Drivers could have speed limited by satellite devices

From The Telegraph:

Drivers could have their speed controlled by satellite to stop them from breaking the limit following a Government trial of new technology. Cars fitted with the system would have their speed automatically monitored by satellites, which would also be programmed with the speed limits for different roads.

I don’t think it’ll fly. There’s no true money to be made in preventing a crime from happening, unless you have some sort of “pre-crime” system. I think the technology described would be more likely used to track violations as they happen and cite the drivers, not to mention the easy tie-in with toll roads.

Oh, and just like Columbus brought over rats and pidgeons, don’t be too surprised to see this system skipping across the pond to a state near you.


One Response to Drivers could have speed limited by satellite devices

  1. StopRacistsProcessServers says:

    Of course there is money to be made….who has a vested interest in cutting costs?

    Insurance companies!!! because they NEVER lower their premiums so they make money by cutting costs.

    This is why seat belt laws were invented. NOT because they love you and care about you. It was about cutting medical costs.

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