Valley group aims to dim the lights on photo radar

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Some call it the flash they fear.

Photo enforcement cameras are popping up across the Valley and many law enforcement agencies consider them a useful tool to cut down on red light runners and speeders.

But for one Valley organization, the photo radar cameras are nothing more than a way for big brother to keep an eye on drivers.

“Obviously, the pole belongs to the city and we can take enforcement action on that if we need to," said Tempe sergeant Steven Carbajal.

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13 Responses to Valley group aims to dim the lights on photo radar

  1. jon says:

    by what authority does a private corporation issue public citations?

  2. Mike says:

    Here is a interesting defense for arme service members

    12-761. Right of publicity; unauthorized use of the name, portrait or picture of a soldier; exceptions; definition

    A. The right to control and to choose whether and how to use a soldier’s name, portrait or picture for commercial purposes is recognized as each soldier’s right of publicity.

    B. A person is liable for using the name, portrait or picture of any soldier without having obtained prior consent to the use by the soldier or by the soldier’s spouse, immediate family member, trustee if the soldier is a minor or legally designated representative if the person uses the name, portrait or picture for any of the following purposes:

    1. Advertising for the sale of any goods, wares or merchandise.

    2. Soliciting patronage for any business.

    3. Receiving consideration for the sale of any goods, wares or merchandise.

    C. A person who uses the name, portrait or picture of a soldier for a prohibited purpose without prior consent from the soldier or a person who may enforce the soldier’s rights and remedies is subject to the following:

    1. Injunctive relief to prevent or restrain the unauthorized use.

    2. Treble damages.

    3. Punitive or exemplary damages.

    4. Attorney fees and costs.

    D. In calculating damages, any profits from the unauthorized use that are attributable to that use shall be taken into account.

    E. The rights and remedies provided in this section supplement any other rights and remedies provided by law, including the common law right of privacy.

  3. mike says:

    You can post a form letter that we can send to red flex in which we claim our common law right to privacy and publicity and the denial of permission for red flex to use our image in a commercial endeavor. Armed Service members and ex Armed Service memeber can use one referring to ARS 12.761. Notarize it and send it certified and use said document in a court of law if needed.

  4. Don Williams says:

    Photo radar has been in the Valley since 1987 and not only has proven to reduce accidents but in widely supported by the public.

    Right to privacy?? Hmmmm,,, privacy to break the law??

    Get over it and accept it and photo radar is a great public safety device ……………….

  5. hooleyboy says:

    i think what you are doing is amazing. I f you would like to link to my site i would be more than happy to ad your site. Together we can stop this scam in Arizona.

  6. Roy says:

    It would be interesting if someone was to check the faces of those protesters in Scottsdale against photos of those who have received Photo Enforcement Citations.. It has been proven that areas covered by automated photo enforcement have fewer accidents, fewer accidents with injury, and slows traffic. Who in their right mind is against saving lives ? And Mike, how about a form letter that would cover every time someone uses an ATM where their photo is taken, or how about walking into a Department Store, Bank, Grocery Store.. Come on lets get real. Automated Enforcement Programs save lives….

  7. Autumn in Mesa says:

    Last weekend I saw your signs for the first time.

    Honestly, they angered me a lot.

    “FRAUD” they shouted, while taped the posts of cameras near my home. Fraud. Fraud? Really? I don’t think so. You see, at least on these cameras, you made a big mistake.

    These cameras are on Baseline Rd. near Longmore. They are in front of Rhodes Jr. High, and I’m willing to bet that until now you didn’t know why they were there. <—–Read that.

    I didn’t know this young guy, but I’ve talked to kids that did. I know he was growing up in this neighborhood, much like I did years ago. I know that his chance to grow into a great adult was stolen and I know that there are still people that miss him. I know that his parents made a decision that they didn’t want something like this to ever happen again, and their efforts are to thank for those cameras going in.

    You know what else I’ve noticed? As I drive that stretch of road 4+ times per day, I’ve noticed that I’ve only ever seen that camera flash once, and that people have slowed down and are paying attention. Attention that prevents any further accidents from happening there.

    NO CHILDREN HAVE BEEN KILLED in front of that school since the instalation of those cameras.

    So if you want to protest cameras, fine. You want to march and shout against a “police state” you want to hold a sign in the sun to “maintain your privacy”, be my guest – in fact I even support you on some of those notions. But when it comes to cameras that are helping to keep kids safe, leave it alone. Respect that what some have lost is more than you stand to gain by their removal.

    Your signs were “mysteriously” removed within one hour of when I saw them. Educate yourselves on what and who you are protesting. Do not offend those who deserve respect.

    Respect this boy’s family.


  8. hooleyboy says:

    Sites like this and my own, respect families that have lost members in traffic related accidents. But note this NO REDLIGHT CAMERA WILL EVER STOP SOMEONE FROM RUNNING A REDLIGHT! Some posters on this website need wake up and see that the state is not interested in saving lives rather just making money. Photo radar is a system to make money its that simple. Tell me on intance were a redlight camera or photo radar has saved a life…. NEVER! Spend the money that will be invested in to state wide photo enforcement and get more cops! IF you want to battle over what statistics say look at the companies that are crunching the numbers. in most cases they have a vested interest in the results. that my friends is bogus! I’m all for fighting photo enforcement any way i can either through my website or any other site. wake up and see the scam!

  9. hooleyboy says:

    Roy you couldn’t be more way off. I run a similar website and have NEVER had a photo ticket. show me the facts were cameras have been proven to be safer? I can show you the facts were cameras have not worked properly and fined innocent people. I can show you facts were yellow light times were shortened to catch more drivers. Show me a study done by an independent company that says photo enforcement works… The only thing it works for is making money for the government.

  10. camerafraud says:


    You should be OUTRAGED they put the cameras up there as a so-called solution. Because of the cameras, cops no longer perform speed enforcement on Baseline road between Alma School and Dobson, they leave it up to the cameras.

    How are those cameras going to catch a drunk-driver in that school zone? How about the fact that people slam on their brakes (they were already speeding), and they accelerate out of the zone FASTER than they were driving before?

    People wouldn’t dare drive like that if a police officer was there enforcing the law. People memorize camera locations and speed around them, you can’t memorize or know where a police officer might be.

    More cops, not cameras. How can you argue with that?

  11. Paul says:

    Initially I was in favor of redlight cameras, now I feel victimized by them. I have to travel down Alma every day and since they had been converted over to speed on green for nearly a year now I had been extremely careful in those times of light traffic where exceeding 40
    was not only possible but easily done. After leaving Elliot going South I reset my cruise control to just under 40 and had never had my photo taken until recently, when I was approaching a green light at Warner when a beat up pickup truck just changed lanes in front of me as I was alongside it forcing me to pull over to my right and accelerate to avoid being hit. I remembered the cameras and jammed on the brakes immediately after avoiding this dangerous lane changer but was a fraction of a second too late before the light flashed. As I wanted to keep my clean driving record I took that stupid online traffic school and paid over $150 and a few hours of my time. That is for avoiding an accident, the person that would have caused one by their illegal and dangerous behavior paid nothing. Had I contested the ticket I would have had to admit that I was traveling over 40 even for only those few seconds, so would have lost and had points assessed against me. Since then I have avoided the area whenever possible, but these cameras are going to be everywhere pretty soon particularly during these tough economic times as the revenue is just too much for the cities to let go.

  12. Autumn says:


    I still see officers in that area a good deal, as I always have. Just because a cop isn’t sitting there with a radar gun doesn’t mean he’s not enforcing the law.

    I completely agree that the police department (like many other public departments) is understaffed. If you, me and enough people agree to that fact, maybe next time a little bump up in taxes come, we’ll all vote for it, not against it like last time.

    In the meantime, I’d say the city is working with the tools they’re given.

  13. AZ Gunslinger says:

    Autum in Mesa, I received a ticket from a motor cop in front of Rhodes school, prior to cameras being installed. I paid my $125.00 spena a (cold nothing to do) Saturday in driving school. Did it slow me down, not at all. Following Monday I was back at 50MPH west bound on Baseline approaching Dobson. You see, It just costs to speed, tickets are no deterent. I’m sorry about the youngster hit & killed, I didn’t do it, I didn’t know him or her, no realitive. Basicall the kid should have been paying attention to the speeding vehicles.

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