Pinal County Sheriff Candidate: “End Photo Radar”

Campaign signs for Pinal County Sheriff Candidate Paul Babeu appear to have been updated with a simple, clear message: “End Photo Radar.”

The signs are readily visible along Hunt Hwy from Queen Creek to the Johnson Ranch area.

Pinal County contracts with beleaguered Australian firm Redflex Group to operate an undisclosed number of photo scam vans. Earlier this year, Redflex Group was found to have violated Arizona State Law on numerous occasions regarding traffic ticket integrity.  Redflex is also facing a potential class-action lawsuit for alledgedly using electronic devices not approved for use in the United States.

More recently, a process server in Pinal County was found to have used a racial slur while attempting to serve a Redflex-generated citation. The event was caught on tape, and subsequently released to the media by

Babeu is the second candidate this election to make photo enforcement a major part of his campaign, joining Mesa state rep candidate Joe Brown (I).

How Babeu intends to end photo radar remains unclear, although it is assumed that the Sheriff has the discretion to create or end certain projects.

11 Responses to Pinal County Sheriff Candidate: “End Photo Radar”

  1. ScameraActivist says:

    Looks like this is a hot issue with residents throughout Arizona. Babeu will win this election because he is actually standing up for citizens rights, and listening to THE PEOPLE. Other politicians would be smart to follow suit. THE CAMERAS ARE COMING DOWN !!!

  2. jgunn says:

    I checked when I voted for chandler politicos this year whether any of them would stop the photo cash cow train. Sadly none of them mentioned it in their bios.

  3. Wendy jenkins says:

    This is great I have family members that live in pinal county. I am calling them tomorrow and telling them they have to vote for Paul!

    This Sheriff kicks ass and cares about the people and takes a stand on Fraud.

    Why can’t Arpaio come out against these?

    Thanks, Wendy

  4. I certainly do not like photo radar, in fact I hate the idea since it is a violation of the basic fundamental of our laws in as which we can question our accuser. One cannot question a camera. As a resident of the City of Coolidge AZ, which is in Pinal County, I have already submitted my vote for Sheriff Chris Vasquez. I will not support Paul Babeau even though he endorsed by our Mayor Tom Shope, with whom I had called out on many occasions on the running of the Coolidge Police Department. I also did not vote for Babeu because of the endorsement by MCSO clown Joke Arpiao. I will work with our law enforcement leaders to end Photo Radar in Pinal County. I will also get into contact with our supervisors to end this program because it is contrary to Arizona law.

  5. JA Theresa says:

    Robert: Mr Babeu is making a promise he cannot keep. Photo Radar was votd in by the state of Arizona. Have you noticed the “No Photo Radar” signs on some of his campaign signs are now down? Why because he is breaking a law by posting them on State Highways. As a officer of he law he should have known that. This is the second law he broke in one month. Even though I never vote outside my party I have to this time because I don’t feel he is honest.

  6. anon says:

    JA Theresa,

    You’re full of it.

    Pinal County’s implementation of photo enforcement has NOTHING to do with statewide photo enforcement programs.

    How is Babeu “breaking the law” by posting signs?

    Stupid trolls.

  7. sidelines says:

    This week’s AJ News posts last week’s poll on photo-radar (65.4% for it, 34.6% against it). Mr. Babeu’s problem isn’t his sister-in-law and her citation. It is his lying that he didn’t know who she was (from a grainy picture). Boring topic. It has been blogged to death. AJ News did two week coverage on his photo-radar problem and that hurt his feelings. Last week’s AJ Independent had a tearful commentary by the candidate complaining about photo-radar and unfair reporting. Paul has a DDS diversion for a speed ticket last year in Chandler. Paul has a conviction for speed (photo-radar) this year in Scottsdale. Maybe Paul is part of the problem. Posting the cute little signs is not breaking the law. It just doesn’t make sense. Why doesn’t he put the little photo-radar signs on his campaign signs near the entrance to US-60. Real cops causing you conflict? Slow down, Paul.

  8. sidelines says:

    Concerning the process server using foul language, that wasn’t about photo-radar. That was about failing to respond to the summons that was sent. One’s personal choice might be to not respond to the mailings. Fine. Then comes the process server. Let’s talk with the family about the verbal and racial abuse the server experienced. Oh, we missed that part. Channel 5 is doing a followup with the court (in rare fairness). Can’t drive the speed limit; can’t respond to mailed complaints; can’t be civil to the process server; CAN have a camera handy and the video ends up on the news. Such freedom, such responsibility. Use some of the freedom you might still have and try to not exceed the speed limit. I detest photo-radar. I detest photo-red light. I also detest silly games people play instead of obeying the law.

  9. Billy Hendrix says:

    I just recieved a notification that i had a moving violation in Mesa Arizona on I17 southbound. I called in and they told me i had to call Red Flex i did and they could not tell me what the fine was other than somewhere around $180 dollars. I was in a rental car and got the notice from the rental car company. They told me they where waiting for the court to issue a ticket. Do i really have to pay this. Is this for real?

  10. Billy, please email me at Please send a copy of your notice with you. Please let me know what company you got the letter from.

    I am working with someone who got a letter from VMS for a person who rented a car from Payless. The letter from VMS is full of lies, and basically says that they are charging the renter $50 for researching the fact that you were the car renter and sending that information to the city of Mesa.

    Please send me your letter or fax it to 866-562-0375. I am pursuing fraud and licensing complaints with the state against these companies.

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