Join the Revolt!

Hate the scam cams? Not sure what to do about it? is the only movement to end automated ticketing within the State of Arizona.

The #1 thing you can do today to help us bring the cameras down is to join us on our Meetup site.

Meetup is the tool we use to notify members about upcoming events and last-minute news. It will also be the tool used to coordinate the upcoming ballot proposition signature drive.

Help us make Arizona history in the taking of our state back. The cameras are coming down.

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19 Responses to Join the Revolt!

  1. Plisko says:

    For me, this is an issue of the civil authorities degrading the due process of citizens. By giving themselves the power to automate police complaints with machines, they are chipping away at their need to make sure that the charges they bring with their police powers are brought with diligence. This is as offensive to me as the automation of vote counting. Our rights and our vote are important. They should not be giving machines police powers or powers of attorney over our lives.

    There are plenty of people who say” If you don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” The problem with this position is that it is ignorant and unconstitutional. You may as well say “if they decide you did nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.”

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is the law of the land and it trumps all else. The government has this little requirement of “due process” to consider. This means that we are, by default, NEVER doing anything wrong and it is the government’s burden to prove that it has a right to even accuse us, let alone convict us, of “doing wrong.” I don’t believe a radar attached to a camera, attached to a a computer with a printer, meets these necessary constitutional requirements to bring a police complaint against a citizen.

    I am also waiting for the day that the bright flash of a radar camera at night panics some nervous driver and creates a multi car accident on a highway. A few hundred million dollars in lawsuits later maybe cities will start realizing it is a bad idea.

    I hear people saying to just throw the citations away which I guess works. Another legal remedy is to have the car registered to someone besides yourself, such as your spouse or parent. The citations have no power at all in that case because there is no way to verify who the driver is without looking at their license.

  2. Helldigger says:

    I have had the pleasure of getting and beating several camera/radar/red light tickets.

    My advice is to not get one of these municipality revenue generating scam tickets in the first place.

    The entire court system is rigged to get you no matter what. These tickets become the domain of civil court. That means the judge is also the jury and executioner. You have no rights to discovery beyond having the prosecuting officer show you the video and photos and try to convince you that you were in the wrong.

    You can’t establish lack of foundation because they make the rules up. You can’t use ADOT standards for engineering because the police department takes over those responsibilities when they use cameras at intersections and on the freeway.

    The probability of winning in court is stacked against you unless you have a rational judge and prosecutor, which is a crap shoot.

    The total unfairness of having a camera on every mile of freeway can’t be misconstrued as a safety issue, but it is an obvious ploy to generate money for the state and local coffers that have failed to practice fiscal responsibilities. Nappylotaxo has stated such and we all know it.

    To get the cameras out, it will take more effort than a few meetups and a website. You need much more.

    Protests are good, but you have to have more than 19 people there. You need thousands.

    Protests I would like to see: Have your 19 people drive on the freeway at the very minimum mph with signs on the back of their cars. Slow down traffic to a crawl. Do it at peak hour. If you can get 50 people to do it, you can really create a stir. I would participate in that protest. Pick a freeway and a time and get your drivers to write signs and then drive really really slow. I am not sure if you get a ticket for going 15MPH, but find out what the minimum speed is and then don’t go slower. Do this on a regular basis.

    The other thing you need to do is get everyone who gets a ticket is to ignore it, up to the point they actually send out a server. Then you can’t ignore it any more. The more people who wait until a server comes out, the more it costs the state.

    Then convince everyone who gets a ticket to take it to court instead of paying the fine. That will overwhelm the court system. They have to give you a timely trial. If everyone goes to court instead of paying, you create a real issue for the state and the tickets become costly for them to process.

    Of course the camera company is a good target too. Redflex is rife with bad employees and iron clad contracts that are designed to increase their profit. Take them to court if you have a case.

    If you get enough people doing simple things without doing anything illegal, you will be better off than Jihad or conflicts with the police.

    The worst thing the state can face is if everyone goes the speed limit and they don’t generate any tickets. They still have to pay Redflex. Deny them the revenue at all costs.

    Good luck.

  3. jgunn says:

    I agree with the driving the minimum speed down the highways with many people on the weekend with some kind of slogans on the roofs so maybe the news copters can film it and put it on. It also seems that the mobile cameras may be breaking the law with the minimum distance they need from the signs to the photo vans. If someone can catch them in the act, and film it and get it on the news, it would help the cause. Redflex breaking the law to get more tickets is outrageous! Get out there with a camera and one of those rolling measurement devices.

  4. Stan says:

    If speed cams have injured just one person they aren’t worth it and should be taken down. .53% of traffic accidents are speed related. Cameras don’t take everything into consideration before issuing a ticket like a policeman would. There is no witness.

  5. HAHAyoulosers says:

    You guys are such a joke!!!!!! Just do not speed, it is simple. The police are needed else where, and the state also needs money. Both reasons are great reasons for the cameras.

  6. JohnF says:

    So .. people speeding are getting tickets without due process?? GREAT!!! MORE SPEED CAMERAS!!!! I have no sympathy for anyone who is not paying any attention to the bright yellow signs (4, two on each side of the highway) that are several hundred years before the cameras, and are caught speeding. Increase the fine to $500 for all I care.

    I’ll continue to drive at the LEGAL speed and not worry about it.

    What a bunch of cry babies!!!

  7. JohnF says:

    Speed cams injuring people?? How about all the wasted hours cops put in because morons think they know a safe speed or drive irregardless of the safety of others. How about cops killed, either by gun or car, because they are on the highways issueing tickets??

    MORE SPEED CAMERAS!!!! Bring ’em on!!!!

    If you speed on purpose, you are inconsiderate and putting other people’s lives at risk just so you can save a few minutes every day. I’ve seen you idiots speeding down the 202 or 101, weaving in and out of traffic. I see the brake lights come on of the cars you cut in front of.

  8. Ross says:

    I’m calling for everyone of the supporters of this site to ignore the obvious trolls on that have been popping up on the comments sections. I’ve been more guilty that anyone of trying to put them in their place, but it is not worth the time and effort anymore.

    They are just baiting us, or they work for Redflex or the defense sector and are concerned about their job security now that the democrats are back in power.

    Speaking of politics, I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone at Jan Brewer’s office to find out how she feels about scam cameras. I suggest some of you do the same. Going after Redflex can only do so much. If they go out of business, someone else like ATS just slides right in.

    Keep up the good work and don’t worry about Mickey Mouse DPS. They can be defeated. Let’s try to persuade some people in the new governors office that this scam needs to stop. Now that Napolitano is gone, things could get real interesting.

  9. John says:

    I Live in Prescott Valley, AZ. I hate these photo radars popping up all over our city. I got popped once…right when they added them(red light). They changed the length of the yellow AFTER I got popped. So I tried to fight it…to no luck. They screwed me..because not only did I pay a fine for court…they then MADE me go to traffic school and charged me AGAIN..and took 8 HOURS out of a Sunday!!! Hell they even popped me for 7.00 in paper work! So everyone gets a piece of the pie! The cities, the counties, the state, heck, even the traffic schools!!! Talk about getting scammed??? Totally outrageous!!

  10. Louis says:

    One ticket by camera is enough for me. I’m joining the revolt!

  11. Ron says:

    If you speed you deserve a ticket!!!!! Man up. Take responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. I’m tired of A-holes terrorizing our streets and crying when they get caught.

  12. J.W. says:

    Ron, JohnF, HAHAyoulosers, et. al. What ever will you do the day that photo ticket comes in your mail with your pretty mug and plate on it because some speeding jerkwad happen to set off the camera at the same time you were driving by in a different lane? I can and probably has happened. Not everyone here does 70-80-90+ down the freeway, and most people here aren’t advocating it either. We just don’t want to risk having to pay fines for crimes we did not commit because a camera had a glitch. We are looking out for your rights too.

    Sorry Ross, had to try. We’ll see how that works.

  13. DF says:

    Here’s a novel idea! Obey the God Damn law.

    You idiots make me laugh each and every time you go on a rant.

  14. Don’t worry about it, JW. They actually discredit themselves with their ridiculously poor language and flawed logic. They also enjoy a lot of CAPITAL LETTERS AND PUNCTUATION!!!!????????!!!!!!!

  15. Sick of Government says:

    How about this.. When the AZ government removes all of the illegals, I’ll drive the speed limit. Until then they should deal with a real problem. Remove them and suddenly the budget will in the black again. And how about sending out scam tickets for driving too slow?? Or impeding the flow of traffic in the passing lane? It doesn’t matter because all you have to do is trash the thing IF you get one. Personally, I sit up behind my visor and give the cameras a finger.

  16. ScameraActivist says:

    The cameras are not the law. You are profiteering in the name of safety. You are worse than hemmorhoids. The constitution is the law, and you (Redflex and its shills ) are the ONLY ones breaking the law.

  17. Josh says:

    Why don’t we just have the government put cameras in every one our homes? Then our prescious government could protect us from anything bad ever happening! I hear all you people saying “just obey the law and you’ll be fine.” Tell that to the 15 million illegals in this country you fools.

  18. Deborah says:

    Go to for the latest news. Buy their e-book. Incredible information thousands of people have been seeking. It can make a difference saving you hundreds of dollars and supporting the cause to stop these cameras.

  19. Anita Troll says:

    To Josh….
    No… It’s “obey the speed limit and you’ll be fine”.
    And then you can stop crying about the ticket.

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