New Camera Issues Tire Tread Tickets

It’s official: The nanny-state is here:

Tire tread system promises to mail tickets to motorists for tread that is fractions of an inch too short.

ProContourThe German company ProContour hopes to sell this system to state and local governments looking for a way out of tight budget situations with a positive, pro-safety message.

How much poking, prodding, and ticketing are you personally willing to put up with before you say enough is enough?

4 Responses to New Camera Issues Tire Tread Tickets

  1. AZ Gunslinger says:

    What a crock of $hit. What’s next will you scan to see if I have showered today.
    Hey, Stick your head in my shorts and kiss your twin.

  2. ScameraActivist says:

    Zoom in on my winshield wipers to make sure they’re to spec as well. Also, cracked winhshields are dangerous too, so I think we should take pics of those as well. Just to make sure I’m not on my cellphone, I think they should develop a box that knows whether your cell phone is to your ear, and it should automatically shut your phone down for unsafe practices.

  3. Jerry Vierra says:

    Gunslinger, you have the right attitude, but temper it with wisdom; don’t go off half cocked! This issue is sitting, even though not argued, per se, in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. They are aware of the traffic citation scheme, but I only used it as the motive for the actions against me. Each of us, no matter who we are, has a piece of the puzzle. Combine the pieces, and the others will see the totality of this insanity. It’s all, and only, about money. When you look at the evidence, money is the motive. When you combine their motives and actions with the wisdom of old in a case against them, they become a defeated enemy. You are not alone in your outrage, and, even though they are engaging in blatant criminal activity, we are still a nation of laws! Even though it may not seem like it, the federal courts are there for us, as long as we have a solid case. As you have read in Contact / Media, Officer Babcock is a mouthpiece for the corrupt system, and will say anything to discourage a good fight. Temper you anger with wisdom, contribute that wisdom to the team, and we, together, will stand victorious!

  4. paul says:

    this is a great idea. since lots of accidents are caused by bad and faulty tires it is the perfect solution for many drivers who may not even know they have a problem.

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