Bid Bickering to Bite Busy Bureaucrats

Crybaby of the Year Award nominee American Traffic Solutions is still fuming over losing a lucrative $20-Million dollar contract to their arch nemesis: the lawbreaking, picture taking, money making Redflex Group.

ATS flunky/spokesperson Josh Weiss sniveled and sobbed to the East Valley Tribune about his company’s intention to appeal the recent DPS decision allowing Redflex to keep their photo-radar contract. Redflex recently acknowledged that they violated federal law regarding certification and approval of their proprietary radar equipment, and offered to refund up to 4,800 tickets. DPS declined to refund the citations, triggering a potential class-action lawsuit.

If the appeal is declined, ATS plans to sue the State of Arizona, and, surprise: your taxpayer dollars are going to be used to try to get the state out of this mess. Perhaps the state government should have thought about all the possibilities before exposing the state, and the taxpayers, to additional liabilities.


5 Responses to Bid Bickering to Bite Busy Bureaucrats

  1. RPr says:

    we have to pay for the cops to protect the streets from crazy drivers

    we have to pay for the streets themselves

    we have to pay for the fraudulent tickets

    and now we have to pay for the lawsuit to 4800 people who are obviously going to win (“it was an honest mistake” just isnt a valid excuse)

    vote all the bums out!!!!!!

  2. DEC says:

    This is great and insightful information, but, as a suggestion, I think you should have a call to action on here as well…a petition or something. Educating citizens is always great, but then they need to mobilize and do something with it.

  3. RPr says:


    come to the planning meeting on the events page
    we need all the help and advice we can get!

  4. fred says:

    If you don’t break the LAW, you don’t need to worry about the cameras.

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