“One Hundred Million Dollars!”

ATS has sued rival scam-cam vendor Redflex Group for $100 Million dollars, saying Redflex acted “illegally by using radar units that lacked required government certification”

Further proving that its for the children all they want to do is take your money, ATS is not only suing for the $100 Mil, they want the profits from the illegitimate tickets:

The ATS lawsuit asked for damages, its own lost profits and for Redflex’ profits from use of non-certified radar. “Damages are substantial and may approach $100 million,” the lawsuit stated.

CameraFRAUD.com’s BFF (best-fraud-forever), Shoba Vashawahwhatever, apparently wasn’t too talkative:

…Redflex spokeswoman Shoba Vaitheeswaran on Thursday declined comment on the lawsuit filed Nov. 5.

Of course, a little bird tells us that the 100 mil figure was no accident: rumor has it that ATS top execs were watching “SWAT” during a board meeting and figured the number sounded good while being screamed out in a pseudo French accent.

8 Responses to “One Hundred Million Dollars!”

  1. RPr says:

    They are both going to spend millions of dollars of your money to fight each other so they can get more of your money

    Total fraud

  2. Ross says:

    This just makes our point for us. Has anyone heard that you can request a video taken at the time of your “violation?”

  3. Sailor Jerry says:

    WOW, I did not realize shoba was our BFF LOL…kick ass.

    I love her!

    I heard “she’s so easy” …ohh wait maybe it was “it’s so easy” ohh well.

    If anyone should be suing it is the freaking people to get back the money those asswipes at Redflex and ATS stole from them under this scam.

    I imagine this is why this stupid law suit has magically appeared. People were threatening to sue them. So you just have your buddy sue you to call off the sharks and tie up the courts.

    This just goes to show you, like I have always said, they are NOT “rivals” They pretend to be but in the end they work for one master!

    In as much, how can ATS, with a straight face sue Redflex for profits Redflex scammed fair and square?

    uhhh I can’t get my scam on as good as you so I will sue….WTF

    We are truly living in the twilite zone for reelllzzz.


  4. RC says:

    “CamerFRAUD.com’s BFF (best fraud forever), Shoba Vashawahwhatever…….”

    Isn’t this the same site that cried racisim over that process server? Once again proving you guys are nothing but hypocrites.

    But I’m sure you’ll come up with something like making fun of someone’s last name isn’t as bad as using a slur a heated confrontation. Or you’ll just change up your article and hope no one else catches it.

  5. scamera activist says:

    it’s just a hard last name. It’s not worth the extra time to try and get it right.
    Not for her anyway. Maybe someone more respectable.
    Anyone who works for these companies are not respectable.

  6. anon says:

    it’s racist to make a point of someone’s long last name?

    I found a picture of RC:

  7. TMS480 says:

    Shoba may not have been too talkative regarding this matter, but she DID post on a New Times blog about the Post-It syndrome affecting their cameras…


    Basically, she says that it’s wrong for people to damage her cameras.

  8. anon says:

    Automated citation by American Traffic Solutions, ATS in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, evidence is: picture taken when red has been on for 0.25 seconds, video clip with half a dozen green light indications, but no frame indicating yellow light, two frames with red light. Time & place: College Drive December/2008. Frame 0.25 seconds into red, shows car front wheels on stop line, next picture 1.5 seconds later car inside intersection. With measured speed of 20mph the car was no more than 5.5 feet from stop line when light turned red. Since human reaction time is roughly 0.2 seconds, there was no practical chance of seeing red light, and simply stop on red, before evidence was taken by ATS camera. It is unknown if yellow light was shorter than 3 seconds. Looking at the video clip frame by frame does not show a single frame with yellow light. The notification says the video clip has be reviewed by a sworn Baton Rogue police officer.

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