Roecker wants “bucketfuls” of money from Photo Radar

During an open meeting earlier today, Prescott City Councilman Bob Roecker admitted to wanting to make “bucketfuls of money” from the deployment and utilization of photo enforcement equipment, according to Prescott eNews:

Roecker wants to make bucketfuls of money on this, and take the funds to “turn it into an educational process so we don’t have to keep doing this all the time. I want us to make money on this deal and turn it into an educational opportunity for our citizens.”

Awww… they just want to “educate” you— how special.

All joking aside, since when is it proper for government to openly admit wanting to make money off of a violation of the law?

Once a revenue stream is established for a certain crime, can there really be an honest effort to prevent such crimes? Or does the City become a co-conspirator in trying to make you violate the law?

12 Responses to Roecker wants “bucketfuls” of money from Photo Radar

  1. ScameraActivist says:

    We all know these cameras are for money. What is amazing is that the politicians think that the citizens are so sheepish, as to openly admit their motives. They’re no longer trying to lie about safety being the motivation. Hey, if they think they can be so bold, I don’t see any reason why we won’t be bolder in our efforts to remove these cameras. These cameras and the poles they sit on are going to be nothing more than “BUCKETFULS” of scrap metal in South Phoenix waiting to get melted down.


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    • Law A. BidingTroll says:

      in between your monthly posts … are you actually going to write something worth reading? oh wait… he wont be back for another 30 days to respond!!!

      • camerafraud says:

        Those are WordPress pings, and are an automated method to link articles related in content and context.

  8. Law A. BidingTroll says:

    uuuhhhh ok … if you say so!!! so the idea is to get me to click on it? hey i am game, the night is young and i have an entire bottle of vodka with my name on it!!! the sky is the limit!!

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  10. jason says:

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