The Tale of Two Headlines

AZCentral seems to be torn between two masters when it comes to photo enforcement related news, redefining the Orwellian idea of doublespeak in the process.

Case in point: The bizarre retitling of a story regarding the victim of a motorcycle theft receiving a photo ticket in the mail long after his vehicle was reported stolen.

Original headline?

“Motorcycle theft victim gets ticket in mail”

Revised, politician-safe headline?

Man who stole motorcycle responsible for speeding ticket”

This development follows a disgraceful hit-piece done by Phoenix NBC affiliate 12 News, which lumped all who oppose photo enforcement into the category of “vandals” while reporting on the post it note epidemic. (12 News, AZCentral, and The Arizona Republic are all owned by Gannett.)

The Arizona Republic has proven to have little regard for keeping appearences above reproach:

(Redflex’s) Vaitheeswaran had only recently taken over the media relations role from Michael Ferraresi, 28. Ferraresi, himself a frequent ticket recipient, has been through a revolving door with the Australian camera vendor and the Arizona Republic newspaper. After writing stories about the company for the Republic, Redflex hired Ferraresi to be spokesman — often speaking to his former colleagues at the paper about the company. Ferraresi is once again reporting for the Republic, a paper that offers enthusiastic editorial support for the use of speed cameras and red light cameras.

7 Responses to The Tale of Two Headlines

  1. azmojo says:

    What makes the article even worse, is that there has been no conviction yet. It’s only an alleged stop light violation, and the only evidence is a photo! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? And what happened to guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt? If all they have is a photo, I have A LOT OF DOUBT.

  2. RC says:

    Hmmm an article headline changing, where have I seen that before?

    I think I remember reading an article that was titled something like “Van Driver attacks Elected Official” and it was changed a few days later to “Van Driver attacks Demonstrator”

    I wonder where I saw that.


  3. Jackie Wintz says:

    Man they change their headlines as fast as the Scottsdale PD change the charges on Shelton.

    This is why I do not go to those site any longer. I have seen countless articles like this. In as much who really cares anout azcentral no one is reading their crap website anyway and everyone knows it. EVEN THEM!

    All you end up getting there is brain damage and virus from all the spyware they send to your computer.

    My sister went to that azcentral site about a year ago by accident. She started getting all these popups and crap and before you know it her computer got a virus or trojan or whatever and crashed within 5 hours.

  4. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    Except in camerafraud’s case, RC, both headlines are accurate. AZCentral’s revision is tapdancing around the actual meat of the story — otherwise known as burying the lead.

    As for the demonstrator/elected official (DT?), both are accurate and I received an email copy of the press release with “elected official.”

  5. David says:

    The money you are spending on this campagn could sure be used to help those killed or injured by speeding drivers.

    I drive the freeways most days. The speeders are a hazard anything to slow them down will help.

    Just obey the laws and we will all be safer and better off.

    Have a great day.

  6. Redflexrunner says:

    David, what about all the innocent families being robbed? Your friends and neighbors are losing hundreds of dollars just to make these crooks rich. And it’s only going to get worse, David. All of your driving, even your tire tread, is going to be tracked and scrutinized just to find a reason to demand your money. Remember, they have a budget deficit and it’s going to keep growing, they’re not going to back down, just watch the greed skyrocket. And wait until you don’t have the money to pay them. They’ll take everything you have.

  7. […] surprise: the Republic has never flinched from obvious conflicts of interest, such as keeping the revolving door open between the paper and Redflex regarding the employment of former Redflex PR flack Michael […]

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