Follow Up: Plate Recognition Technology


Phoenix police officers are patrolling streets with a new secret weapon… It’s an automated license plate reader. Cameras mounted on top of police cars are taking pictures of plates, then comparing them to a database of stolen vehicles. They can read up to 50,000 plates in only a few hours.

Phoenix PD is vague about the automated reader’s capabilities as to whether they are only using it with a stolen vehicle database, or with other “watchlists” such as expired tags, expired registrations, outstanding parking tickets, etc.

Thanks to Mike for bringing this article to our attention in the comments section.

One Response to Follow Up: Plate Recognition Technology

  1. Sara says:

    I was pulled over this evening, as an officer gave me a ticket for expired tags. I hadn’t received anything in the mail- thinking my tags were due this month, but were actually due in October. I hadn’t seen him on the freeway as I had exited, but suddenly he pulled me over 1/2 a mile off the exit. I am assuming this systen is now in place!

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