Press Release: Slams Redflex over Extreme DUI
9/9/08, the leading Arizona-based group advocating the removal of automated traffic enforcement systems, has issued the following statement in response to news that a Redflex driver was
arrested for extreme DUI on Saturday, Sep 6.

“Our rallying cry is that cameras can’t catch drunks,” said a CameraFRAUD volunteer. “Now, we’re finding out that Redflex is actually providing the drunks and giving them the keys to
vehicles that look identical to real law enforcement vehicles. It’s the ultimate insult to the real men and women of local law enforcement.”

ACTION ALERT: Call Redflex CEO Karen Finley at (623) 207-2000 (press “0″ at auto-answer prompt) and tell her drunk driving on OUR streets is unacceptable!

3 Responses to Press Release: Slams Redflex over Extreme DUI

  1. […] private photo enforcement companies have been found to violate state laws repeatedly. As if the recent arrest of a drunk photo radar van driver wasn’t enough of an insult to the people of Arizona, now it looks like Redflex and their […]

  2. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    right you are … camerafraud is against drunk driving…… but all for speeding!!!! he forgot that part of the rally cry!!!

    please call DT Arneson if you are outraged by his position and lack of concern for safety on our streets… i would leave the number but he has not provided it as he so graciously did with karen Finley’s number!!!

  3. […] and flaunting the law when it suites their needs. In September of 2008, a Redflex van driver was arrested for DUI while driving from Scottsdale to Tempe to set up the […]

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