New DPS Scam Cam Locations Mapped

DPS has released information detailing their newest freeway camera scam locations. The massive roll-out will make it impossible to travel on a freeway without being under the microscope of an in-your-face camera.

The cameras, which have the capability to constantly record information, are also capable of receiving a character recognition upgrade, allowing the system to read the number plates of all passing vehicles.

Redflex recently expressed interest in moving into “homeland security” on a “national and local level.” Crosstown-competitor American Traffic Solutions went as far as to market their technology as being capable of interfacing with a national vehicle tracking database.

No worries: Every camera going up is just one more that will have to come down.

(Map Data-entry Courtesy Data source: 12 News)

16 Responses to New DPS Scam Cam Locations Mapped

  1. RPr says:

    when in doubt vote them out!

  2. Ross says:

    i think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Richard says:

    “Cross-town competitor” ???

    You mean trans-oceanic competitor.

  4. Kristina says:

    In the town I grew up in the Midwest, this crap would NOT be tolerated… the kids would have blown them to pieces or spray painted the lenses black.

    This is such bullshit…

    big brother.

    Time for another can of license plate blur spray

  5. Steve says:

    That would only be like a $1320 toll to drive to a Cardinals game at 65.

  6. Steve says:

    I hope this page gets bumped to the top of google for Arizona Speed Cameras and Arizona Speed Traps and other such phrases as fraud and fraud and fraud. There. That will help your rankings.

    Arizona has already become the laughing stock of California, on this issue. I spent the last week there, and no less than 3 random conversations arose from people talkinga bout Arizona highway robbery with all the camera speed traps. The 101 is nothing compared to the 10 coming east, into town from LA. They’ve got cameras set up every 3 miles now for nearly the entire length of it. I must have counted at least 10 speed camera traps before I even hit the airport area. As you drive all you see is the flash going off, over, and over, and over. Each one of those flashes equals a $200 ticket.

    I am 34 years old and have been rewarded as an “excellent driver” by my insurance company. I haven’t had a ticket in over 14 years, since college. In the 6 months I have lived in Phoenix, I have received no less than THREE TICKETS. The results were devastating. Aside from the $600 in tickets, I was subsequently labeled a “bad driver” by my insurance company and was forceably dropped after being with them for 8 years. I was forced to get a new insurance company and my rates have gone from $75 a month up to $360 a month, for ONE CAR. I am just one person, and these cameras have cost me over $4,000.

    You might say to yourself “Well, you were speeding”. Was I? Another incredibly fraudulent aspect of the Arizona Highway Patrol is their completely fraudulent abuse of the speed signs. On the 51, where I was living, the speed changes from 65 to 55 to 65 to 55 nearly six times in a 12 mile area. On one highway! And guess what? There I was, driving down the road at an extremely DANGEROUS 66 miles per hour, thinking the speed was still 65, and SNAP! FLASH! … my picture was taken. Why? Because Arizona Police in their infinite FRAUD decided to knock the speed limit down to 55 and then throw some cameras in! So guys like me who are from California, and dont know your roads, and are too busy focusing ON THE ROAD instead of reading the fricken speed limit signs every 4 miles, end up with a speeding ticket. Multiply this times three, and you’ve got my situation.

    The constantly changing speed signs are, to me, the real issue here. I don’t know about people’s right to “go as fast as they want” if its safe. I do know that if you are going to put cameras on a highway, you better not defraud drivers by constantly changing the speed limit and then taking their picture.

  7. MAd motorist says:

    I got a ticket today in the mail. 88 in a 65. I know I never EVER drive that fast. I drive motley on cruise control on the freeway. I checked the video online, and shows I was not speeding(very clearly) I’m in the right lane and get passed by the person next to me. This is ridicules! How can they use these if they clearly don’t work? What a scam! I hate Arizona and their greed!

  8. Brian says:

    How is this legal? I had a business meeting Monday March 30 in Phoenix and decided to, instead of flying, drive from my home in Southern California. I figured I’d catch a Spring Training baseball game have a nice night and drive home after my meeting the next day. I was not aware of any speed cameras or any of the controversy. Then yesrday I received THREE tickets for $181.50 each. Two of them were SEVEN minutes apart on the night of March 29 on I-17, one for 66 and one for 67 in what apparently is a 55 zone. Then, driving home on the 30th, I received another for going 68 on the same road. What a shakedown by the State of Arizona. Budgets or not, how do they get away with this? Do I have any options at all? My son and I have taken annual trips to Arizona for Spring Training each of the last seven years. No more.

  9. Walter says:


    I am NOT a lawyer, but here is the info I have on the subject.

    DO NOT respond to the “notice of violation” in any way. It is NOT a ticket. If you respond by signing it and returning it, Or if you view the video on the web site they give you. Then you waive your right to be served. And the notice will be a valid citation. If you don’t respond. They will send another notice in about 30 days. Do not respond to it either. They will then HAVE to serve you with a process server. They have 120 days to do so. If they do serve you there will be an additional fee for the server. If they do not serve you in the 120 days, the complaint will be dismissed. You will not get better odds in Vegas. Last I heard they only serve about 25% of local violations. I have not heard of any out of state people actually getting served. I hope the info has been helpful.

  10. Brian, please check out my website with lots of useful info. If you have any questions beyond Walter’s advice, feel free to contact me.

    Since you are out-of-state, more than likely you will never be served with a ticket. Lucky for you, it’s one of the flaws and limitations of the system. They pretty much only want to soak AZ residents.

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    SCAM..YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT? your site is a joke!! if it was a business you would have closed the doors 2 days after the opening!!! if you keep erasing my posts nobody would write anything!! besides you!!!

  12. Gut gelungen der Blog. Auf welchem Template basiert er ? Ist das modifiziert oder bekommt man es irgenwo zum Download ?

  13. Jason N. says:

    Did you see the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”? You are probably like that guy. We need to stick to Constitutional principles. The surveillacne/tax SCAM forced upon Arizonans is wrong and we are working to eliminate it! Thereby keeping our state government in check and affectively stating that we will not be your serfs! There is much more work besides just the cameras, but one issue at a time. Cameras=SCAM. And you should be thanking us. We are working to preserve your civil liberties. If you want to believe scare tactics, go in your closet and hide.

  14. Geneva says:

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