Republican Party Chairman Condemns Photo Scams

pullenWhile addressing a crowd of approximately 50 people Wednesday night, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen expressed disapproval of automated ticketing, calling for the removal of photo enforcement equipment.

“We need to take (the cameras) all down and put them on the border facing Mexico,” responded Pullen to a question asking the Republican Party’s official stance on photo enforcement. The Chairman was addressing Republican members of legislative district 18 in Mesa.

11 Responses to Republican Party Chairman Condemns Photo Scams

  1. Evapilot says:

    I’m a diehard democrat…but this guy will get my vote. Hell, give him the governor’s position NOW!!!!

  2. andy says:

    when will you americans realise that the cameras are a positive for your community. if you stop speeding and running red lights you wont get a fine!

    we have had speed and red light cameras for years in australia and we are used to them

    get over it and stop whining!

    you will find that these will be prolific across all states in the future – just like here in australian and the uk. the goverment loves the revenue generated by you

  3. TMS480 says:

    Hmmmm, my Australian is a bit rusty, but I’ll give it a try….

    Crickey Andy!

    While you Aussies don’t vegemite mind handing billabong over your freedoms and wallaby firearms to a government that didgeridoo micro-manages you, and jumps at joey every opportunity to tax you unfairly.

    But let us Seppos have a fair go at the exy cameras. We get mad as a cut snake when someone from the back of Bourke comes OS to make a blue with their Divvy vans!

  4. shallowshark says:

    hmmmm andy, how are your firearm rights latley?

  5. bob says:

    ha, ha, obviously Andy works for RedFlex which is the headquartered in Australia!

  6. Jerry says:

    Andy, after reading this website and looking at other hard evidence, do you still believe that this camera scam is on the up-and-up? just posted a story: Australian Camera Company Profits from US Economic Woe

    They are Bragging about how much money they are stealing from the hard-working people in the U.S.A. Even in your community, taking money out of the economy, has a domino effect. People cannot go to stores and spend the money that has been stolen from them. When retail sales slow to a crawl, jobs disappear. Your community arguments do not stand, when reality shows billions are being stolen out of the Arizona community, as an example, and crippling the economy. These are thieves that belong on prison, not on a pedestal.

  7. Mike says:

    Yep, I’m guessing “Andy” is a Redflex employee. lol

  8. RPr says:


    Redflex is destroying Australia’s image.

  9. ScameraActivist says:

    Australias a surveillance state just like the rest. Theres no where to move anymore to escape. Must fight tyranny at home. ET phone home !! Hell, The Homeland of America is one of the last few modern nations that isn’t pussified. If we don’t take on the beast head-on, we’ll become gun-less, spied on pussies like the brits and the aussies. I don’t think Americans want that !!

  10. andy says:

    when your wife and child are killed by a car that runs a red light and hits them – will you feel the same way!

    dont necessarily agree with speeed cameras – given they can be placed on roads when the speed limit is underdone and there is less of a safety concern

    but red light cameras – if they can stop people running red lights then they area good thing. no excuse to run a red light its too dangeous. could be your family one day. think about it

    and no i dont work for redflex. and btw there is an american company called ATS that does the same thing as redflex so dont just blame us here in australia!!!

    and before you start talking abotu firearm laws – have you had a good look at your firearm death rate lately compared to australia!!! not much of a comeback that one :

  11. Ross says:

    Yes there is Andy. Americans are crazy and like to shoot each other. Your folks are too busy poaching crocodiles and kangaroos.

    It doesn’t matter if we have an American company running this scam too. We want them both gone and Australia gets a lot of credit for bringing this junk here to the states.

    My Uncle died in a plane crash because of a mistake at the Scottsdale Airpark. We all have tragedies in our lives. That doesn’t mean that we have to videotape everything people are doing at all times to prevent them. That sort of oversight is impossible and simply mad if you ask me.

    I’m sorry for your loss and agree somewhat with red light cameras, but how do you keep the camera scam to just red light enforcement.

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