Is plate recognition technology next in the Valley?

From The Telegraph:

The latest development in CCTV is the increased use of automatic number plate recognition systems, which read number-plates and search databases for signs that a vehicle has been used in crime.

A national automatic number plate recognition system is maintained by the Association of Chief Police Officers along motorways and main roads. Every number plate picked up by the system is stored in a database with date, time and location for two years.

With almost every intersection in the valley sporting photo radar and red light cameras, it’s feasible for those systems to be linked in the future to a database that logs every license plate read – even those not snapped for a violation. Recent information trickling out of Redflex and ATS indicates that their systems actually record video of all “violations.”

Can you imagine receiving a notice in the mail saying you drove too much last Tuesday? Or how about a kindly reminder sent to you asking you to not drive Scottsdale Road as often? Such scenarios are quite plausible under Arizona’s open embrace with the surveillence society mantra.

2 Responses to Is plate recognition technology next in the Valley?

  1. Mike says:

    I saw this on Phoenix channel 3 two weeks ago.

    Police device automatically scans license plates for stolen cars
    “I’m going 80 and it’s catching cars going the opposite direction that I’m sure are going 80. It’s reading plates going past you, behind you around you.”

  2. Deano says:

    I would rather live with the fear of terrorism than have the government tracking my movements around the country

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