Malfunction of the week

Numerous people have contacted to report a photo scam cam malfunctioning in Tempe:

Graham emails in:

I was sitting at the Starbucks on the SE corner of this intersection today (Wed, Nov 19, 6:15 pm). The camera monitoring E-W Guadalupe traffic is having an epileptic fit, flashing every couple of seconds on legitimate traffic (only when E-W travel is moving). I’m just waiting for the inevitable crash that this is going to cause, although it’s kind of funny to watch the light show. Love your site, keep up the good work.

Many people have also noted the incident on the forum:

“Moneystacks” wrote:

I drove by McClintock and Guadalupe the other night and the camera was malfunctioning. It flashed on every (no joke) car that went through the intersection on the GREEN light. The light had just turned green so no one was speeding. Bottom line, I don’t trust those things.


i think i was there when that happened!! i think it was wednesday or monday night around 9:20pm. That camera flashed me when i went on a green light, and all the other cars behind me as well, there better not be any ticket in the mail!!


I live near that intersection. It does that all the time!! I swear at least once a week it will flash for every car during a certain cycle right after the light turns green.


I was there when that was happening! It really was taking everyone’s picture. I live near there, but that was the first time I’ve ever seen that happen. If I get a ticket in the mail, it’ll be going right in the trash. What a joke.

Tempe’s scam operation is headed by Redflex.

(We suggest asking for Redflex’s Shoba at 480-440-0647)

10 Responses to Malfunction of the week

  1. Ed Vallejo says:

    Coming home last night on the 51 Southbound, I was in the HOV lane, doing about 50, when I passed the scameras just past Indian School Rd, two cars ripped between me and the scamera at about 70 mph and it flashed them – I BETTER NOT get a citation in the mail because of them or… well…

    Put it this way, it won’t be pretty!

  2. ScameraActivist says:

    That happened to me as well. Its a definate problem. How can people be sure the cameras are citing the correct person. When you already know that the motives for the cameras are a scam, and the companies that operate the cameras have no credibility, how in the hell can a person have ANY FAITH WHATSOEVER in the accuracy of the machines. When all the credibility is gone, these companies will go broke. No one will pay. It’s that simple. They’re credibility is eroding quicker than the bluffs over LaJolla beach. Quicker than an avalanche in the backcountry. Quicker than our credibility in the world. Quicker than quick. What’s cooler than being cool, ice cold !!

  3. Evapilot says:

    I’m just glad I got my plate “photo proofed” These scameras are getting way too out of hand. Even my coworkers that drive UNDER the speed limit, want these things gone!

  4. Rick says:

    I think that a couple of rounds from a paintball gun would probably fix the problem but I may be wrong. So what ever you do, do not shoot these cameras with a paintball gun.
    I repeat do not shoot the cameas with a paintball gun!!!! Happy hunting.

  5. Red Green says:

    Speaking of malfunctioning, I went by one of those speed limit signs with the radars that display your speed when I was driving down in Chandler. The thing is flashing at me that I am driving 54mph and I thought “that can’t be right” so I look down and my speedometer is reading 45mph. Yeah, stationary photo radar is great – I am sure they are right on top of fixing any errors the radar may be experiencing….. not.

  6. Ted Stevens says:

    Red Green I had the same thing happen to me I was goin 38 and the machine said I was doing 54 WTF.

    Fuck Redflex DPS all of them. It’s nothing but a mafia ran scam. They are going to push people to the limit and when it does bite back they are going to shit their pants. They truly do not know what they are causing and what the result are going to be.

  7. sarah says:

    They buy used equiptment and a lot of it no longer has service records or records of being calibrated. This is not due process but intimidation. Do not answer the letter sent by first class mail. Refused to sign for the followup certified letter. Do not answer your door for the process server. You should never answer your door if you do not know who is there anyway. Do you think fat $$$ cats living behind a gate worry about this stuff. NO WAY.

  8. Red Green says:

    More evidence that speed cameras are BS:

  9. I have had it with speeding ticket EXTORTION! by the use of camera’s – speed traps and RADAR.
    IT’S GOT TO STOP!@@ I am sick of the kangaroo courts and the blatant use of ‘police’ power to suck money out the hard working commuter!!! 100 camera’s PLUS mobile one’s… good god what’s next!!

    I knew the day after this state said it was 700 million in debt – they were determined to get it from somewhere and your looking at him. The working class driver ONCE again!

    100 new camera’s and 40 mobile units- IT’S INSANE!

    Since I moved here I have been flashed once – went to court and of course lost – on the infamous route 101. I have the video PROVING the truck had caused the camera’s to go off and the judge said ” our computer camera’s don’t make mistakes!”. Pay the fine .. next case please.
    They do make mistakes. Ask Biil Gates – ever heard of VISTA 😉
    What an inane statement for a judge or anyone for that fact to make. The day I went to court I waited and listened to three other cases after mine and regardless of the evidence – be it notarized documents from mechanics/auto dealership owners stating cars were incorrectly calibrated , it still didn’t matter. Once again the judge told defendant this time she should have “FELT” the car was going too fast. This was my first brush with this state and camera ticketing.

    On OCT 20th, 2008 there was a massive speed trap at mile marker 214 – on 17th heading South – before Bell Road.
    Several cars had been pulled over at 7:00am. A motorcycle cop was in pursuit of another car and lost them in traffic. I looked in my review mirror and saw him then slow way down and pull then proceeded to pull me over!
    I was taking the Bell Road exit approximately 400 yards away. He said did you know you were doing almost 20 miles over the speed limit ( which at that point was 45). Long story short I told him no – it was not I – I am taking that exit right there. I stated I was slowing down not speeding up. He then threw the ticket in the car. The ticket then read I was doing 77 MILES AN HOUR. I did not sign the bottom and just handed it back to him. He was so busy he didn’t even notice. Last time I went to school 20 plus 45 is 65 not 77.
    HE also RAN OUT of the paperwork that he was suppose to give back me regarding my options of what I opted to do about the ticket – pay-driving school or hearing. He had given out soo many tickets that morning that I had to drive to the Moon Valley COURT house to get that paperwork myself!! FYI – I had called for four consecutive days after the ticket to find out what my options were because I was not given anything that day but a ticket.
    The average wait time for those 4 days was over 70 minutes!. When I finally got thru the clerk told me that they were inundated with the exact same type of calls. NO proper paperwork from the officers had been given out after a certain time frame because they had given out soo many tickets that day they all ran out. What is going on here???

    Since the new camera implementation I have been flashed over the past couple of weeks everywhere from Flagstaff to 202 by the air port. I cant tell what’s what anymore.
    I believe this is an egregious abuse of power and needs to be stopped. I saw your folks standing on the bridge over the 202 and that’s how I found your website.
    I have a court date of beginning of Jan and sure would like “support” or advise because we have to take a stand here.
    And say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
    If found guilty I am looking at a $350.00 ticket and you know what – my family doesn’t have it. My husband is self employed and its an exorbitant amount of blood money.

  10. From a technical standpoint, radar mechanisms can be designed and made to work so that they accurately record an object’s speed under specific situations – ie. whether a traffic control device is in a certain mode. Under the current situation where the government is the owner of all roads (except those few that are specifically private) I doubt that this occurs very often.

    If the roads were privately owned then an individual driver could positively social preference [] those owners who maintained those thoroughfares in a manner that suited him/her (hir) – that allowed hir to maximize hir lifetime happiness, the purpose of each individual’s life whether or not s/he recognizes it. S/he would use the preferred roads (and other transportation options that would arise in a truly free market) and at the same time avoid (negatively social preference) those whose owners used methods/practices that did not meet hir values. The transportation method owners would be in real competition to meet the wants of the customers (drivers/riders) which would include any of a large number of possible characteristics, of which getting between 2 points in a particular length of time would be one.

    And in addition, I recommend printing the names of the police officers who are giving out these types of tickets and the names of judges who are disregarding facts associated with these radar associated traffic regulations violations. The same applies to technicians for this equipment. Get photographs of all these people, too, in the midst of enforcing these laws, making rulings supportive of them and installing/servicing this equipment – then publish the photos along with the names, available from name tags being worn (and official paperwork). Publication of this information is negative social preferencing and provides for more informed choices by all individuals when deciding whether to voluntarily associate with these people.

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