Red Means Go With New Signal In Scottsdale

In their never-ending quest to be somehow relevant and “cool,” Scottsdale has introduced a new pedestrian signal. The system, which has no green lamp and stays dark when not being utilized, uses a flashing red to indicate to motor traffic that it’s safe to go:

When the light starts flashing yellow, slow down. When it turns solid yellow, prepare to stop. When it turns solid red, stop. When the light converts to flashing red, check that pedestrians are clear and proceed when it is safe to do so.

The use of a flashing yellow that is then followed by a solid yellow is a phenomenal idea that should be expanded to all signals. However, the lack of a selective green signal might make some think the light is inoperable… or not know that the signal actually exists.

Worse yet is the idea of using a flashing red to indicate “proceed with caution,” the most obvious reason why being that cities and the state have used the “Red Means Stop” advertising program for many years now.

More troubling is how many traditional signal lamps will flicker if they’re about to burn out, to indicate to city workers that the lamp needs replacing. If someone sees a flickering red at Thomas and Scottsdale, are they going to ram though it at 45Mph?

3 Responses to Red Means Go With New Signal In Scottsdale

  1. Flashings red, by law, is the equivalent of a stop sign. You come to a full stop, yield right and to traffic already stopped, then proceed. I wish many minor intersections at certain hours with limited major cross street traffic flow used flashing red instead of a long red light while waiting for the light to change to green. That said; the system you describe above is indeed stupid. But what do you expect form those delighted with single lane traffic circles. WTF!

  2. Rocky Frisco says:

    This is unbelievably stupid and dangerous. Anybody who is injured or loses a family member because of this “innovation” should sue the pants off this city and those who thought up this idiocy.

  3. Now that I have seen the concept I applaud the City of Scottsdale and encourage its adoption statewide. For those idiots who can’t figure out flashing red by laws going back many decades means the same as a stop sign, please move to another state. I know I won’t be very happy to be behind someone in the left turn lane when the arrow is flashing red, and they are too stupid to move their bovine carcass into the intersection to await a gap in traffic. Heck, they are too stupid to move their butt into traffic when the light is a solid green if their is no red arrow.

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