300movie Membership on CameraFRAUD’s Meetup site has surged within the past 48 hours, more than tripling since the beginning of the week. New members have been joining on an average of once every five minutes, pushing the total number of members to over 300.

While it took almost four months, from August 08 – November 08, to gain 95 members, the past week has given way to an explosion of interest and support.

CameraFRAUD.com will be using the Meetup site to organize volunteers with a 2010 ballot proposition regarding photo enforcement.

13 Responses to 300!

  1. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    this is only the beginning, LOL!!!

    wouldn’t want to be a Redflex shareholder right now, even though they’re trying to get gobbled up by another company before the proverbial shiz hits the fan.

  2. steve says:

    Speed DOES NOT KILL Rapid or Sudden Deceleration does. Only 3 people ever died from going fast and they were astronots traveling at over 1600 MPH! What a scam. And the nerve of the DPS stating that accidents were down during the Thanksgiving Day weekend So was travel! People of AZ take back your streets you paid your taxes to build them already.

  3. jgunn says:

    It would be cool if camerafraud could get a defense fund going for the guy who went at the speed camera with a pick axe on the 101. My $$$ will be going to such a worthy cause!

  4. Ross from Redflex says:

    I heard someone was going to attack our camera with an axe. I hope that doesn’t happen because DPS and Shoba will get real mad. These devices should be treated just like the officers of the law that they are and costs thousands of dollars to replace.

  5. jim says:

    with a pickaxe? if yore gonna get in trouble at least make it worth it and come up with something more effective. poor crazy guy i hope he gets the help he needs.a garbage bag, pillow case, blanket or piece of highway trash set to look like it might have blown onto camera would be much more effective and u dont cause any damage makes u more of a hero if u have to do time.

  6. Mrs. Finley says:

    Stop the speculating guys. It was an inside job. Come on, who else attacks a camera in the middle of the day with a cop sitting near by. We’re trying to discredit your group, don’t you get it. Keep an eye on our guy. He’ll get released and the charges will be dropped.

  7. jim says:

    you r right the guy attacking camera with a pickaxe in front of a cop (retarded and probably not very effective at disabling camera) probably is a shill to create publicity.i am a registered voter where do i sign to get antiscamera prop on the ballot?

  8. Mikester says:

    Oh no… what will you do if they commit the ultimate sin and start debating the issues with each other… did you warn them that they check their free speech at the door when they join your group?

  9. Cisco Kid says:

    A paintball gun with good aim would be most effective and slick.

  10. Ron Perry says:

    I remember when I was a member of the Illinois State Police about 35 yrs ago, we tried to use cameras to catch speedere We were forced to take them down because the U.S. Constitution guarantees that you have the right to face your accuser and question them… How do you do this with a camera???Also, how can they prove the radar is correct each time it goes off???and whose to say the cameras always get the right vehicle??? I am really very surprised that some smart attorney has’nt brought this up yet…

  11. Matt L says:

    they have the problem is apparently the lack of respect for the US Constitution in AZ’s court system?

  12. Joe says:


    You said: “We were forced to take them down because the U.S. Constitution guarantees that you have the right to face your accuser and question them… ” (later) “I am really very surprised that some smart attorney has’nt brought this up yet…”

    People assume that the state vigorously explores the constitutionality of programs that they launch. That’s not always true. Often it is not. States have come to learn that the populace often behaves as sheep do… Go wherever the shepphard says to move. As I pass these groups of cameras, something about them speaks volumes to me about violating the constitution. Their existence is wrong on so many levels.

    Someone needs to challenge this in court, and keep exploring the appeals process perhaps up to SC level. We already know that traffic court judges are sheep too. They convict everyone that comes before them, almost as a standard. They do not embrace the constitution, but rather know their places as revenue generators for the local government. These judges are basic lawyer hacks that can’t even get a PT job teaching law school at night. People need to be willing to explore the appeals process. I am certain that there must be some constitutional grounds of not being able to face one’s accuser here. Before, the cameras were not pervasive throughout the valley. Now they are, and someone will soon do what it takes to get these legally thrown out.

  13. George Barch says:

    I want to help. How do I join.

    I will carry petitions. Back to the Libertarians

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