“Camera Inaccuracy”

Tom writes:

Tonight I was going 64 MPH on cruise control in a 65 MPH zone on I-10, and a temporary camera flashed at me.  I expect a ticket in a few weeks.  I doubled back and re-drove the same stretch of I-10, but in a far lane, at only 60 MPH.  I saw several cars in a row, going the same speed I was but in the “curb lane,” getting flashed by the temporary camera.  It sure seems like a money-making scheme for the state.

Comments about “if you’re going the speed limit, you don’t have to worry” are just not true!  The camera operators can set the cameras to any speed they want, and calibrate them to show you’re going faster than you really are!

Redflex is deploying countless numbers of these snap-happy drones all over the state, as previously documented during a past excursion on the 1-10 near the 7th St tunnel.

9 Responses to “Camera Inaccuracy”

  1. Steven D. Cords says:

    You have my backing to eliminate this unethical and unlawful use of traffic and people monitoring. I’ve tested a camera and got the software to flash with an anomalous situation. Any programmer knows, Garbage in=Garbage out.
    Actually the cameras violate both constitutional law and the federal USC’s. Think why a little bit, their exists many reasons why the cameras are unlawful based on The American System of Government.

  2. Ross says:

    I just called Redflex’s PR Director and told her to find a new job. I suggest more of you folks who support this site do the same.

  3. anon says:

    ross, did you ask for Shoba?

  4. If you weren’t driving you’d have nothing to fear.

    If you had nothing to fear … they’d create it.

    What’s in y’or wallet?

  5. Sailor Jerry says:

    LOL Fascist Nation

    I was driving down the 101 when those cameras were up a year or so ago and the camera flashed me while my cruis was set at 55. They sent me a bill claiming I was going 85mph..

    WTF, It’s all fraud

  6. me says:

    Gee Tom,
    Won’t you feel quite silly when eventually, no ticket arrives and you realize this was one big waste of your deep pool of paranoia, for only what was probably a test shot…….
    Wow, they probably have to do test shots once and awhile dont’cha think? Well, that’s not a good enough story, better throw in some paranoia, Stir it up a bit…

    Oh ya, I’ve been flashed, doing the speed limit. I knew I wasn’t speeding, so I did not care one bit. Did I get a ticket? NO.. I didn’t let my paranoia and lack of anything actauly meaningful to do get the best of me.

    Funny how quickly people forget that when you sign the back of your license, your agreeing to abide by the rules of the road. It is a privilege, not a right. No one had to give you that license.

    Sailor, if you were doing 30 over, DPS would have knocked on your door, not sent you a letter. Quit lying.

    So what other crazy off the wall rumors can get made up today? Oh did you know if you drive past a camera with your windshield wipers on, the radar can’t detect you and you can go as fast as you want? My cousins girlfriends dad told me so and that he does it all the time and never gets flashed.

    Let the paranoia begin… (or maybe go put all this energy into some actual worthwhile cause that helps people)

    (Tomorrow Ima go down to a camera and watch all the people driving past with their windsheild wipers on at 90mph….. getting flashed….)

  7. Radical says:

    Just remember, the freeway speed units do NOT employ Radar or Laser, they use a sensor emmbeded in the pavement near the camera to read your speed or tell when you’re running a red light…. look for the black lines running across the road near the Scameras.

  8. Ross says:

    I did ask for Shoba, it was actually her voicemail. I have yet to get a reply from her.

    “Me” – you are suggesting a very wasteful practice of prematurely wearing out valuable rubber on windsheild blades. I know you were being fecicious, but I don’t care.
    Go away. I don’t even want your dumb, predictable reply about wasting fuel, paint balls, sticky notes, etc. We don’t have time for you. Piss off mate.

  9. Evapilot says:

    Typical…a redflex employee (or senior citizen???) commenting here to lie/scare/lure the free thinkers away. Sorry, “me”…but it won’t work. I have my own device that is 100% fool proof in getting a ticket. I won’t mention it due to the fact that I don’t want people like him running to the criminal politicians to demand laws to make it ‘illegal’ At least I can drive the freeways now with peace of mind. And I can even go 30mph over if I want…with no worry of the blue boys knocking on my door! So as ross stated…piss off mate!

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