Redflex reports 44% rise in net profits


The Melbourne-based company, which reported a 44% rise in net profit to $10.6 million in 2007-08, expects earnings growth to be stronger in the second half of the 2008-09 financial year.

Chief executive Graham Davie… said the market for speed-enforcement measures was enormous and was “less than 10% penetrated”.

Just another example of the United States outsourcing to a foreign nation, and our dollars following along. If we could reanimate them, I don’t believe the founding fathers would be amused to learn that we’ve turned over a portion of law enforcement to a foreign-owned, illegitimate company.

11 Responses to Redflex reports 44% rise in net profits

  1. RPr says:

    for the land of the sheep and the home of the afraid

  2. Brian B says:

    Who cares that Redflex’s profits are up 44%? This is purely a voluntary contribution – all you have to do is simply stick to the posted speed limit. If drivers weren’t speeding there would be no profit for them – this is how to put them out of business.

  3. camerafraud says:

    How is it voluntary if Redflex is forging citations, Brian?

    How is it voluntary if Redflex is using uncertified and uncalibrated equipment?

    Don’t you realize that innocent people are probably getting citations as well? Or is that acceptable in your world, for the “common good”?

  4. Brian B says:

    You have no proof that Redflex has forged any citations here in Az. or anywhere else for that matter.

    It is not true that the equipment is not calibrated.

    “Innocent people are “probably” getting citations as well? You have no proof that any innocent driver in Az. has been cited.

    Its all a big conspiracy – oooh, SCARY!

  5. ReneeCooks says:

    I care Brian. It does matter that Redflex is making profits by forging their collected data, and shortening the yellow light time below engineering standards. Until it happens to you and you become suspicious about your ticket, your position is understandable. I felt the same way. Do your research though, you may change your mind. Google on some of the studies regarding intersection safety with the cameras in place. With the red light ticket I recieved the still photos show my brake lights on (I was stuck in a traffic jam at a poorly phased intersection). However, the video they provide shows me sailing though the intersection, not stopping at all. Oops, apparently Redflex failed to totally check over their forging job. Tampering with evidence is a pretty serious crime last time I checked.

  6. RPr says:

    what if everyone did this lol

  7. Brian, how much are they paying you to outright lie?

    AZ Official Confirms Redflex Forged Docs:

    Forged FCC docs:

    Vans parked because of lack of certification:

  8. hooleyboy says:

    People really need to wake up and get involved in elections. It seems the Democrats these days are cool with the idea of going over seas for products that are readily available in the USA. Fact, Democrats are the only reason why we have not lifted the moratorium on offshore oil drilling. Thus making us dependent on oil from other countries. Fact, Most Republicans are against Photo Radar here in Arizona. Fact Most Dems are for photo Radar here in Arizona. I’m not saying I’m a Republican or Democrat but the facts are the facts. Janet Napolitano has messed up Arizona to the point that a photo radar scam is a last ditch effort to get out of the mess she has made.

  9. 4409 says:

    Hooleyboy please stop the “it’s the democrats bullshit” both parties are nothing more than divisive tools used to keep you from being AMERICAN first.

    I think most AMERICANS are against photo scam radar whether they are republican or democrat. I’m neutral and dislike both parties.

    Janet Napolitano has not messed up…. she has done what she was told to do by her corporate masters. Spend the state in to a complete hell hole so they would have to rely on scameras and toll roads to pay the defecit. They know what they are doing. If it were not Janet it would be some other sellout.

    Check out ARS SB 1420 if you think I am kidding.

  10. hooleyboy says:

    4409 you ever hear of Ron Gould? If not he is your Senate Transportation Chairman and this is what he says:

    “I don’t know whether Arizonans want to be policed by cameras,” said
    Senate Transportation Chairman Ron Gould, adding that he plans
    legislation to require that voters decide the issue. “It smacks of Big
    Brother to me.”

    This state is cash strapped and almost bankrupt and for you to say Napolitano didn’t mess it up is simply ignorant.

    You say “most Americans are against photo scam radar” That would be true if it was sold as “photo scam radar” but its not sold to Americans like that. Its sold to the citizens under a vial of safety so a lot of Americans buy into it. When in truth its a huge scam and they don’t even know it. To say that most Americans are against it is not really true when in fact alot are for it. As much as i think it sucks that anyone who be for photo radar alot of people are.

  11. hooleyboy says:

    in addition to what Senator Ron Gould said about letting the voters decide on the issue of photo radar. Do you think Napolitano wants the voters to decide on the issue? My guess is no. that would really mess up her projected budget it the votors voted it down. think about it.

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