ATS gets cash infusion from… Goldman Sachs?!

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried to. Scam-cam vendor American Traffic Solutions has received an unspecified investment from Goldman Sachs.  I, for one, welcome our new financial/police state overlords.

Phoenix Business Journal reports:

Although neither company would disclose the amount of the investment, ATS President James Tuton said it was a “significant” amount that will net the former investment house, now a bank holding company, two seats on the private Scottsdale company’s seven-member board.

What a racket! For those who still don’t get that all they want to do is take your money, hear it from the horse’s mouth:

As more cities use ATS’ photo radar and red-light cameras, an increasing number are deciding to follow suit — particularly in tight economic times, when they are seen as revenue generators, (ATS President) James Tuton said.

There’s something inherently sick about depending on a violation of the law as a method of raking in money — and admitting it publicly.

What you’re witnessing is moral and political bankruptcy on an epic scale. The cameras are coming down.


23 Responses to ATS gets cash infusion from… Goldman Sachs?!

  1. RPr says:

    our govt. bails out goldman sachs. so they can invest in photo radar????

    time to call your congressman or senator its lots of fun
    Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

    “Dear Senator/Representative: you fill in the rest LOL

  2. Brian Buckmaster says:

    Uh, the govt. did not baill out Goldman Sachs – Warren Buffet invested $5B by buying preferred stock. If this is your notion of a bailout then everytime someone buys stock in a company, they are helping to “bail” that firm out….

    Using your logic, then Goldman Sachs is “bailing out” ATS, which actually is a sweet deal – I’d like to get in on that action. I thought Indian casinos were money-making machines – ATS will be raking in big $$ from affluent Snottsdale drivers who think the 202 is the Indy Speedway!

  3. anon says:


    Buffet invested $5B because he knew the firm would be bailed out and they could unload bad debt.

  4. Brian Buckmaster, Class of 1978 says:

    I was responding to the original post which claimed that the govt. bailed out G.S. The original statement is not true. And you’re assumption that Buffet “bailed” out G.S. because he new the firm would be is also untrue. Would you do this if it was your money? Buffet bought the stock as a vote of confidence in the company – which is what typically motivates most investors when they buy a company’s stock…

    On a different topic, which is the thrust of this website, I simply don’t understand why you guys won’t embrace and promote the one most obvious strategy for getting rid of photo enforcement cameras: simply drive at the posted speed limit – if everyone did that, there would be no profit incentive. Why don’t you guys get it?

  5. anon says:

    Let me search your home, Brian.

    Let me go through all your financial documents, Brian.

    Let me question you under presumption of guilt, Brian.

    And let me do it all under the color of law while being protected as a foreign entity with no accountability.

    After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about?

    I’ll be waiting for your address.

  6. anon says:

    Never mind, Brian… I’m assuming you’re the same Brian that’s in the defense sensor sector (correct me if I’m wrong):
    (Sensor Data Management Test Lead – Future Combat Systems)

    Talking to an industry flack is pointless. You have a vested interest.

  7. Brian Buckmaster says:

    anon – you’re right, I work in the defense sector. So what does that have to do with the fact that RPr was wrong about Goldman Sachs? Or were your responding to my question about why you guys won’t adopt the one simple obvious strategy for doing away with photo speed cameras? Either way, you response was pointless. You might have just as well have said, “that because the Sun rises in the East, there’s no point in talking to you, Brian.”

    Why don’t you skip the silly name calling and try to answer a simple legitimate question? Why is it that simply driving at the posted speed limit is an unreasonable approach to dealing with photo cameras? If they don’t issue tickets, there is no income stream and the cameras go away…. Its that simple. I suspect that this is not really about road safety, right to privacy, or any of that – I think the real agenda here is you folks feel that you have a right to drive as fast as you want to and you’re whining because the cities and state have taken steps to reign you in…

    I could be wrong – I’m willing to admit it. But all you have to do is simply ask the original question. And please, the name calling doesn’t help your cause…

  8. Ross says:

    Thanks Buckmaster for your pitiful propping up of the Nanny-state that you depend on for survival. Did you ever consider for a second that there is no oversight for photo radar fraud or are you too blinded by the nature of your own existence.? My guess is that you are. Please go away and leave the rest of us who still beleive in freedom alone. You’ve been exposed, so just leave.

    If you insist on coming back here to bother us, please answer this: Do you really believe that those tickets that are generated are all accurate and fair? If not, who should be held accountable. Your swiss cheese-like posts are amusing.

  9. Brian Buckmaster says:

    Ross, so you think its all a big conspiracy? There was no problem, so cities decided to manufacture one (excessive speeding, red light running, etc.), and came up with a solution – all intended to fleece the unsuspecting populace? You can’t be that dumb can you? Maybe its not being dumb, maybe its excessive paranoia, whatever it is, I hope you get over it. But allow me to play along with your little game for moment – suppose it is all a grand consipracy…

    Is your strategy for getting rid of photo enforcement working? That is, do you think your little website, and your little protests going to make a difference? The obvious answer is no. So instead of continuing down a path that will yield no results, why not try something that will work?

    I’ve offered you guys a clear, obvious strategy – it works…. I drive all through these camera zones and never get a ticket because I stick to the posted speed limit. You guys know this will work too, but as I’ve said previously, the real issue isn’t really about Big-Brother or highway safety, fraud or conspiracies.

  10. Jerry says:

    This situation involving the cameras is criminal in every sense of the word. They manufacture false information for monetary purposes. They all have a history of bribes, kickbacks, and every other form of corruption. The criminal activity is so obvious; they do not even try to hide it.

    That is the main reason they cannot be trusted to tell the truth. If you want a really good example of criminal activity that is at the highest level of the government you work for, not We the People’s Government, the treasury secretary wanted congress to commit treason:

    Sec. 8. Review. Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

    That my friend is tyranny! Give me a blank check – the taxpayers’ present and future money, and what we do with the money cannot be reviewed by Congress, the Courts, or We the People.

    The theft and lawlessness by camera companies is not stopped by the state governments or the courts; that have their hand out waiting for the revenue. Now you might be able to understand why it is important to eliminate all forms of theft and lawlessness from the highest to the lowest branches of corrupted governments! It is not about driving the speed limit. It is purely revenue generation, and they will falsify information to achieve the goals of pecking the people’s accounts dry!

  11. Brian Buckmaster says:

    I think Jerry and Ross need to take their meds.

  12. Ross says:

    It’s always interesting when people like Brian call those who question authority “paranoid” and then try to belittle their efforts. That last post was the best. Ok, Brian, I’m going to go take “my meds.”

    Your arguments have reduced to the very name calling that you were so against about three posts ago. I can’t believe your standard have fallen so far in a matter of about 24 hours. It’s just such a shame. What happened to the Buckmaster of September 27th??? Oh what will I do if I can’t argue with him about the death of photo radar. Oh my this is terrible. Oops almost forgot those meds, now where are they??? Jerry, do you have any of yours left over for me?

  13. Jerry says:

    Go back to sleep, Brian, everything is ok!

  14. chip says:

    The red light camera intersections have shortened the yellow light duration to cause more people to run red lights. The yellow light duration at the intersection of Cactus and Greenway is only three seconds long and the speed limit is 45mph. This is in violation of state and city guidelines. I don’t trust the speed cameras accuracy. What speed above the speed limit triggers a violation. It used to be 11 mph over the speed limit, now I read it is ten and some cameras trigger a violation at 5 mph over the speed limit. This promotes distrust of government. Often times it is safer for a driver to increase their speed to get in front of traffic when exiting the freeway instead of slowing down and causing everyone behind them to slow down. The speed limit is 75mph throughout most of the state of Arizona on federal interstates. If you drive 55 mph on the 51 or on I-10 you get run off the road because everyone is driving 70mph plus. The cameras are only meant to generate revenue, they have nothing to do with safety. Many drivers slam on their brakes when they see the mobile van cameras and this causes accidents. Speed cameras should be put on a ballot for the public to decide, they would be defeated. They anticipate the cameras will generate $90 million during the first year of operation and they try to tell us it has nothing to do with revenue? What a bunch of BS. Photo radar cameras should be abolished.

  15. Bernie says:

    I don’t know about the yellow light timing at intersections – what should the timing be, chip? If you’re approaching a stale green light should you be going 45 mph?

    Drivers who slam on the brakes when they see cameras or police cars are morons – they know they’re going to fast.

    I don’t buy you’re excuse for having to speed to “get in front of traffic” in order to exit a freeway. Sounds to me like you don’t know how to anticipate your exit and move over in time so you don’t have to make such moves…

    Are all drivers in Az that freakin bad?

  16. Glyph says:

    WOW! Has everyone seen this?

    Goldman Sachs owns Geico Insurance, third largest insurer in AZ. Arizona photo radar tickets don’t put points on your driver’s license, something the insurance industry wasn’t happy about. More points means higher rates, meaning mo’ profit.

    Since no points are applied, Goldman Sachs buys a couple of seats on ATS’ board, giving them access to ticket recipients names. The names are cross referenced against a list at Geico, then Geico will increase their premiums if they’re already a customer.

    Now to see who buys a seat on RedFlex’s board.

  17. CH says:

    Brian your reasoning of just not speeding to stop the cameras is nonsense, that will never work… There will always be speeders, no matter what you do people will speed, the smart ones dont get caught, the dumb ones do. I have never had a red light camera ticket or photo radar ticket however I am very much against them. I dont plan on speeding, but sometimes it happens. I bet you have had a speeding ticket at some point in your life havent you? It is all about money, and it will only get worse unless something is done about it. You act like everyone who supports this site is driving around speeding purposely all the time and just want to get rid of the cameras to do it more, that is not the case at all! These cameras are unethical and illegal.

  18. Brian Buckmaster says:

    CH, I know that not everyone is going to quit speeding – though if enough people simply drove at the posted speed limit, photo ticket revenues would drop to the point where RedFlex would not be able to continue operations.

    And yes, I have gotten a speeding ticket (1) since I’ve been here in Az (18 years) – coming back from Las Vegas a long time ago. Yes, I was speeding and yes I deserved the ticket. I got caught by a radar officer. I paid my fine and that was that – I didn’t regard the use of radar in that circumstance as a fraud, an instance of Big Brother intruding into my life or that it was a revenue gathering scheme – maybe it was, but the point is, I broke the law and I paid for it, luckily with just a fine.

    Maybe none of you guys who run this site are reckless drivers – I’d like to think not. If I suggested you are then I apologize; I have no more idea of what kind of drivers you are than you do of me.

    I simply think that this whole website protest thing is silly, regardless of whether your claims have any basis or not. I say this is silly because you’re not going anywhere with it – you’re not going to get city/state govt to change. If all you guys want to do is vent then, okay, have at it. But to go around claiming that its fraud, that its all a big conspiracy, etc. doesn’t make you credible to some average person who stumbles onto your website.

    There are some facts that are irrefutable – Arizona auto insurance rates are high and they reflect the fact that for some time this state has been in the top ten (top 5?) in accidents attributed to speed and red light running. You can say this is bull – I don’t care. What matters is that insurance companies care because they hire actuaries who look at accident statistics and determine the rates you and I pay based on them.

    So do I fret over whether enforcement of red light violations and speeding is done by cameras or real policemen? Do I give a rip if its all a revenue gathering scheme? The answer is no. That’s because I drive at the posted speed limit and I’m cautious at intersections and I don’t get caught. Doesn’t matter if the yellow light timing is lowered, if the speed cameras trip at 5 mph, 10 mph over the speed limit. I don’t get caught and therefore I don’t line the pockets of Redflex executives.

    I have noticed one thing however since the introduction of photo cameras, say along Shea Blvd. – driving along Shea has been noticeably safer. There are fewer idiots speeding and driving aggressively; they are not all gone, but you don’t see them as often.

  19. chip says:

    589 innocent motorists were issued tickets last year in Scottsdale. This was blamed on a faulty sensor. Refer to January 30, 2008 archives, for this and many other examples of red light camera and photo camera fraud.

    When the yellow light duration is shortened, in violation of city and state guidelines, accidents increase. Some motorists hit the brakes, others hit the gas, thus, accidents increase. Out of state motorists are not prepared for shorter yellow lights. Red light cameras are put in place to generate revenue.

    Cameras do not observe driver behavior or apprehend drunk and/or erratic drivers. Police officers can take action, cameras only mail fines to the owner of the vehicle regardless of who is actually driving.

    Innocent until proven guilty does not apply. This is a violation of our constituional rights.

  20. Brian Buckmaster says:

    Yeah, I read about that. I also remember that the citations were dismissed once the problem was found. This hardly constitutes fraud.

  21. Jerry says:


    This is a section of my book, Traffic Citation Scheme. ACS is another company like Redflex of ATS. My question is, does the followin sound like a fraud or just good business. The following is a synopsis of conversations from their actual meetings behind closed doors. and a news article.

    The similarities between the business partners of ACS and Arizona’s courts are striking. Allegedly, ACS bribed law enforcement in Canada for a $90 million dollar photo radar camera contract. Baumstark offered the judges kickbacks for timely filing the traffic citations. Scheiderer wrote the criminal traffic citation scheme Blueprint. Denise Lundin helped to launch the traffic citation scheme. DiMarco’s actions to generate $6 million from traffic fines, and Napolitano’s $50 million dollar fraud using the people’s courts, indicate all the business partners in this Scheme to generate revenue, were knowingly and intentionally engaging in some form of criminal activity. As a “Strategic Partnership Business”, they had combined to devise the plans that contributed to their plot to deprive the people in Arizona of their hard-earned money through traffic citations for their personal profits, to fund their lavish lifestyles, fill bank accounts for their golden years of retirement, and fund their elections; to remain in power, so they could devise additional ways to steal our money!

  22. Darhe3425 says:

    Why are ATS red light cameras in predominantly low to moderate income areas of our city?

  23. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    of course you have proof of that … right?

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