Phoenix Halts Scam-Van Expansion

From the Arizona Republic:

Phoenix won’t be expanding its red-light camera photo-enforcement program – at least not for now.

A summer pilot speed program, which focused on higher speeds on arterial streets outside of school zones, and right turns on red lights, had mixed results.

The Speed Van Pilot Program didn’t produce significant numbers of violations to support changing the contract with vendor American Traffic Solutions, according to staff reports.

Oh, the humanity! It’s almost as the City is disappointed to learn that additional photo enforcement is unnecessary.

When in doubt (or, in need of additional money), create new laws or expand existing ones to cause more people to fall into the violation category.

Take a hint from Scottsdale, which put ATS’ Josh Weiss on their city transportation commission, only to (surprise!) lobby for the expansion of laws that could be enforced via camera.

Some call it “one hand washes the other.”

We call it FRAUD.

2 Responses to Phoenix Halts Scam-Van Expansion

  1. Bernie says:

    Where in the article did it say that there were plans to create new laws or expand existing ones? I think some other guy suggested that if there weren’t enough violations to support the revenues then the cameras would go away – this article seems to support that notion.

  2. brad says:


    I have been following these issues for a while, and I am happy to find a group that is actively concerned and taking action. These cameras are definately a problem and the principal reason why is profiteering. I have an idea for a policy to promote that may address a lot of these issues. The policy is, “punish without profit”.

    The principal issue with these cameras is that they make money from people breaking a law. Yes, there is an incentive to catch people but there is no incentive to fix the problem, but rather quite the contrary. There is an incentive is to elevate or increase the problem. This approach therefore inhibits lawmakers from fixing problems, encourages law breaking and encourages them in the future to pass and enforce laws that are more frivolous. The idea of profiting from the misdoings of others is therefore a fundamentally flawed and inherently wrong approach.

    Profitting from these cameras results in the following bad consequences:
    –adjusting light timing to increase redlight running
    –Posting cameras incognito rather than brightly colored which would -decrease red light running-
    –Popping up hoods on camera vans to look like they were broken down.

    If we looked at “red light running” as a genuine problem, here is at least one issue that can be discovered.

    The yellow light by the letter of the law means, “prepare to stop, the light is about to turn red”


    Lets change the law to…”Yellow means, Stop”.

    To properly do this we would have to put a line in the street 20 yards or so before the intersection. If you are passed that line, stop. If you are in front of that line, procede.

    Of course this is just part of the problem, but frankly speaking “preparing to stop” doesn’t mean much. People are not hitting the gas at red lights, they are hitting the gas on yellow.

    Thanks to you guys for taking on this issue! Let me know what you think and I look forward to getting involved.

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