Photo Van Driver Attacks Demonstrator

Tempe Police arrive on scene behind Redflex photo van

Trouble: Tempe Police arrive on scene behind Redflex photo van

Tempe Police has released a damning report detailing the violent actions of a Redflex employee against a demonstrator holding an anti-photo radar sign earlier this month. PDF File Report in PDF format, courtesy

Corey M. Fleetwood was operating a Redflex “photo speed van” on the night of October 3rd when a demonstrator contacted police to report that the van was blocking a fire hydrant.

Before police arrived, the driver of the van exited the vehicle and charged at the demonstrator, forcing him to take multiple steps backwards. According to the report, Fleetwood then ripped the sign away from the demonstrator’s hands before throwing it on the ground.

An independent witness on the scene was videotaped saying “I really though he was going to hit (him) I thought he (Fleetwood) was going to hit (the demonstrator).”

Backup Arrives

Backup Arrives

According to public records, a complaint was filed in February against Fleetwood for “Speed Greater Than Reasonable / Prudent,” which resulted in the suspension of his license.

Another complaint from December of 2007 accused Fleetwood of “Assault / touching with intent to injure.”

Redflex is no stranger to controversy. The Arizona Secretary of State’s office recently condemned a Redflex notary for violating no less than four laws relating to document integrity and accuracy.

In early September, a Redflex van driver was arrested for extreme DUI while driving a photo scam van destined for Tempe’s streets.

Police question Corey Fleetwood, Redflex van operator

Police question Corey Fleetwood, Redflex van operator

Just last week, a Redflex employee was found to be in a state of undress, sound asleep, inside another Tempe photo speed van.

Media Inquiries should be directed to

15 Responses to Photo Van Driver Attacks Demonstrator

  1. This shows the beauty of David being all nice, open and friendly cooperation with the cop. Manned and engine running = not parked… no problemo. You are soooo right officer friendly, now about that assault? Yes, why let me discuss it with the gentleman.

  2. But frankly, if I were you Dave, Republicans should be getting use to being beaten.

  3. scott4517 says:

    Hear, Hear…!!

  4. Glyph says:

    DT is an elected official?

    Holy smokes, I’ve been addressing him informally all this time!

  5. RC says:

    Wow this article just proves what a joke your whole group actually is.

    I like how the title changed from “elected official” to demonstrator and the “demonstrators” name was then taken away from the article. You sure don’t seem to have a problem listing the van drivers name. You even went as far as to white out his name on the police report too.

    And I’m sorry just because you don’t know someone that doesn’t make them an “independent witness.” They were out there protesting and dancing in front of the van so excuse me if I take their “eye witness” report with a grain of salt.

    Well I guess you can go and hold another press conference that only one reporter attends again.

  6. camerafraud says:


    Not sure what you’re talking about… the names are in the police report in full.

    The only things removed from the police report was the responding officer’s name, the witnesses last name, and whatever Tempe PD redacted.

    Just FYI, the smallest press conference we’ve ever had resulted in at least four media outlets attending, which was regarding the process server who used a poor choice of words while serving a Redflex generated ticket.

    Anyways, thanks for visiting.


  7. ScameraActivist says:


    Atleast the media is interested in talking to us. The more chances we get to bash your scam company the better. More will be coming, don’t worry about it. Check out the meetup site buddy. It’s growing by the day. It’s spreading like wildfire. Next thing you know, you’ll be out of a job. There won’t be anyone left to scam. You’ll get whats coming to you.

  8. ScameraActivist says:

    Oh and our good buddy is an elected official. Thats some truthful information there. Who says we can’t change the title of an article. You change out lawful radar units with ones that aren’t certified by the FCC, and you (or your cronies ) in local government change yellow light times. You get caught forging documents and get your notary license revoked. Let’s be real here. You change things to fraud people more often than when Obama uses the word.

  9. RC says:

    When did I say that I worked for the cameras? Believe it or not there are actually a lot of people out there who can drive the speed limit and not run red lights and are for these cameras.

    About the name being taken out. I was refering to David Arneson’s name being removed from the story on your main page and then in the police report his first name is whited out again except for the first initial.

    I have looked at your meetup page and looking at the photos from the “Alleged Racisim” press conference it appeared to show only one reporter. And what a crock that was. So by your logic if he was serving them papers from Visa that would make Visa racist too? Also the media must have realized it was a BS story since I did not see it reported on anywhere and if it was I’m sure you would have posted a link to it.

    So when are the cameras coming down? I keep seeing them popping up all up and down the highways. I’m real sure the state would pump all this money into this program if it was all just a big fraud.

    Back to the Van Driver attacking the Protester. I read the report and watched the video and did not see anything about an assault. He just grabbed a sign and then the protester tried to “scam” away the value of the sign. If you are paying this guy $60 an hour to make signs then you must enjoy being ripped off. Also I’m waiting on how you can refer to your felow protester, whether you knew them before or not, as independent witnesses.

    The cameras are staying up.

  10. RPr says:


    would you still be for these cameras if you knew that they were lowering the yellow light times in order to make more money?

    would you still be for these cameras if you knew that they caused more accidents?

  11. RC says:

    I would classify those theories as nothing more than “Urban Legends” spread by people against the cameras.

    Where is your proof?

    The cameras are used to catch Red Light Runners, not Yellow Light Runners anyway. Haven’t you all seen those red lines at the intersections? I was told in traffic school that you have to be behind that red line when the light turns red and then run it to get a ticket.

  12. RPr says:


    a study showing they cause more accidents also San Jose just canceled their contracts because they cause more accidents.

    Click to access fl-orban.pdf

    i have many more if you would like me to post them i will

    yellow light times study from the House of Congress

  13. […] driving an automated ticketing van. A month later, Corey Fleetwood, another Redflex van driver, attacked a demonstrator in Tempe for holding a sign near his van. Despite Redflex claiming that all employees proceed though […]

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