Three CameraFRAUD Events This Week

Mon, Dec 1 @ 7:30 PM:  CameraFRAUD addresses the Arizona Automotive Hobby Council

Wed, Dec 3 @ 4:00 PM: Demonstration at Redflex Headquarters

Thu, Dec 4 @ 7:30 AM: CameraFRAUD addresses the Strategic Edge Business Alliance

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28 Responses to Three CameraFRAUD Events This Week

  1. Stop Fraud says:

    Ill try to make it tomorrow PM, but in case I dont; Id like for you to consider the following ideas:

    1) Find out who the local management is of Redlfex and schedule repeated protests outside of their homes. This is perfectly legal. Record / video tape and photograph members of their family as the come and go, perfeclty legal. Do not harass, or even speak to the family. Just stand there with protest signs. The media will eat it up. IE: Exposure. Redflex employees deserve to be video taped. Also, put the employees home address and family pics up on your public website. This is all very legal. Going after Redflex is key.

    2) Organize a protest of DPS HQ. Show them that the citizens of AZ are displeased with their thought process of ‘law enforment’ via machines. Put a major portion of the blame on them, make them feel the heat of the public displeasure. Let them know you want them out there writing tickets, arresting suspects on warrants, taking down drug trafficers, and saving lives…….and not watching or supporting cameras.

    3) Start a weekly Press Release from This should go to all local news outlets to include TV and radio. The report should include weekly updates on the orgs activity, future events, and public statement from its leader. (Matt / DT?) Whoever the ‘leader’ is, thats who needs to be in the face of the public-therfore the media. You want it to get to a point that when the public hears about speed-cameras, they think of CameraFraud, and its leader. Right now, the public doesnt know what to think about these cameras, they are still digesting it. So, its up the CF leader to show the public whats wrong with it, teach them, inform them, lead them, raise money for CF and drive the cameras into national spotlight.

    Your Press Release should be sent via fax and email to all media outlets as discussed above. You also need to compile an email list of those that have signed on to your website, and create a ‘volunteer’ database from those emails. Each PR that is sent out weekly, needs to also be emailed to your volunteer supporters. The more you keep in touch with them, the more activity and support you will gain. That one email blast to 100 supporters, will land on tens of thousands of computers everytime you send one out. People like to spread the word via email, take advantage of it. Creating your local volunteer database is critical in molding your local support.

    Also: when doing a protest, it is imparative that you (CF) let local law enforcement know about the full details ahead of time, like 24 hrs notice. You need to develope trust and respoect between CF and local LEO. If you dont, your people will end up being harassed and arrested (like your videoographer did) on a constant basis. Your PR need to be sent to local LEO Dept as well. You let DPS know your going to protest their HQ, and you earn trust. Same with Phoenix PD…you let them know youre going to protest every Sunday in front of Mr Redlfex home from 10AM-3PM, you will get trust from them to. Develope that local LEO relationship. Regardless of what you might think of LEO, they get tickets too, and so do their family members….not to mention that when you share information with them…..they will eventually share it with you.

    Anyhow, things to ponder for tomorrow PM.

  2. Sailor Jerry says:

    Rebuttal to stop fraud:

    First, there is NO leader in CF.. Matt, DT, 4409, blah, blah. good luck with that one.

    Second, the public does know what to think of these cameras….they don’t like them.

    Third, during the revolution when did the Patriots warn the british ahead of time when they plan to attack? There are no rules in a Revolution!

    Why the hell do you need to to tell the police that you’re going to utilize your first amendment right anyway? Furthermore, they post the events on multiple websites anyway sothere is no secrets.

    I understand where you are coming from and you gave some good advice but the revolutionaries may have a different way of doing things.

    Below is an example of why we don’t pleay their game:
    If you would like to fill out a complaint form, you’re more than welcome to. Thank you and it will go right in this here trash can errrrrrrrrrrrr, I mean file.

  3. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    i do like the idea of building rapport with LEOs. They are on our side and we can keep them there.

  4. Will says:

    I just saw the report on Fox 10 about the sticky notes pictures being posted on this site and decided to stop back by here. I found this site a while back when I was looking for ways to get out of my ticket I got on Scottsdale Road.

    The City of Scottsdale scammed me out of more money on top of the money I paid for the class because they said I owed money to the process server who harassed my parents. I never received the original ticket (which of course was sent illegally through the regular mail) and I was punished because of it. Tried to fight it in court but they still made me pay, either that or my drivers license would be suspended.

    I’m thinking about taking my story to 3 On Your Side, cause here is the rest of the story: I am a disabled veteran and full time college student. I was broke at the time waiting for the first to roll around before I was paid by my veterans benefits. The judge at the city court didn’t care and I was forced to empty my bank account.

  5. Glyph says:

    One more thing, in the state of AZ, it actually IS illegal to picket/protest a private residence.

    Protesting DPS HQ does have a nice ring to it though.

  6. Glyph says:

    Never hurts to cite my source…

    13-2909. Residential picketing; classification

    A. A person commits residential picketing if, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, such person intentionally engages in picketing or otherwise demonstrates before or about the residence or dwelling place of an individual, other than a residence or dwelling place also used as the principal place of business of such individual.

    B. Residential picketing is a class 3 misdemeanor.

  7. ScameraActivist says:

    Yeah, thanks glyph. There are some people who want us to do stupid things. Keep that in mind.

  8. Randy says:

    Boasting 100 members… 100 whiners if you ask me. For the 90% of the drivers that actually OBEY the speed limits and other LAWS we could care less about you. Next you’ll be protesting robbers saying they have the right to hold us up because they need the money. Why don’t you get with the program and just do the right thing and OBEY THE LAW it’s not a hard thing to do if you have any morals at all. The state could put up cameras every 100 feet and not change the way most of us drive but to the sorry few that think they are too good to follow the rules because they cramp their individuallity are probalbly the same people who wonder what happened to thier kids.

  9. Ross says:

    Uh oh. We have another idiot. I’m a little too tired this morning to crush Randy the troll. Anyone else want to chime in?

  10. Georgia says:

    photo enforcement cameras are simply revenue generating sources with a minimum amount of investment by the government agencies .

    They should be replaced because they ago against that principle of innocent until proven guilty.

    Their future uses are several. Not only could they regulate speed, abut they could keep track of where we are going and where we area at a certain time\ THeses cameras could keep track o the people. They ned to come DOWN!!! l

  11. Luu says:

    This Big Brother watching and forcing have to stop. This have to decide by voter decision not those “law enforce” thug. They suppose to work for people not agaist people.

    The Photo Radar donot reduce spedding problem, they just another form of “one arm bandit” from our supposely trusted Police. I hate this form of enforcing.

  12. K-man says:

    Randy, Randy oh randy… The one who feels cameras are just fine, no matter where they are placed…. uhm… How about putting them across the street from that apt you live in and let them peer into your Life . Maybe a web cam too…? right?

  13. gregg says:

    Hey.. I have a suggestion……. Why don’t all of you get a real life and stop speeding?? Then maybe you wouldn’t spend all of your free time doing this crap.
    The cameras are there just to catch people who speed. Not to figure out where you are going as one person suggested. Where do you come up with this crap??
    I’d rather have the crazy speeders getting tickets and possibly slowing down in the future so I don’t have to worry about them smashing into my car when I have my kids with me. Their safety means more to me than a buch of lame people who have nothing better to do than complain because they got a ticket and now they think the cameras are spying on them!

  14. gregg says:

    I almost forgot… The Stop Fraud Idiot actually suggests going to a RedFlex employees house and photograph the employee and their family members and post them alomg with their address!!!!!!!
    How stupid can you people get??????? Yes.. lets post pics of kids and their addresses so weird people (ex.. perverts) can know where they live.
    HOW DUMB CAN YOU ALL POSSIBLY BE????????? That has to be the stupidest suggestion I have ever heard of.
    I’m sure you’d love for someone to follow you home and take your families picture and post it along with your address so everyone can see your kids and where they live. Wait until some pervert shows up at your house and harrasses your kids cause they got your information from a dumb website like this.
    Idiots. Isn’t this what all of you people are against?
    The cameras are to catch speeders. Not to pry into your private life. Maybe you all should obey the law and drive like a sane person.
    Agian.. idiots.
    Maybe I should go picket you idiots who like to picket other people who try to do the right thing. Hmmmm.. Another stupid website for lame people.

  15. George says:

    Gee Greeg,

    Maybe they shouldn’t work for a company that is scamming people. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    How do you know the cameras are catching speeders?

    When you get a ticket in the mail over a week after the alleged violation, how do you know the information on your speed is correct? You take these people’s word for it. The same people who get a cut of every ticket issued and have every incentive to issue more and more tickets.

  16. Will says:

    The cameras create more of a safety issue than anything they solve. (I got busted because they hid a van on a section of road that everyone thinks is 40 mph, but is infact 35. I was popped for doing 46. I took the class but they scammed even more money from me.) The cameras make it so the cops don’t patrol the areas to catch the real threats to our safety:Drunk/reckless/tired/high drivers. They also increased the instances of rear ending accidents. I am a safe driver, so why do I get punished when the people who are hurting people get away with it?

  17. Scott says:

    I have an idea, why don’t we post one of those scanning machine like they have at the airport on city streets. Then we can check to see if people are concealing drugs or guns on them illegally. We can automatically send them a ticket in the mail, ya know a criminal ticket. I mean come on Gregg, if you weren’t breaking the law then why would you care, right? Or maybe we can have cops stop you and search you for no reason. Oh RIGHT, it’s that Constitution thing. I forgot about that! Hell we could catch a lot more criminals that way! Maybe soon they could even put cameras inside our houses and maybe even log all of our internet traffic! Sure would cut down on those meth houses and all those illegal internet activities!

  18. ScameraActivist says:

    Ok, the sudden explostion of trolls on the site is unreal. Maybe because we are gaining public support like a freight train with no brakes.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution tactics.

    This is how it works. Troll #1 posts stupid idea in hopes one of “US”, (whoever that is) will follow through with their silly and in most cases illegal idea

    Troll #2 states how irresponsible Troll #1’s idea is and how Troll #1’s idea is representative of the whole group, and how we’re all law breaking, reckless criminal idiots who want to break the law.

    Troll #3 says “Simply follow the law.” If you don’t speed, you don’t have anything to worry about.

    GREGG, the cameras don’t spy on people

    According to Redflex, they want to get into the business of homeland security by integrating license plate scanning and facial recognition software into the existing infrastructure on our roads. Also, they want to use the system for “Amber Alert” situations.

    Remember, once the gov’t (or its private for profit corporation lackeys in crime ) have the ability or power to spy on its citizens, it can and always will be abused. To think otherwise in naive at best. It’s sold under the guise of safety and “only law breakers are punished” nonsense. Then mission creep sets in once the infrastructure is in place and the system is used for a variety of other offenses such as “not being buckled up, ” “driving while talking on cell phone”, “distracted driving,” “tire tread violations.” You think I’m crazy. Search the articles on Camera Fraud or These ideas come straight from the photo enforcement companies mouths.

  19. Ross says:

    BTW Gregg,
    How did you find this site? You must have made a typo while looking for other things caught on camera. Right Gregg?? C’mon, tell us how you found the site. You know it will make you feel better. Let your anger do the talking.

    Gregg, don’t read this next part.

    My money is on Gregg’s little life being tied to this revenue generating scam somehow.

  20. ScameraActivist says:


    I concur. Trollalicious !

  21. RPr says:

    “its so easy” LOL

  22. Gregg says:

    What’s the matter? You all like to bitch but you can’t take the heat when someone disagrees with you?
    And no you fucking idiots.
    I got a ticket from them. And hey…. It’s because I was speeding. I damn well deserved it. And you can bet your ass that I now drive the friggin speed limit. Only you pricks who think that ‘the man’ is out to get you and the other pricks who got a ticket and want to whine are the ones that can’t stop crying about it.
    Cops have a better job of catching real criminals instead of sitting aroung catching a bunch of speeding pricks because they think their shit doesn’t stink and that they can get away with anything. Ohhh wait.. I know.. Maybe they’re speeding because someone’s chasing them!!! lol………..
    Get a real job you losers.
    And I found this site because my friend feels the same way as you lame asses. He’s a supporter. And I tell him the same damn thing.
    And don’t forget what Glyph said. Or better yet… please do. So then you can get charged with being a damn nuisance. Ohh wait.. Then maybe you’ll start bitching about the cops who charge your stupid ass and then you’ll start a website againt them!

  23. Anita Troll says:

    OMFG!!! Are you Idiots for real??? Holy shit Will??? Monitor internet traffic, holy shit you mean there isn’t a whole division in the FBI that already does that?? Where have you been??? Furthermore Will, you discredit all of the real disabled Vetrans with your boo whoo sob story. What is it that they say.. “Do the right thing even when no one is looking??” You’re not the only disabled vet who is out there that has had to deal with the same thing. (I, myself am one.) And not all of them are crying about a damn ticket.
    I think the internet is a great place. But if you, for one minute think that your footsteps arent being watched and followed… and yes recorded. Then you are the ones that are naieve. No I don’t like the cameras, I think they suck. I like to speed. That’s why I drive a fast car. Seriously though, you asses cant drive worth a shit. I have driven in every single state save Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and you asses are by far the worst. You speed and race across town like the world is going to end, you swerve in and out of traffic cause you’re in such a fucking hurry, probably to get to your stupid ass golf game to bitch about how the stupid cameras on the 101 caught you speeding…. yet again.
    I’ll bet your the same people that say its wrong to have FBI agents pose as underage children to catch sex offenders, or have you homos already started that website and when you relized everyone that subscribed to it was a pervert you had to change your thinking, and bitch about something stupid. Let me guess.. you only do it cause you can’t formulate anything cohearent on something that actually matters.. like illegal immigration. No wait you probably are all for it cause they do jobs that would get your nice little polo shirt dirty.
    SCOTT. great idea, you could actually make a fortune with that idea, scan people on the highway, thats FREEKIN AWESOME!!! Maybe it would free up some more police to actually do real police work instead of babysit a bunch of mindless uneducated fucks. Oh wait!!! You cant do that. I guess by your logic you would be scamming innocent people right?

  24. No One says:

    There’s definitely two sides to this. Do people need to slow down and be more careful? Absolutely. Will camera make that happen? Even going so far as to say yes, my question is simple: “at what cost?”

    I have no problems about their stated, intended usage. Catching speeders is a good thing, even though I am sometimes among them.

    But how about mailing a warning, or reminder to people, kind of a “gotcha?” You know, like the cops often do. Having gotten one or two of those myself over the years, I can tell you that is every bit as effective as a ticket. It makes you think about it, pay attention to what you’re doing, which is really (or at least should be) the point.

    Instead, boom, you get a ticket. No warning, no questions, no proof, no… anything. You are presumed guilty and have no real recourse. The owners of these machines don’t bear the burden of proof, their machine says you’re guilty. It doesn’t matter if there was a malfunction, because we all know machines and computers absolutely never malfunction. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, whether you’re actually being safe or not.

    And that’s the crux of it. People love to say that it’s to enhance safety. If I’m cruising down the interstate at 4 AM on a Sunday morning, with no one else on the road, I defy anyone to tell me that I am being any tangible amount less safe by going 65 or even 70 than by going 55. Yet my ticket is the same. Interesting, huh? I am not being unsafe an any way, yet stand to get a ticket “for safety’s sake.” How’s that work, again?

    But what’s even more insiduous than their “it’s for the safety” campaign is the worst one of all– “it’s for the children.” It s a documented fact that they are trying to link this system with the Amber Alert system. They want to put in facial recognition software to catch the badguys, as well as license plate tracking. Again, a noble goal on the face of it. But how much of this link is merely a smokescreen, a facade to cajole us into accepting this monstrosity “for the children?” After all, no one wants to say, “I like child molesters and kidnappers so I think this is a bad idea!” Anytime someone uses the phrase “for the children” while trying to perform an otherwise unsavory task, I know it’s not really for the children, it’s because that’s the ultimate trump card. No one can go on the record against it. They don’t give a damn about the children, if they dd they’d donate some of their massive profits to a children’s charity like our very own Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Now that’s for the children!

    I submit that more rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, et al are caught by the daily vigilance of police officers on routine trafffic stops than will ever be cuaght by this system. Think about it. A policeman pulls a child molester over. What’s usually the tipoff? The guy acting suspiciously. Can a speed camera catch that? No. It catches license plates and faces, even under ideal circumstances. Now, think about the Amber Alerts you’ve ever heard. Most of the time we don’t have faces or license plates. It’s a white male in his 50’s driving a black or green chevy SUV. You get a vague description of the person and maybe a make model and color of the car. So, tell me, with this information, how is the camera going to catch the guy? Answer, by targetting every dark-colored SUV in town riven by a white guy. So now you are being tracked all over town. Illicit surveillance without a warrant… interesting, huh? Even more interesting when you get pulled over by a SWAT team while coming back from the grocery store. Or when your face is now in the computer, and you ‘just happen” to look like someone they’re looking for

    So what’s that do to the the whole argument about “if you’re not doing anything illegal you don’t have anything to worry about…” You do have something to worry about, because you are being illicitly surveilled and your every move is tracked by computer. Even if you’re just going for groceries, they know about it. And a powerful tool such as this is just begging to be misused in some way. Maybe not initially, but when you have eyes in the sky and can not only track every movement of someone– nay everyone– but at the drop of a hat inundate anyone you’d like with thousands of dollars of fines that they “MUST” pay, suddenly you’ve got some real power.

    Now, do you honestly think that a privately held foreign corporation, which is in the business to make money, is immune to the misuse of power?

    It’s not about safety, it’s not about the children, it’s not about crime, it’s about money and power.

    They want the power to make themselves money at our expense. Any actual good that comes out of it is nothing more than a byproduct or propaganda fodder.

  25. No One says:

    oh, and one other thing, just for the record.

    I have received a speeding ticket before. When the officer handed it to me, I thanked him and I meant it. I was speeding, though I didn’t realize it till he lit me up, and he caught me. I paid the ticket. Even if I had disagreed with that specific instance, I can honestly say I’d have taken it anyway because I know I sped, more than I should– so it was coming to me.

    My wife has received a photo radar ticket. She paid it.

    Both times, there was no contest. Do the “crime” do the time. (time at work to pay for the ticket and/or time at the traffic school.

    The point is that this entire thing has nearly nothing to do with speeding, tickets, or anything else but….

    power and money.

  26. Lynn says:

    Cash Cow, plain and simple. JNo claims it’s for your safety and your own good. I agree that slowing down will prevent accidents. But this is NOT her reason for ordering 40 more. It’s a CASH COW. She’s driven the budget of Arizona into the ground and is now on her way out of here to bigger and better damage. QUESTION: I heard on News 3 that there was a petition to sign on this sight. Maybe I’m just not seeing it.

  27. ScameraActivist says:

    Petition will be coming soon………. Very soon. It is the process right now. Hang tight everyone, it is coming.

  28. ScameraActivist says:

    In the process

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