Top ATS, Redflex Employees Ignore Tickets

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

That seems to be the modus operandi for some top employees of the two primary scam-cam vendors, American Traffic Solutions and “rival” Redflex Group.

September 2005: Public records show that Shoba Vaitheeswaran (Redflex’s Media Relations spokeswoman) was the defendant/respondent in an unspecified photo enforcement case. After ignoring the extortion letter sent by Scottsdale Police and the Scottsdale Municipal Court, her citation was dismissed under Arizona’s Rule 4:

“The defendant has 90 days from the date of filing to be served with the citation, pursuant to A.R.S. § 28-1592(B)(2). After 120 days, the court shall dismiss the citation, pursuant to Rule 4(i), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.”

May 2006: John Petrozza, ATS’s Executive Vice President of Field Operations, appears to have ignored his Scottsdale traffic citation, which was dismissed under Rule 4 (almost exactly 120 days after being filed.)  It’s unclear if he intentionally avoided the process server, commonly called “dodging service.”

July 2008: ATS President James Tuton is listed as defendant/respondent for a Scottsdale traffic citation. Tuton appearently also ignored his extortion letter from Scottsdale, and the summons was turned over to a process server. The most recent update to the case seems to indicate that on 9/30/2008 Tuton was either served or voluntarily waived service.

It’s unclear if Tuton is actually going to fight his ticket, which would be really amusing due to the likelyhood that his company actually issued it. We’ll bring the popcorn to that dog-and-pony courtroom showdown.

So, allow us to momentarily enter the Twilight Zone while we, uh, applaud …?… these people for ignoring the fraudulent photo enforcement tickets.

29 Responses to Top ATS, Redflex Employees Ignore Tickets

  1. RPr says:

    I know a good lawyer that will help them fight it on the grounds its FRAUD LOL

  2. Sailor Jerry says:

    They are probably ignoring them for a reason. One reason they are ignoring them is because they realized it’s FRAUD?

    DPS should drop the Public safety part of their name and go with Department of Public Scams because that seems to fit better.

    If there is one thing that has come clear in the last year is that Freaking DPS is the MOB and they are the culprit in this scam on the people!

  3. Sailor Jerry says:

    We should ask Shoba?

  4. tim says:

    Thats funny

  5. RPr says:

    I didnt know if they dont find you within 90 days they have to dismiss the ticket.

    Thank you Shoba, Petrozza and Tuton for showing us they way!

  6. RC says:

    Before you get too cocky I saw a report on the news that said any DPS tickets that you ignore will catch up with you once you have to renew your vehicle tags.

  7. RPr says:


    come on you have got to admit this one is pretty funny

  8. anon says:


    Glad you brought up the KPHO interview, as it shows the desperation of DPS as they resort to lying about the service process.

    DPS can huff and puff all they want, Rule 4 still stands and they can pound sand.

  9. Sailor Jerry says:

    I actually seen the KPHO interview and I started laughing.

    Then I got pissed because I just seen a DPS officer blatently LIE to the people of Arizona.

  10. 1. Yes, the KPHO interview was full of interesting claims by the DPS. Scottsdale PD/ courts have frequently suspended people’s drivers licenses and/ or license plate registrations … because they can. Oh not legally. But by entering a simple code in the computer claiming you ignored a default claim in traffic court. If it is against the 90 day service, how do they get away with this? Easy. They have a server who filled out paperwork swearing to have served the “victim in this case” with the notice to appear before a judge (in court). You didn’t show, default judgement against you.

    There have been more than a handful of cases in which people could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were out of the area/ state at the time and place the process server claimed service rendered under penalty of perjury. Did the process server do time? Get a fine? Lose their license to serve documents upon people for the state? Nope. Just like a bad cop, prosecutor or judge, the lying under oath is ignored (and maybe encouraged).

    Bottom line for the victim … it is a real pain in the ass to get your license and license plate reinstated. Expect to pay a lot to get it done in both time and money. Expect the max when it comes to long lines and inconvenience. Even if you can prove you were never served (which for most will not be possible (your word WILL count far less than the server’s word), you can at best have everything dismissed and reset without a word of apology or compensation.

    2. I thought the DPS spokesman’s threat of “dealing with people wearing disguises (paying attention Scamera?) interesting. I went back to title 13 (criminal) and title 28 (transportation) to see if I could find anything in the ARS regarding wearing masks, concealing or disguising your person, hiding your visage etc. while committing a crime as an additional penalty or crime in and of itself. I found nothing. So be warned when that knock at the door and officer DPS friendly wants to talk about who was that masked man … the correct response is, “gee I would love to talk to you but this sounds like a question you need to ask my attorney.” Unfortunately the examples that will be made are to those who show up to a courtroom in the initial post service phase of “who is this behind the wheel?”

  11. Matt says:

    Free daily e-mail alerts of photo radar vehicle locations in Mesa, Tempe, Tucson and Scottsdale at Check it out!

  12. Seth says:

    Shoba got another photo radar ticket Dec 12, 2007 and looks like she got it deffered w/defensive driving school.

    You can look up court records for yourself at this web site

  13. […] in Colorado, trustees in Orchard City killed the idea of photo enforcement faster than a speeding ATS executive: “Some cities use it mainly for red lights. Others do it for speed, and others do it for […]

  14. […] at the Arizona Department of Public Safety have shreeded their own professionalism faster than a speeding Redflex executive. After all, those in the “Inner Party” of the photo enforcement scheme are exempt from […]

  15. geotucson says:

    I got 2 “tickets” in one minute on 1/10/09 on N17. I received the notices and the “tickets” in the mail, ignored both.
    On 5/11/09, a process servce got me from behind.
    When exactly does the 120 days begin? Is this service too late?

    • RPr says:

      sounds like its too late

      • geez says:

        Hey Geo! Arent you glad you listened to the people here at CF who tells everyone to throw the tickets away! Now your screwed AND it’s gonna cost you close to $100 extra to pay for the server! Haha!

    • Law A.Biding Troll says:

      the date you were served marked 132 days from the photos… but the clock starts when they mail the ticket (s) out.. and i would bet it took more than 12 days to mail them…. sorry you are screwed…. nice to see that it took a member from this site 20 something days to get back to you…

    • geez says:


  16. Once again the troll doesn’t know what he’s talking about. ARS 28-1592 says that you have 90 days from the date that the violation is filed.

  17. Law A.Biding Troll says:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    blame her//// i just went with what she wrote…. sounds to me like nobody knows!!!

  18. […] 3,500 are in good company: ATS and Redflex executives have been known to ignore their own tickets. Rightfully so: you are not obligated to appear for court unless you have been properly […]

  19. LJL says:

    BS!!! I worked for ATS from the ground up in the citations dept in AZ. I actually got hit by the photo radar cameras one night on the way home from work… The next day, my citation was hanging up in my cubicle. The picture was crystal clear, so there was no reason to reject the photo (based on our guidelines that reject or accept all citations). I had to pay for that ticket and I did. It was quite embarrassing and my coworkers thought it was hilarious (because it was).

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  21. […] Get a job with Redflex or ATS – Not surprisingly, their tickets are also automatically dismissed under, you guessed it.. Rule […]

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