CameraFRAUD Street Action Success

(Please send your pictures of this event to

Unique, non-referred visits to surged during a Friday street-action / demonstration over Arizona’s busiest freeway.

The demonstration, which was held on the 16th Street overpass at Interstate 10, used a combination of “freeway blogging” (Styrofoam cups pressed into the chain link), handheld signs, and ripstop banners.

Westbound traffic was targeted first due to volume, with the message “PHOTO FRAUD” spelled out in the cups, with an arrow pointing to the right shoulder of the freeway. The response was immediate, with a sea of curious drivers honking and waving at the people above. A large banner was also visible, as well as many other large signs. (Response from drivers on 16th street was also strong.)

Eastbound traffic was then focused on. Our message in cups spelled out “NO TO PHOTO CAMS” along with the other signs we carried over.

Traffic to CameraFRAUD surged to record levels, presumably from curious motorists trying to find out information on all the commotion. A surge of traffic from west-valley Cox Communications users, followed by a surge of traffic from east-valley users, mirrored the pattern and timing of our driver targeting efforts.

The 1-10 handles hundreds of thousands of vehicles during rush hour.

Special thanks to the officers from the Phoenix Police Department for consulting with us prior to the event to ensure public safety and the safety of our demonstrators.

The cameras are coming down.

4 Responses to CameraFRAUD Street Action Success

  1. ScameraActivist says:

    It was a good one !! Phoenix PD was very professional. They allowed us to use our constitutional rights without interference.

  2. Judith Tippins says:

    Yes, Phoenx PD seemed cool but DPS gave one of ours for a criminial trespass charge..WTF

    Yes I said Criminial. They have no credability now in my book.

    That DPS officer was running around acting like the property manager for a privately owned apartment complex.

    Sad thing is he and DPS actually believes THEY OWN IT. This is why they act like they do not need your permission to put cameras up…it’s private property.

    We are all going down in flames man.

  3. AZ ATTORNEY says:

    you have to be asked to leave and refuse before you can get trespassed. this didn’t happen and is another example of DPS not understanding the laws they pretend to enforce.

  4. RPr says:

    video is up on the sign wave LOL

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