“Web sites dispute radar van obstruction case”

From the Arizona Republic:

SCOTTSDALE – Two Valley Web sites dispute Scottsdale police accounts of an Aug. 27 arrest of a man accused of blocking cameras at a photo-radar van.

Both sites cite a video depicting events but have not made the video public.

[…] the Web sites claim Shelton was shooting video of the protest, not holding signs. Shelton is a freelance videographer for multiple Web sites, including FreedomsPhoenix.com.

[a] CameraFraud.com volunteer, said that Shelton’s tape contradicts accounts from Scottsdale police. CameraFraud.com opposes the use of photo radar in Scottsdale.

Well, that’s fairly accurate, although we oppose the use of photo radar everywhere, not just in Scottsdale.

2 Responses to “Web sites dispute radar van obstruction case”

  1. Liberty Lawyer says:

    First, I would love to see this video he has.

    Second, physically assaulting this man while in custody is not good. What was that officer thinking putting all the other officers in jeopardy. If he did do this and I am inclined to believe he did, that officer should be removed immediately.

    I’m starting to believe this Shelton guy and I wouldn’t mind representing him.

    ISSUE 1

    Why would Mr. Shelton have any reason to give the officer a false name or false birth date?

    Obviously it was NOT to escape from any warrants or he would NOT of been released on his own.

    From what I read, researched, and seen in his videos and other resources he is just a Patriotic American like you or me who cares about his country and was just trying to report the news.

    I said it before and I will say this again. For the life of me I don’t understand why certain cops mess with people that actually know their rights and understand the constitution.

    You know you keep poking at a rattle snake enough and you will get bit. He seems like a nice young man and he is no dummy, Maybe they should stick to poking the milk snakes and leave the rattlers alone! It’s much more cost effective and it keeps embarrassments like this out of the media.

    If he needs another lawyer I would be pleased to help!

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