Roll Out! Janet Orders Vans Every 20 Miles

Janzilla has done it again. From

Napolitano has wasted no time in getting her photo radar plan operational. She ordered the first 42 mobile ticketing units stationed every twenty miles on Interstates 10 and 40 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Gobble, gobble! Is turkey-neck Janet showing her lame duck colors? But wait, there’s more:

This means that an out-of-state family, unaware of the new program, could be hit with a total of twenty tickets while traveling with the flow of traffic between California and New Mexico. With court fees, the total cost of the citations would $3700.

These numbers don’t take into account the stationary (“flashing money tree”) units already littering the shoulders of our right-of-way.

NOTE: As far as we can tell, DP$ hasn’t figured out a way to serve out-of-state drivers, leaving the burden on in-state residents.

24 Responses to Roll Out! Janet Orders Vans Every 20 Miles

  1. Big Fun says:

    Sure hope there aren’t a lot of breakdowns along the freeway this weekend. It would be a shame if someone had to change a flat tire or something right in front of one of those cameras.

  2. ScameraActivist says:

    They can only get so creative. There are only so many new tricks. Once all their “tricks” are unveiled, it won’t be so easy to fool motorists. As Bob Marley says ““You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”

  3. I am afraid the law only allows one ticket per day. So the $3,700 i a bit optimistic. Plus, I seriously doubt that they will pursue out of state plates. They don’t now. Generally, beyond a possible threatening letter or two, just like government vehicles and commercial vehicles, it is usually we regular scum living in state who foot the bills. As usual. As it should be until you are mad enough to do something about it.

  4. I was far more interested in the Treasurer’s idea that this constituted an illegally passed tax. I am sure that the people paying the tax, nor a mere ordinary citizen would lack standing in any taxpayer funded black robe’s courtroom to complain…but maybe an elected official in charge of the loot might.

  5. jgunn says:

    Holy crap. There will be no local jobs left here after Janet takes every penny out of the local economy. Do they really think the local buisnesses will stay solvent after taking millions of dollars out of it in an economic crisis the likes of which has not been seen since the great depression? When the heck will local buisnesses start banding together against this since they are the ones who directly get hurt by them?

  6. Jackie Wintz says:

    LOL big fun

  7. Jerry says:

    The system for collecting from out-of-state drivers was already set up by the criminals at the Arizona Supreme Court.

    Mike DiMarco- Arizona supreme court – updated the limited jurisdiction court committee, justice and city court judges: “Web payments for FY05 are at $952,000 for February 2005.Twenty-five percent of these payments continue to come in from out-of-state with some coming from as far away as ‘France and Germany’.”

    LJC Minutes – March 2, 2005

    Case No CV – 06 – 00634 – JMR – Document 1 – Complaint – December 18, 2006 – Page 28 of 58

    This criminal RICO Enterprise is well equipped to steal people’s money!

  8. RJ says:

    jgunn, most of the state’s revenues will stay in the state to do important things like pay state employees, etc., so the revenue from the photo radar tickets doesn’t really leave the local economy.

    That said, I hate photo radar (but I like red light cameras…go figure). One of the highlights of this week for me was turning down a job offer from American Traffic Solutions. Glad something else came along; I would’ve felt so dirty if I had to take it.

  9. RPr says:

    has anyone called Shoba and told her the cameras are coming down yet? LOL

  10. azmojo says:

    Jerry, The might mail out-of-state citations, but they have not been no to properly serve those notices. Without proper service, those tickets can be completely ignored.

  11. Jerry says:

    Azmojo, you could be right. I’m dealing with the early to present FARE Scheme. I think, though, if a person does not pay, they will suspend the licenses, even in another state. I haven’t had a chance to really look at the photo radar camera scam in depth, so any information is greatly appriciated. I would imagine they have a system in place to force payment, which would be like Arizona’s traffic citation scheme, where they brag about how many suspensions they do. It is interesting to watch the evidence pour in from so many sources around the world. Rest assured, if we share information, we, together, will put them out of business.

    Azmojo, did you see my other post on State Treasurer: Cams are Unconstitutional? That is the nuts and bolts of how we are going to bring them down. These criminals belong in prison!

  12. Nalz says:

    Hey Facist Nation, how sure are you about the one-ticket-per-day statement? I ask because a friend just got two in one day, $180 each. He would love to drop one from his collection

  13. jgunn says:

    How do you figure that the 180$ for a ticket (70$ of which goes to those thieves at Redflex) goes into local buisnesses that employ us Arizonans? So the remaining 110$ is given directly to restaurants retailers, and services who employ many of us here in Phoenix? I don’t think so. This 180$ is money that local people won’t be spending at local buisnesses. These buisnesses are laying people off or even closing up shop. Arizona loses the revenue from sales taxes from the buisnesses, gets less taxes from those who lost their jobs, and loses money having to pay out unemployment benefits to the affected. It’s no wonder that Arizona has such a huge budget deficit. It’s no wonder Phoenix is laying off 1000 people. It’s no wonder Phoenix has stooped to asking its employees to working 1 day a month without pay. Photo radar is certainly not 100% responsible for the horrendous economy in phoenix and Arizona, but it’s like throwing gasoline on a bonfire. I haven’t even mentioned all the tourists that will never come back here to spend their money after they get a ticket in the mail a couple weeks after visiting here. Photo radar is the straw that broke the camels back here and one of these days hopefully local buisnesses will get a clue and start fighting back.

  14. Radar B8 says:

    You said it! ‘Nough said.

  15. Gary Miljour says:

    I just found your site and love your articles. I was writing a piece tonight about 3 very borderline laws in Arizona. Thanks for this great information and please let me know if I can get involved. These cameras are an erosion on our personal freedoms.

  16. Phenician says:

    Drove from Phoenix up I-17 to Sedona on Thanksgiving Day. No photo radar the whole way. Drove from Flagstaff to Ash Fork today, the day after Thanksgiving. No photo radar seen on this 50-mile stretch of I-40. Hmmm.

    Your quoted news item says the cameras will be out on “Thanksgiving Weekend” so maybe the vans will be on the highway tomorrow. I’ll be driving to California on I-40 so I will find out.

    Meanwhile in Phoenix (my first visit in more than a year) I noticed almost 100 percent speed-limit compliance on 101 and 17. No one speeding on the local streets either. In which case, how are the cameras bringing in any revenue? Deploying them in such a large number could turn out to be self-defeating. If there’s just a couple, people may take a chance. When the damned things are everywhere, no one will risk exceeding the limit. It would be amusing if the system bankrupts itself.

    Thanks for your great site. How come you don’t have a Donations page?

  17. ScameraActivist says:

    We’re working on setting up donation capabilities.

  18. Will says:

    What is funny is I took a trip up to my parents’ house in Kingman this past weekend, and I saw no camera vans on I-40 between the Hwy 93 and Andy Devine Ave (Rt 66) exits at all. I did see one on Hwy 93 on the back down to the valley today. Janet is a liar and I will be glad when we are rid of her.

  19. Azmojo says:

    Jerry, Check out for details. You can’t be convicted of speeding unless you’ve had an opportunity to defend yourself in court. You don’t have to show up to court if you’re not properly served. Still, many sheeple who don’t know their rights or how the system works pay their “fines” anyway.

  20. phenician says:

    Today (Dec 2) drove from Williams AZ to the state line all the way on I-40. Not one speed camera seen. Just the usual Highway Patrol vehicles, that’s all.

  21. Stop driving like an ass says:

    It’s called the CARE program. (Read up on your so called ’cause’ much?? Or watch the news??) And AZ chose the day BEFORE Thanksgiving to do the whole across the state thing. Not after. lol… You’re all so outta touch. Since you people are so into your cause, maybe you should get all of your info BEFORE posting your comments about the cameras. And then also you should all try and make a diff for a cause that might actually mean something for the Americans who are less fortunate other than just youselves.
    And maybe those out of state people should DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT AND THEN THEY WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING A TICKET!! (ohh.. and you all also.. and then maybe you can get those panties outta your ass and stop your whining!)
    If you’re all so pissed about AZ stepping up and trying to make a difference, then maybe you should move to some other fucking state that could care less about protecting its people from asshole drivers and hit and run accidents.
    So since you all are so angry about possibly getting a ticket, then you all must drive like assholes, (I mean.. come on.. that’s why you’re all bitching…)
    Do you have a website against all of the illegals that are here stealing hard working (job seeking) American jobs? The same dipsticks that steal our cars, drive them across the border and bring back more of them? And then start the drug houses and more theft and more drug running? No.. you’re just angry because your Mommy got a ticket.
    Instead of bitching.. Why don’t you all go and give a bum some money, donate all of the crap you have sitting around your house that could give a hard working, low income American family a diff for the holidays, donate food, your old clothes (that are soooo last season.. God forbid someone sees you wear the same thing twice..) old furniture, ..Shit.. Anything you damn cry babies!!!!!!!!!
    There are so many poor Americans that need the stuff you no longer have a need for. (ESPECIALLY here in the state of AZ) So why don’t you all go and try and make a diff there instead of trying to make a stand against a bunch of cameras who send you a ticket for speeding? Go make a diff where it’ll count. Lord knows they need it more than your bitching and complaining.
    OOhhhhhhhhhhhh. AZ is sending me a ticket cause I was speeding… ohh.. Dadddy.. Can I have some money?? I got yet another ticket cause I was in such a rush to the resort….. LAME.

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  23. Law A. BidingTroll says:


  24. […] Janet Napolitano vowed, in the name of safety, to place a mobile Scamera Talivan every 20 miles on Intertsates 10 and 40. See DP$’ Press Release here. Afterwards, DP$ was quick to pat […]

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