching on someone else if you are not the driver pictured on the bogus citation. In actuality, you have no responsibility to tattle on anyone else, its up to the Police to determine who was driving if it wasn’t you. But the courts pressure you with scare tactics anyway.

    You want discovery you say… LOL, no such thing in Civil Court. The only discovery you will get is when you step into court and are confronted by the prosecuting officer. This guy’s job is to intimidate you into pleading guilty in order to avoid a costly trial. He shows you the offense and pushes you hard to own up to his questions. This is where you remain silent and never admit to anything at all, not even if you were the driver and it looks like you were speeding or running the red light. Just say, I will let the judge determine that. This guy wants you to pay the fine and go to school so you can avoid points but what if its your second bogus ticket, no school, but you will have to go to traffic survival school, a draconian defensive driving class on steroids.

    Once you are in front of the judge, its more scare tactics, and intimidation.

    The judge is the jury and executioner. In civil court, what ever he says goes.

    You have lost your 4th amendment right to face your accuser because a camera can’t be a witness. There are 2 signatures from people who attest to your crime on the citation, they don’t even have to be there.

    Foundation is thrown out too because you can’t ask any questions about the validity of the system, if the cameras were calibrated or if the road meets engineering requirements, pavement markings or fundamental standards are correct. It is just you and the pictures and the video. The judge is under no obligation to hear anything from you. But he can declare you guilty and always does.

    You get your picture taken, you are guilty.

    If camera supporters think this is about safety, just wait until you get a ticket you can’t defend yourself against, then you might be singing a different tune.

    But hey, if you like big brother and flowing your hard earned cash to the state for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s up to you.

  16. The President Elect says:

    What’s wrong, guys, can’t take a bit of positive data? Your admin has to come in to cover up the truth? You’ll not silence me, I’ll just keep reposting it.

    [ADMIN RESPONSE: Removed the whitehouse email from your post. We couldn’t care less if you post your statistics, more fodder for the fire. Also, don’t spoof other users of you’ll get banned. Kthanks.]



    and here is 117 pages for your reading pleasure.

    Click to access AZ684.pdf

  17. camerafraud says:

    To the person posting as “Barack Obama,”

    You can post or cite as much pro-photo enforcement data as you want, just use your own name or a pseudo name.


  18. Ross from Redflex says:

    Yes, I agree. No one here should be misrepresenting who they are. That would just be down-right nutty.

    For example, I am definitely from Australia and profit from photo radar enforcement. I also love having my picture taken by these cameras, because I at least know that they’re still working and making me money. I of course ignore them, but all you camerafraudsters know that eventually you might have to pay up. Ignoring them is like Russian roulette- kind of like placing a camera on the I-10 right after the on-ramp at 7th Avenue. Sure it may save lives, but who knows, it might distract someone and cause a crash. It sure scared the hell out of me when I was trying to merge at the speed of traffic on to the freeway. It was actually hilarious to me because I hadn’t even seen a speed limit sign yet. Good luck trying to figure that one out speed demons. You fat ass American desert rats are as good as toast and your billfolds as good as empty.

    What’s also really funny is that there’s a law on the books in AZ that says something stupid about, “Reasonable and Prudent.” Don’t look in to it any further though because it might actually get you off your cheap POS couch that Raja Bell sold you from the Room Store. GAWD AZ is pathetic.

    One last thought. I had plenty of coin yesterday to put away some beers at the Cards game. It was good to see them clinch the playoffs even though I don’t really understand “American Football.” I think Redflex is starting a rugby team and Shoba is going to be our agent. Should be fun. Come out and take our picture on the pitch if you want. TOOLS!!!!!

  19. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    is Ross the Stephen Colbert of photo enforcement?

  20. me says:

    “To the person posting as “Barack Obama,”

    You can post or cite as much pro-photo enforcement data as you want, just use your own name or a pseudo name.


    But you permit people to pose as redflex employees or even use their names? The people doing that and babbling on like two year old’s, are really degrading any credibility here, ( just like the locked keys in the car story, gee what a scandle…).
    You may be proud of your growing numbers, but with the good comes the bad apples also, have fun with that. Your impostering commenters ruins the fruity bunch…..

  21. camerafraud says:

    Complain all you want about the article. You read it and commented on it, so it’s obviously doing its job.

    And if you’re so offended at our pointing out of a technicality– human error– you must be especially offended at the tickets being issued to unsuspecting grandmothers who are doing 66 in a 55 while thinking it’s a 65.

    But the irony would, of course, be lost on you.

  22. Xpert says:

    Nice making fun of someone who locked their keys in their car. Bet you never did that.. Guess I will drive by when you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, take a photo and definitely make some fun of you. Sounds like a good time!

  23. Ross from Redflex says:

    I agree Xpert! There will be a lot more picture and video taking coming your way soon. Don’t worry. Exciting times, blokes.

  24. me says:

    “But the irony would, of course, be lost on you.”

    Nope, no irony flew over my head. Locking your keys in your car isn’t against the law. And I don’t “accidentally” speed, especially with all these camera’s around. (like “accidentally” breaking the law would hold up in court…). I pay very close attention to the speed limit, set my cruise control and go, hence, I have no worries about the cameras. And you know, the last month or two driving around has been so much more peaceful.
    So, if human error is such a scandal, let the innocent throw the first stone.

    “I agree Xpert! There will be a lot more picture and video taking coming your way soon. Don’t worry. Exciting times, blokes.”
    No problem impROSSter.
    camera’s are everywhere, your phone is gps’d (mine to) and all bank cards tracked, etc… You don’t break the law, not even accidentally… me neither! so no prob mate!

  25. Some Troll says:

    I support the cameras, this is the only way that my gay lover and I can have our pictures taken of us while I give him head on the freeway. Although i would like to see the cameras come down I would prefer that they take cameas out of banks first it is so hard to rob a bank when I am being watched by so many cameras. I just want give a shout out to my fellow douche’s at the Scottsdale bars just frosted my tips “holla”

  26. James says:

    Hey CameraFraud admin guy:

    How about you start identifying just how many of the comments are coming directly from the offices of RedFlex. I’ll bet a decent amount of “pro” camera people here are RedFlex employees.

  27. Ross from Redflex says:

    The pro photo enforcement people on this blog are VERY SMART. Some of them are even good detectives. It’s encouraging to see that there are some smarties here in AZ.

    To the camerafraudsters, stop reading the state laws of AZ and holding on to your dearly beloved US Constitutions. Just documents really. A picture is worth 1000 words!! Who knows, maybe even $1000 soon.

  28. Brett says:

    why is this news? you guys are way full of your selfs to actually make this apart of your opposition to the cameras. all the facts are againts you. If you really like to speed, move somewhere else

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