Sweet Dreams: Redflex Driver Caught Snoozing

Sound asleep, w/ camera in foreground. (Clickfor large version)

Sound asleep, w/ camera in foreground. (Click for large version)

An employee of beleaguered Redflex Group was caught sound asleep on the evening of Saturday, October 18th while “operating” a speed trap on behalf of the City of Tempe.

The van –engine running, of course– was parked in the 2300 block of East University, targeting eastbound traffic. The driver, who appeared to be in a partial state of undress, had removed his company-issued red polo shirt and was curled up in a ball on the floor of the vehicle.

Apparently awakened by the flash of the camera (oh, the irony), the man quickly threw his company shirt back on and appeared to be engrossed with what sounded like a football game playing on a small screen inside.

He's alive! Driver pictured after waking up and putting his red polo shirt back on

He is risen! Driver pictured immediately after waking up and throwing his red polo shirt back on.

Van drivers are responsible for driving vehicles to target locations, ensuring the vans are not vandalized, as well as acting as a witness for the integrity of the electronic equipment if called to testify in a court of law.

It’s unclear what a person could testify to when they are found to be deep asleep

Redflex and the City of Tempe are no strangers to personnel trouble. Earlier this year, the Arizona Secretary of State condemned a Redflex notary for violating no less than four laws relating to document integrity and accuracy.

In early September, a Redflex van driver was arrested for extreme DUI while driving a photo scam van destined for Tempe’s streets.

Later that month, CameraFRAUD.com released a controversial video showing a process server caught using derogatory and racist language while attempting to serve a Redflex-generated photo ticket.

UPDATE: KFYI 550 AM has picked up this story.

UPDATE 2: Media attempting to get ahold of Redflex for comment should see this video. (More to come on this later.)

24 Responses to Sweet Dreams: Redflex Driver Caught Snoozing

  1. Glyph says:

    Too funny! I keep telling myself that we need to do something to embarrass these guys, but they do a much better job embarrassing themselves!

    Kudos to the CF Patriots who got this on film!

  2. Sailor Jerry says:

    He will probably do a better job asleep than he would do awake.

    Reminds me of the 911 call where the friver was curled up in the tight ball.

    These scam vans have to go away along with the stationary video cameras

  3. Joe says:

    Has anyone noticed that all of these negative articles are about Redflex? Maybe the problem isn’t with traffic camera companies in general, but with Redflex specifically. Please don’t judge the entire industry because Redflex employees keep doing stupid things.

  4. anon says:

    Redflex and ATS are in cahoots, playing good cop/bad cop. Since they have a duopoly “in the industry” redflex plays the bad cop and if you don’t like it, go to the more expensive ats.

  5. RPr says:

    will the scamera still issue tickets if he is alseep?

  6. Mike says:

    Yeah this has been brought up in court before and it doesnt matter since they only set up and take down the equipment, not actually operate it.

  7. Willy D says:

    These cameras are the biggest scam ever and the people operating them are a piece of shit!

    Fuck em all!

  8. Raymond says:

    Wow, the economy is falling apart and we have troops fighting overseas; people are losing their jobs but it’s okay to break the law and drive as fast as you want to. Watch the news and the people being killed by speeding, eratic drivers. I guess it doesn’t matter unless it’s one of your kids or loved ones killed by a jerk with the pedal to the metal.
    Redflex obviously has issues with their employees. But it amazes me that people feel it’s okay to drive as fast as they want whenever they want. These protesters say that they want a real cop to give them a ticket….so, you have no problem with an officer who is paid more that $50,000 a year taking time to issue a ticket when he/she could be out catching real bad guys.
    Pick your fight..take up the fight at the State level and change the law instead of harassing the vans and interfering with the driver’s and their job.
    And, until then, get that speed down to at least 10 mph over the posted limit and act like a responsible adult.

  9. Ross says:

    If you pay more attention you’ll see the cracks in that argument. This isn’t about speeding, it’s about being scammed and invasion of privacy while sending our hard earned dollars to an Australian company. The vans can and have been know to issue citations when drivers were not “speeding”(10+mph over the limit).

    Arizona has an indisputable “Reasonable and Prudent” designation on traffic violations, including speeding. The camera cannot discern whether or not the driver was being reasonable and prudent, but it can take pictures of people whether they are speeding or not and issue tickets. You don’t see a problem with that?

    I’m sorry if you’ve had pain caused by a speeding driver, but this camera scam is not the way to solve the problem and it could lead to a lot more “violations” being cited and ticketed, because of the camera’s ability to take live video. If you just open your eyes to the possibilities and look at what goes on in other countries with these cameras, you might change your mind.

    What about educating drivers and making it tougher to get a driver license? I suppose that wouldn’t be profitable enough. As it is, I avoid the freeways like the plague now thanks to these ridiculous devices. I seriously question my future in this city now and photo radar is one of the reasons. We seem to be more willing to punish, fine and tax now instead of educate and inform. It’s getting really old and I feel like I’m living in some bizarre version of a bad movie. It’s quite sickening. I hope one day you will wake up. Maybe it will be the day you’re sent a ticket because a camera caught you looking down when you drove through an intersection.

  10. […] last week, a Redflex employee was found to be in a state of undress, sound asleep, inside another Tempe photo speed […]

  11. Raymond says:

    1. The cameras take photos of person that set off the designated trigger speed set on the
    radar, usually at 11 mph over the speed limit. They don’t take photos of every car on
    the roadway. 11 over is in excess of reasonable and prudent. If you want to drive
    faster, petition that State to change to law..maybe something like a German
    As for school zones, there should be a zero tolerance anywhere around a school. I
    know that I have seen speed vans working school zones in Scottsdale, Phoenix and

    2. My pain comes in the form over years as a police officer investigating accidents
    caused by speed and telling families that they’ve lost their loved ones. Cameras on
    the streets and intersections doesn’t make me want to leave this area but the
    random violence does. I want my officers on the street catching the animals that
    shoot 16 year olds in cars just because they turned on the wrong street. I know this
    first hand also. I was an investigator that was assigned violent crimes.

    Cities are having to cut their budgets. This is not good for us. Money has always
    been generated for them by tickets and fines. These fines keep the cops and fireman
    and city workers out there doing the job for us.

    3. If these camera companies are operating in a less than honorable way, then
    approach the cities or the State governments that have contracts with these
    companies. The only one I keep hearing about is Reflex and the screw-ups their
    employees are involved in. In any case, harassing the van driver’s who are the low
    men on the food chain isn’t going to do much for mailing your case to get rid of the
    cameras. They are just doing their job. Take your fight to the State and get the law

    4. Education is great and has been in progress since I got my license in driver’s ed class in the 70’s. Tougher to get a license is a good idea. I admit that by removing the points from the violators “flashed” on the highway as long as they pay the fine does make your point about it being a money making business. But, then the State never has hid the fact that they need the money and getting the money and slowing traffic down is a win-win for them. I any case, putting your anger on the lowly drivers and attacking them makes me wonder if you’re not setting them up to get hurt. Read the replies to some of these messages. These people are angry to the point of being violent. Cooler heads need to prevail and a smarter plan of attack needed. If one of your followers hurts one of the driver’s, it’s on you for stirring them up in the wrong way.

  12. ScameraActivist says:


    So you are suggesting at the end of your post that a group of individuals standing for a cause would be liable for someone acting on their own behalf. You’re the one who is obviously trying to cause trouble, and you’re logic is blatently flawed. Taking pictures on a public sidewalk is not harrasment. Yelling at someone or threatening someone is a different story, and is not something this group has or ever will endorse. A group of activists fighting against photo enforcement cameras cannot control a city of 4 million people, which you well understand.

  13. Raymond says:

    Well, I know some of these people working in the vans and know they have had people approach the vans and unleash verbal attacks on them…all fired up thinking that this is the way to stop photo radar. The people in the vans are working men and women trying to feed their families. Obviously, standing on a street corner with signs is getting a lot accomplsihed to get the cameras taken down. The fight needs to go higher where something can be done.
    According to you, anyone who disagrees with you is “blantently flawed”. I never said taking pictures on a sidewalk was harassment. I did say that bringing attention to the vans and drivers. which are on the bottom of the food chain, gets you nothing. Some people who listen to you and read your website get stirred up and then take it out on the only people they can take it out on….the drivers.

  14. anon says:


    “Taking it out” on the drivers gets nothing done?

    They’re the foot soldiers perpetrating the fraud.

    If they like photos so much, they better expect to have theirs taken as well.

    And posted online.

    All of them.

  15. ScameraActivist says:


    Patience my friend. We will go higher when the time is right. We have to stir up the masses first, which we are doing quite successfully thus far. “working men and woman.” The people that work these vans have no moral compass. They know the job they are doing is wrong.

  16. Jacob C says:

    I wonder if the Camera companies and the state are going to pay for all the people with Epilepsy who are thrown into seizure activity because of the Camera’s flash as my wife was on the freeway in Scottsdale about a month ago. We were going to the speed limit but everyone around us was getting flashed, causing her to have a seizure in our truck and us almost having an accident because of the flashing and my concern with her safety and health. GREAT JOB ARIZONA, DPS, and NEAPOLITAN. Keep up the good work on Attempted Murder of Citizens! You are Grade A. Also DPS, Great job and the pursuit that killed the guy that you are now being sued for. I hope it goes well for you, idiots!

  17. COP says:

    Raymon is just another dumb cop…there are so many…I am a cop and have been for some time. i have met some of the best people in the PD, but then I have met soooo many like Raymond that don’t have the ability to think or even understand the law they enforce. Raymond takes everything to the extreme and would have you believe that anyone who gets flashed is “pedal to the metal”.

    what a moron. really raymond? your like a two year old! he also stated that 11+ is somehow automatically in violation of reasonable and prudant…hmmmmm? no its not. actually its not defined in many situations…its just a number created to be able to enforce photo radar tickets. Has the stated ever proven in any situation that a photo radar ticket is a violation…no. they are ticketing and handing down fines for people that havn’t even violated the law. going 65mph on 4 lane freeway is currently considered to be an unreasonable speed in some areas of the valley. really? dumb!

    You could say that if we lowered the speed limit to 15mph on the freeways then, by Raymond’s logic, anyone going 25mph on four lane highway would be in violation of speed. Raymond lies when he says he has notified a bunch of people of family deaths related to speed. a real statistic gather by the federal governement is speed alone is responsible for less than 1% of traffic collisions. Raymond his whole career has been told speed is more responsible for collisions than anything else. not my experience or anyone i work with. how bout failure to yeild, unsafe turning movements, dui, inattention, rollover…on and on and on…its never speed. The only one that relates to speed is failure to control speed to avoid a collision…which in nearly every incident is not actually a speed violation, but a rear end accident related to inattention. sometimes the differential of speed is a cause, but this is caused by things like speed cameras…that cause people to slam on there brakes. Raymond sounds like a motor cop…the kicker on a football team. anyone who has taken a stationary radar course has been told stopping distances that relate to vehicles fromt the 60’s and 70′! Dumb cops just believe those stoping distances and times are still relevant because they can’t think for themselves. I bet Raymond never even questioned the relevence of those old vehicle performance numbers, because he never questions anything. Modern vehicle’s can stop in less than a 1/4 the time and are more than twice as capable at speed than vehicles which were used to create speed limits 40 years ago. The only reason I think we shouldn’t up the speed limits by more than 30 mph immediatly is because we do have to cater to the lowest common denominator…..like Raymond.

    Why can’t we come up with a more reasonable speed limit? it takes more divided attention to drive 55 on a freeway and not get flashed than to just drive with the flow of traffic. Cops like raymond don’t get that…and I bet throughout his career he rarely acted like an adult and recognized when someone was truly a danger and in violation of the law, rather than just going 11+…so he could get his stats.

  18. COP says:

    Also, everyone should no that state law required you to be served. When you sign your photo radar ticket or for that matter any ticket sent certified throught the male…you are giving up your right to be served. But beware…cops and process servers have been know to lie and say they served a person when they actually did not. My advice…wait to be served. Bet Raymond is having a siezure right now. reality is…..citations…wheather criminal or civil…were meant to be served in person by a law enforcement officer, not issued throught the mail on a routine basis. these cameras circumvent the discretion only afforded by live police officer. A police officer can use thier discretion and determine if in any given situation speed in reasonable and prudent based on the actual situation…a camery cannot.

    Also, Judges own a lot of the blame. They just go along with it rather than determine whats actually in line with the law. they fine people for the 11+ rule as in violation of law.

    Also….just so people know…its not the operator or any law enforcement official who testifies in court. its a hired civilian…who simply testifies to the setup and accuracy of the equipment. I sat in court and saw someone found guilty of speed even though the judge couldn’t even determine in what speed zone the violation took place because the operater wasn’t present. they found the guy guilty for going 37 in 25. the guy argued he was doing 37 in 35 which war reasonable. know why he thought he was in a 35 zone…..because the citation listed the adress as a 35mph zone! the guy was honest and said 25mph zone was nearby, but know one had any evidence where the guy was actually photographed. the Judge still found the guy guilty because I guess he just chose to believe the camera operater…who wasn’t present…wouldn’t make a mistake. unbelievable…an sooooo shady. Our system was not meant to operate this way….but these are the things that are going on right under all your noses….it sucks!

  19. COP says:


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