“Disturbing trends in traffic cameras”

“Disturbing trends in traffic cameras”
The Arizona Republic

Regarding photo-traffic enforcement in Arizona, I find it very disturbing and quite outrageous that our state government would:

1. Conspire to outsource our traffic police to a foreign country in exchange for a percentage of the fines they generate.

2. Allow the Australian company Redflex to redistribute hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from photo enforcement back to Australia while the American economy collapses.

3. Claim that photo-traffic enforcement is making our streets much safer when rear-end collisions increase by as much as 54 percent where ever cameras are installed because drivers slam on their brakes when they see the camera’s flash.

It also makes me wonder that since automotive historians are now calling Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross the “mother of freeway photo radar,” does that make Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano the “godmother”?

If you are wondering where this huge statewide expansion of photo enforcement is all going, just follow the money. – Bill Gilmore, Phoenix

9 Responses to “Disturbing trends in traffic cameras”

  1. Ross says:

    Why am I safer on the 101N in California going 80 MPH than I am going 55 MPH on the 101N in AZ? The answer: Photo enforcement doesn’t effing work.

  2. Ross says:

    Uh oh. Mickey Mouse DPS to nab the silly string and post-it bandits: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2008/11/29/20081129B1-talker1129.html

    I feel so much safer now that they are going after the “real criminals” of this state. What a joke AZ has become. I can’t wait to see the State try to bring this person up on criminal charges for a law that doesn’t even exist. There’s got to be a lawyer out there just salivating over taking that case.

    Jan Brewer please save us!!!!

  3. Masked Ninja says:

    This is the reason why I wear a ninja mask when I drive on the freeways. No face. No ticket. Take your revenue machines back to Australia

  4. Raymond says:

    One more thing,
    At the rate they are making laws in this country everyone will be in jail in five years.
    America the Free?
    What a joke.

  5. Michael says:

    I once had a lawyer tell me that if everyone stopped breaking the law tonight they’d scramble to make a whole new subset of even more draconian laws to keep the money machine well oiled all in the name of “safety”.

  6. John says:

    They are already tracking you.


    Excepts from the article:
    Infrared units mounted to the front of Callister’s vehicle scan the license plates of a Casa Grande firefighter, an Ohio State football fan and everyone else who drives past as he hunts for stolen vehicles.

    By logging the daily location of thousands of registered automobiles, investigators may be able to narrow down the locations of people they are looking for.

    “We have to be very cautious,” Scarber said of the records of vehicle locations. “Right now, we haven’t gotten rid of anything.”

    State Sen. Pamela Gorman, R-Anthem, who did not return calls for comment, introduced a bill in 2007 that suggested DPS should dispose of license-plate images within 24 hours unless the data is tied to an ongoing investigation. The bill went nowhere.

  7. Paul Culberson says:

    It is a sad State AZ has become to let this go as far as it has. I remember when DPS had a purpose and that was to serve and protect the public not set up a big brother network of photo enforcement cameras to do the job of police officers.

    Well, if you want to cut the budget and save money how about letting some of those officers go since we obviously do not need them to monitor the highways now. You all are opening the door to have Government eliminate your own jobs. What is wrong with you. Or maybe DPS could stop purchasing BMW motorcycles, plate scanner, photo cameras and high tech equipment usually used by the military and get back to basics. On that note, I am curious if Homeland Security Grant funding was used to purchase any of the new wizz bang equipment that is now turned on its citizens? Be interesting to find out.

    I wonder how much money the contractor gets to monitor and service the equipment. I am pretty sure they have included that into the cost of this punative tax. Hey AZ Government officials, you corrupt SOB’s are really stretching the rubber band on this crap so don’t be surprised when it snaps in your face.

    As for the individual who is putting string on the cameras, Good Job mi amigo I wish there were more out there like you. For those of us who just came back from overseas fighting for freedom, thanks for the SLAP in the face to the local municipalities and the State, we appreciate your efforts to make us feel welcome and secure in our own home. Nice Job…….Morons.

  8. Becky says:

    I am so glad that I found this site! What a relief to know there are others out there who see what I have been thinking since the Scottsdale cameras went up. I am not a big speeder, but it seemed as though that there was more than what met the eye. I really hope that the people of Arizona become educated regarding this issue.

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