Redflex faces lawsuit for unapproved radar devices

From the Phoenix Business Journal:

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. is facing what could become a class action lawsuit for allegedly using radar that was not approved for use in the U.S., a dispute also hanging up its contract with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The lawsuit, which also names the town of Paradise Valley as a defendant, was filed at the end of August in Maricopa County Superior Court by James G. Tavernetti of Paradise Valley. He claims that a ticket he received in mid-July came from a mobile van used by Scottsdale-based Redflex allegedly equipped with a British radar system that had not been approved for such use by the Federal Communications Commission.


Tavernetti’s lawsuit alleges Redflex was negligent and committed fraud by using devices that were not approved in the U.S. The lawsuit does not specify the damages it seeks,

While a speeding ticket from a mobile van can run from $180 up, Moring said many people would not sue to get their money back, which is why the lawsuit seeks class action status.

“That’s no reason to allow a company to do what Redflex has done,” he said.

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