State’s photo radar vans back citing speeders


In a letter earlier this month to DPS, Redflex President Karen Finley offered to refund any fines paid on citations issued by the two units using the noncertified radar guns – but only if DPS asked. Warriner said about 4,800 citations were issued since the units went on the road in November.

But Finley argued, and DPS agreed, that’s not necessary. In her letter to DPS, Finley said using uncertified radar guns was an “honest mistake.”

Honest mistake? Oh, like driving 46 in a 35 and getting snapped by a private contractor’s photo scam van? That’s an honest mistake. Issuing citations using uncalibrated, uncertified equipment is illegal and fraudulent.

But why are we surprised? DPS is clearly sending a message, and that message is: “There’s no law we won’t break to enforce the law!”


One Response to State’s photo radar vans back citing speeders

  1. kathy smith says:

    I had gotten 3 tickets in a time frame of 2 weeks at priest just north of university in tempe arizona was this light a part of the redflex’s uncertified equiptment.
    They were sited in MAy of 2008

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