Press Release: Press Conference and Rally has announced a press conference and public rally in response to recent revelations regarding a video showing a photo radar process server using a derogatory racial slur while interacting with a member of the community.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:00 PM
WHERE: Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ

The video allegedly shows a process server yelling “you’re a f—ing wetb—, go back to Mexico” after attempting to serve an individual with a Redflex-generated photo enforcement citation. The video shows that the family’s children were present during the slur. The video will be released prior to Tuesday.

“Just in the past six months, private photo enforcement companies have been found to violate state laws repeatedly. As if the recent arrest of a drunk photo radar van driver wasn’t enough of an insult to the people of Arizona, now it looks like Redflex and their associated companies may be using racist intimidation methods,” said a volunteer in a prepared statement.

“This Governor and the Department of Public Safety want to reward these same companies with multi-million dollar contracts to place hundreds more of these cameras around the state with the primary mission of raising revenue.”

(Members of the media may reach by emailing

39 Responses to Press Release: Press Conference and Rally

  1. jesus says:

    This is so horrible if it is true. I am a Mexican American and this goes to show how some people really feel about my people. I hope this guys gets fired and the company he works for gets punished.

  2. Veronica Hernandez says:

    I am not sure about this but I think process servers are officers of the court. I can not wait to see this video. This man should be fired and I hope people all over Arizona are made aware of how we can be treated. The law sometimes is not the same for all people. I think this unfortanate thing shows of a larger problem then just the photo radar. It shows that photo radar is just another instrument of discrimination.

  3. Jerry Vierra says:

    Just a quick note. To all those that are offended by this, you are not alone. Not all Americans act that way toward our friends from Mexico, or toward those who live here.

  4. Steve C. says:

    The problem here is that to many people dont say anything when this happens. I am glad to see that this family is not taking any shit. I agree with the others I hope this guy gets fired and I hope he understands that there are all kinds of people that live in this country. That is what makes this country great. I think that there needs to be more websites that expose this ugliness. Keep up the good work and make sure this gets on the news the whole country needs to see this.

  5. Jennie Carleton says:

    This is horrible! Our justice system needs to make an example out of this so-called “officer of the court.” I am outraged that children were witness to such an atrocity. To Jesus: rest assured there are MANY people, such as myself, who do not feel that way about Mexican Americans. I agree with Steve, more people need to speak up when things like this happen. I am proud of this family for not taking this kind of abuse and injustice. Let’s make sure this gets on the news!

  6. […] issued the the following statement on Friday: “Just in the past six months, private photo enforcement companies have been found to […]

  7. Mike says:

    Where is the video? A picture means nothing

  8. Dan says:

    Just so I am clear, why are 5 or so people out in the street badgering a process server? I understand the comment at the end is uncalled for but I see a bunch of teenagers laughing at the whole situation. It is hard for me to see that they were offended in anyway, just egging on a situation that could of even turned our worse. And why was that guy standing in front of the car. I think there are two sides to blame here. Both extremely uncalled for. I am ashamed! Either party could of avoided this.

  9. Scott says:

    Dan….You completely miss the point!

  10. A. M says:

    I was there and there was more that happened before the video. The process server was spotted doing a illegal server and this was witnessed by two paralegals. He was asked about this before he reached his car and all the parties were on the owner of the home property. ONly pne person was speaking to him and this was a women. One man was behind the women and he sd nothing then the process server started yelling at the man and he then started flexing his muscles and telling the person what are you going to do. The women then told the process server to get in his car because the cops were called. He should of left but instead stayed there. On the video you only see three people besides the process server so how you figured 5 is strange unless you were there. ONly one side is to blame here because there is a constitution and a process server does not have the right to violate due process. AnD in AMerica you bet your ass that you will be asked to be accounted for if you violate someones rights. Also DAN you dont know what you are talking about because these people had every right to let that man know he violated rights and laws and not one of them acted out to provoke violence. We have affidavits from paralegal that can testify to this server acting in this manner and violating those rights and laws. Dan its amazing how you think both parties are responsible. One party broke the law the other party only wanted to know why he did this and to put him on noticed. DAN PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK BECAUSE YOU JUSTIFY RACISM PERIOD.

  11. john says:

    One of my close friends is a professional in the video editing business and has said that this is a classic case of cut and paste and much was edited from the video. A.M. why are you so quick to join in with your friends on this (or are you directly involved). There is never a case where there is only one side to the story. The other side will be told and I wish this website would post a response or rebuttal to this seemingly damaging video. There were clearly more than 5-6 voices in the background. There had to be some sort of provocation (probably racial) if the server remained so calm in the video until the comments made as he drove away. The server was stopped in the middle of the street for a reason, and it is highly unlikely that the papers being thrown out the window of the car is him trying to serve them. In the video I saw a scared person who hadn’t experienced a situation like this before. This has all the markings of a personal hit job on a process server, who probably is barely getting by judging by his vehicle. Oh and it is also a little fishy that the website that wants to shut down photo radars everywhere, just throws out “there were little children present” to make it “sound” more damaging. This story smells a little fishy. And for those who think I am biased, I do think there is never a circumstance where a court officer should say what he did, he should not be allowed to serve process anymore.

  12. camerafraud says:

    Hi John,

    There are always multiple sides to a story. You yourself sound a little attached to the events transpiring with your comment regarding the server looks like he’s “just getting by.”

    The process server is more than welcome to contact CameraFRAUD and submit his side of the story. Let the public decide who and who not to believe.

    I also agree with you: There is never an excuse for a court officer to say what he did. However, it’s not for to call for him to lose his job, that decision is well above our pay grade.

  13. mike says:

    I am curious as to what the “illegal service” was that started all this? I hope its not just because its a photo ticket and that he did something that did not meet the courts rules.
    How was the service “illegal” prior to the video starting?

  14. john says:

    Another interesting twist, after the website is challenged to be a little objective, they want to hear more. Seems like a CYA moment. If you were objective there would already be contact with the other party or at least the company they work for, this is along the lines of the national enquirer, throwing mud at the wall and hope it sticks. This server should be done serving, and I personally beleive that the photo radar program is a crock and should be discontinued but please show a little more journalistic integrity.

  15. A. M. says:


  16. camerafraud says:

    How would you prefer the story to have been written, John? I can always make changes.

    Keep in mind we shed an objective light on this story not because of CYA, but because it’s a very sensitive topic. We’re presenting the best of what we have at this moment.

  17. john says:

    Then why run with the story already?

  18. camerafraud says:

    John, I asked for your input for any changes you felt needed to be made, and that offer is still open.

    Why run with the story, you ask? Why not? You yourself said that the process server should lose his job; how would that ever come about if the story wasn’t made public?

    Again, you’re welcome to send all the feedback you like to I’m more than happy to take your suggestions into consideration.

  19. Scott says:

    John….Racism in any form needs to be exposed, and, or discussed. Sadly, it’s right on the raw surface of everything in this country.

  20. john says:

    Did you seriously ask ” how would the process server lose his job?”, I thought she said in the video there was a complaint going to be filed in court, is that not an avenue to get him fired? I”m pretty sure you already knew that. but are playing dumb with me. I think you are now aware of where you could of been more objective and by you asking me, who has nothing to do with what happened, to suggest changes kind of shows you as quite biased. How can I suggest to add something if I don’t know the other side? Look I just want to hear from the other side. So I can make my own decision. The server is probably done serving or will be shortly, for his last comment. It should be exposed but you guys are losing credibility by the way you have covered it so far.

  21. Scott says:

    John, go to the meeting at the State Capital tomorrow and get the full story..

  22. A says:

    I have to say John, that having such an idea that filing a complaint with the court is a threat is kinda dumb since it is the only recourse the family would have. I would agree that the comments and disclosure of what has transpired is limited to what he said, however in his profession especially dealing with his particular job I don’t think lose cannon’s like that who are easily provoked should be even allowed to have anything to do with any legal process. If in fact he did an illegal serve he is in the wrong period. The fact here isn’t the amount of people laughing because I highly doubt it is against the law to laugh. Especially if those laughing are teenagers and or children who think that, the situation is funny. Lets look at it from a different perspective for a second. Whatever made him think that his choice of actions and words would be acceptable to say to anyone especially in front of a family with children at their home must have been pretty damaging to his ego because he acted like a bigot, racist jerk! I cannot agree that laughing would mean there is no offense to the comment and am incredibly surprised anyone would assume that. I someone called him a cracker and told him to go back to his trailer then he probably would have been provoked. However, in this scenario with the facts that really cannot be swayed, he simply said it and that is that! With that being said any legal process of papers and the filing of an affidavit thereof the fact that he considered his serve to be legal is what is in question but is also a separate issue. He was intimidating and gesturing to provoke a reaction that would not have been good. This process is now in jeopardy due to his lack of professionalism and common sense and I do not see him disagreeing with the fact while being told that his serve was illegal. I see him throwing papers on the street saying now it is legal. Then getting in his car and continuing to provoke a couple of kids that he probably wanted to displace his anger towards since he got caught by a bunch of educated citizens of our country who knew that what he did was wrong. I would also go even further to say that if an affidavit was filed he probably did it with prejudice and bias just to victimize someone since he clearly has no control over his actions. I bet if you check he probably has another complaint against him and he probably got off and no one did anything about it allowing his lack of regard for the law and this that he did in this circumstance is called DISORDERLY CONDUCT. When the cops were allegedly called did he stick around obviously not because he knew what he did was wrong! Alternatively, maybe he himself has a warrant out for his arrest for something completely different! What if a server that this company hired was someone who has in the past conducted himself in a disorderly fashion on a repeated basis to inflict harm and has been getting away with it? He seems to me like a liability that no one cared about because the entire process of photo radar is a scam and why not use idiots like this to enforce it and serve papers for it since they are already violating our rights to due process lets go even further and violate the rights of Mexican Americans to be considered equals! Great that the government allows this anyone else upset over it or want to know what justified someone who was serving legal documents to harass a family and verbally abuse them! THIS IS WRONG NO MATTER HOW YOU SPIN IT JOHN. I BET YOU JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS BECAUSE IT HAS NOT HAPPENED TO YOU! YET!

  23. Dan says:

    Why did this all take place in the street? I think the family has some blame in this. They followed him to his car and badgered him. I too think he should be fired but for goodness sake we have become a society of not taking responsibility. If it was an “illegal serve” you fight that in court like you would if you were pulled over by an officer. I think if a police officer served those tickets he would have someone in cuffs for not allowing him to leave and throwing paper at him. What a tough job, I would never want it!! It has been interesting seeing people beat up John, and yet when the process server said a few choice words everyone took offense. Take a reality check. We all have snapped, said things we should not of, and wish we could take back many things in our life. We are quick to point at others but not ourselves. Several people were wrong here and everyone should take responsibility here including the server being fired. As an owner of a company, you can bet he will not have a job. This PR is just too messy. And by the way John…..would you expect this website to be fair? Just look at the URL and you know anything that has to do with photo with get painted in a negetive light. Which makes me wonder if this was divorce papers or small claims…would this even make any media.

  24. john says:

    scott: I can’t make it I have a come and post, if the other side has a statement or their side is heard. Re: A: The video is doctored very badly, just confirmed with another friend in the business who took a look at this. He was intimidating?
    wow! he seemed calm till he was driving away and lost control of his words. Gesturing? did you watch the same footage? It is wrong on both sides from the video that we are certain is doctored. They both were overzealous and took things too far. I can’t disagree that photo radar is a scam and nothing but a cash cow for our local and state governments. All I’m saying is that when things are painted as they are on this site as a CRAZED process server who went about willy nilly dropping papers in the middle of the street, “lurching toward children”(didn’t see any children in the video), “gesturing” at them(wasn’t in the footage), “intimidating” ( I saw the server being yelled at in the street by an upset woman), and “facts that cannot be swayed”, All we have to go off is the DOCTORED and EDITED video, and most of the posters on here and there comments of being at the scene. Those are HARDLY facts. Guys, I think we’re both on the same side on this Photo radar tickets are a sham, and the server should lose his license over the reprehensible language he used at the tailend of the video. I’m just not so haste to make a judgement until we see and hear the whole story. All I can see from an objective perspective at this point is bad language, as far as any other accusations they are not there unless they were edited out.

  25. A. M. says:

    John you are a complete retard. For you to say that you are not going to make any judgment is stupid at best because everyone reading your post can see you have made up your mind. What are you getting at here that the process server did not say this I have freinds in the video, computer and special effects company one who was a teacher at Phoenix College and this is not doctored. You sure are taking this thing rather personal. I highly doubt you are a objective person. I bet you work for some company involved with this or you know this process server because people just dont go and claim things are doctored when they are not doctored unless it is damaging to them or people they know. Are you actually trying to imply that the process server did not say this and the family are great SPECIAL EFFECTS EXPERTS doctored this. Your last two sentences are very telling though. You essentially think calling a family F wetbacks and then telling them to go back to Mexico is only bad language. You are a complete nut job and you have some ties to these companies or the process server because you are not fooling anyone. Anyone can see that this video was not Doctored. So please do everyone a favor and go see a therapist I can recommend a few. Stop wasting our time with your useless jabbering because NOW you sound crazy and you sound like you are condoning racism. Like you said just bad language right.

  26. john says:

    Wow, you seem a little bitter and angry. The language was bad and was racist. I’m sorry I cannot discount what a couple of IT experts have told me after seeing the video, and beleive me they are not just from a community college. You seem upset because I am just trying to do a little homework and see the other side of the story. I have agreed with the racist comment being inexcusable, the server being fired, and the discontinuation of photo radar program, but for you to accuse me of condoning racism (I cannot see where that is coming from anywhere in any of my posts) I never even implied that the server did not say this racist comment, but (and I’ll say it again) that is the only thing from the 30 seconds that I can see that is unbecoming of a officer of the court let alone any citizen of the community. So for a DOCTORED video (confirmed by two different objective experts) that is what is the wrongdoing evident from the video and yes the server should lose his license for his unacceptable racist words. With you typing up a tirade like you did I’m not sure I’m the one who needs to see a therapist. Please keep this discussion civil and under control.

  27. A. M. says:

    You sir are condoning racism and everyone can judge for themselves from your comments.. OH and have your experts go on record if they can and have them explain where the video is Doctored. The whole Mexican AMerican community knows this was not Doctored and you are condoning racism so therefor you need therapy. Let us know the names of these so called experts. I would like to know where this video is Doctored.

    P.S. I am upset because Mexican AMerican people are not second class citizens and you sir are acting as if you are a expert on the truth. You are making statements and your opinions as fact. You are saying this video is Doctored you have no idea what you are talking about.

  28. Dan says:

    This seem to only be A.M.’s blog. Obviously he has scared everyone away with his accusations. Don’t disagree with him or he will treat you like the process server did this family. A.M. you have blown this way out of perportion. Calm down and be proud to be a Mexican American. Represent. no one is saying we are second class. Thats right part mexican and proud of it!

  29. David says:

    Dear Mr. A.M. You talk about racism and using those awful slurs when you just called John a complete retard. I have a sibling that is mentally handicapped and you just offended me by that comment. Does this mean I can now take you to court? Then you call him stupid. I would have to say that if anyone is being prejudice it is you. You are just like the process server and saying things out of anger. Does this mean that you should now be fired as a commentator on this blog? If we are going by the same situation, yes. So I think we all should agree with Dan and see that both sides were in the wrong. Let both sides be punished and move on. What good does it do when you just dwell on it?

  30. A.M says:

    You keep saying I am angry and this is not true but you are not a mond reader so stop trying to inject these false emotions, and I stand by my words that man is a retard because he beleives that this family is also in the wrong. People still have a righ in this country to fight those that infringe on their liberties and freedom so if you and anyone else here think this is not a big deal then you have never had this kind of thing hapen to you. OH and David you are not very smart also because there is a freedom of speech. I do not represent the court or the governement in any way I am a normal citizen unlike the process server that carried some authority given to him by the state. David what is your definition of wrong, because it seems as though you think any innocent freedom loving veteran Americans that have the audacity to confront real commited wrong are the bad people. Sir I will pray for you tonight. OH yeah I dont work for this website so wrong again. ANd Dan you are a sad self hater because if you think a officer of the court calling your people F wetbacks is ok that is fine. But I have every right to be upset about this and I and the rest of the Mexican American people are fired up about this because we dont think this is blown out of perportion. The truth is already out there so anyone can play damage control all they want but the bottom line is he said what he said and nothing will change that so his friends can protect him all they want but he is still a racist. Have a good night guys.

  31. catch says:

    People coming here should really read stuff like this:
    Cheating a guy out of $12k. Who is the REAL fraud.

  32. Dan says:

    A.M. You just showed your true colors. You say “innocent freedom loving VETERAN American. Why not new Americans, why not visitor, why not legally allowed to be here in the U.S.? Everyone has the right. There were no freedoms violated here. There were no rights taken away. Lets call it what it was…a man who lost his temper and should be fired for it. You claim freedom of speech but you feel a person representing the court system should be perfect even in the face of having 5 or 6 people not allowing him to leave and harassing him. The truth is this whole thing could of been settled in a court of law (the American way…Civil) I read early in the blogs that the lady was a paralegal…she knows the law and processes of the court…shame on her. Her bosses as attornies are also officers of the court. She is not far from that title either. Simply I see a family that was looking for a fight. You might want to go on Jerry Springer. I am sure I will be called something by you in your next response…I am ready….keep showing your colors.

  33. Scott says:

    Catch…Your link is about ebay fraud…That guy is a freelance photographer who has no relation to “Camerafraud”..

  34. a says:

    What exactly are you talking about when you say 5 or 6 people are harrassing and not allowing a process server to leave? And as far as a paralegal knowing the law and processes of the court being close to an attorney I think you have a lot to learn. Mabey you should try going to law school as opposed to a two year degree to become a paralegal. As far as the laws and right broken here is the story. A process server apparently did something wrong. What happens when a cop or officer of the court does something wrong in a court case. Are they simply repremanded or are they held to a higher standard for their mistake and held in contempt of the court and thrown in jail for simply upsetting a judge. What about officers? Are they held to a higher standard? Are they not expected to not respond with emotional outbursts that can be held agaisnt them? The family was not looking for a fight if the man came to their home and improperly served someone. Look up the statutes. Everyone beware because these process servers are now trying to claim that the LAW ALLOWS THEM TO DROP SERVE IF THEY SUSPECT AN ADULT IS HOME! Are you people even listening? When will you get it , the more we allow people to violate rights lie and manipulate laws then take it even further and provoke a fight for the simple reason that they are questioned then we will eventually see we are no longer protected by an important thing called the constitution. Look it up people you cannot serve a front door nor can you gesture to intimidate and according to the news it seems that he the PROCESS SERVER did this and in addition to that he actually became disorderly. HE BROKE THE LAW AND CONDUCTED HIMSELF IN A DISORDERLY MANNER. How many times does it have to be said! Provoking a reaction through his words was his intention and just some inside information we have found that he actually returned to the scene after driving off to continue the fight and had the cops called on him. Then he chose to flea! IS THIS STILL OK? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT HE HAD THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE TO INSTAGATE A FIGHT OR DID THE FAMILY SOMEHOW PROVOKE HIM FURTHER AS HE WAS GONE THROUGH ESP AND MAKE HIM RETURN TO CONTINUE TO TRY TO CAUSE A FIGHT. By the way just because a process server suspects someone is home they cannot just drop serve you or leave a notice on the ground or a door. They must obtain consent from an adult or person there! This person he was trying to serve may not have even lived there. How often do you get mail for others. Out in pinal county in case people doesn’t already know houses are forclosing and bank owned and people are renting and in and out of these homes like crazy. Finally as far as the comment of settling this issue in court since Dan seems to be so set on thinking he actually knows what he is talking about what would you suggest Dan? Since you are such an American and you think civil litigation is the best way to solve things in court how would your attorney have settled this? Or do you have an attoney? Do most americans have attorney’s sitting on a retainer of 5000$ just waiting to sue ? Especially sue for what? Your the one who brough up Jerry Springer and honestly the only one who belongs on Jerry Springer seems to be the (to be politically correct) NOT SO SMART PERSON, WHO HAD NO CONTROL OVER HIS ACTIONS ,AND ACTED IN AN INDECENT MANNER AND VIOLATED RIGHTS, UNDER THE RADAR! Is that politically correct enough for you guys who seem to really believe that comparing calling some on a retard is the same offense as calling someone who is of hispanic decent or who even looks it a F****** wetback and to go back to mexico? Honestly getting a contracted process server is not enough! I challenge and suggest to the famliy to file a complaint with the maricopa county court about him make sure to get a hearing bring all of your witnesses and affidavits to prove his actions were not within the guidelines for a subpoena of the court for a traffic violation. If he cannot prove he was given authorization from the court to leave a subpoena at the front door of a residence simply because he suspected an adult was inside. He is a liar in addition to that the city has not pressed charges because they are the ones with the contract with photo radar and any bad publicity with the elections comming up! I highly doubt conducting oneself in a disorderly manner while shouting racial slurs is protected by freedom of speech. Actually what I have recently learned is when any act is inteded to instagate or provoke a fight and racial slurs are use and a crime is commited it becomes a felony and is labeled a hate crime. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN TRYING TO ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT FREEDOM OF SPEACH IS! Freedom of speach is not intended to be used as a tool to allow people of different ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, beliefs, and sexual orientations to be victimized and harrased to inflict or cause a retaliation! Understand this fact he said it and drove off! No one was preventing him from leaving he sped off because he knew what he said would provoke a reaction and IT DID! He probably doesn’t like the reaction he got however!

  35. a says:

    Oh and by the way Dan I am offended that you would actually expect and American Citizen to call themself a “New American, visitor or legally allowed to be here”. What are you implying? Are you implying that someone who is of Mexican decent is considered a “New American, visitor or just legally allowed to be here” Let me ask you this when our country was founded and people came from another country to create a land of freedom with the right to believe what ever we wanted and they called themselves americans did they claim they themselves were “NEW AMERICANS , VISITOR’S OR LEGALLY ALLOWED TO BE HERE.” The more I actually believe the fact that you even wrote that, the more upset I get because you just implied that if someone who served our country is a veteran of the armed forces is a mexican american they should be called legally allowed to be here just because they are of Mexican decent you are impying that they are second class citizens and sir I do believe that mabey you are the one who is not an American especially since you cannot respect the fact that someone of a hispanic background who is a citizen actually served you and this country to allow your comments and freedoms to live here!

  36. RC says:

    So let me get something straight.

    One of your main protesters is accused of REAL fraud but “he’s just a photographer” and this should not reflect poorly on you at all.


    An employee of the state (not Redflex) is caught on tape yelling a racial slur in very shady circumstances and this makes Redflex a racist company?

    Guys you can’t have it both ways.

  37. Stephen says:

    The devices have got to go.

    It is clearly not about safety.


    Or is that against what ATS and Redflex want. (Bad for business giving people the right to decide)

    I hear comments you can’t have it both ways.

    Than why are the camera vendors trying to squash dissent. Do you think that photo radar van parked near the pizza place was a “honest mistake”.

    Is this America or Russia. You decide!

  38. juan says:

    A the process server was not serving a subpoena, it was a photo radar ticket from what we gather from reports. The process server is a complete idiot for the comments he made at the end and they seemed to be made out of frustration and anger. Sounds like the company is no longer gonna use him to serve tickets, as should be the case. I guarantee he regrets the last racist comment that he made, but for you to keep bringing up that he made gestures, I didn’t see it, he seemed rather calm until the end when he lost it. He even stayed rather cool while the young lady was yelling in his face and he was doing his best to avoid her. He is one individual who will definitely lose his license for what was said, aside from what led up to it before the camera was rolling. He is done, trust me, I have heard of officers of the court having their licenses suspended for much less. Trust me he will not be a process server anymore, and I bet he knows it.

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